funeral home that laughs at, promotes and supports activities that lead to early death and murder ? – del duncan of Alta Vista Cremation and Funeral Service

Some comments were deleted by del duncan – so I made a copy before he had a chance to delete them all.

Alta Vista Cremation and Funeral Service
4795 Blum Rd  Pacheco, CA 94553
(925) 228-1500

Lord Jesus help Oakland

Dashboard Camera Records Daytime Shootout On Oakland Streets

KPIX 5 has obtained video from a dashboard camera showing a daytime shootout on the streets of Oakland. Da Lin reports.


  • Del Duncan LMBO ive seen and recorded waay more on my YouTube channel EASTOAKLAND106 I have a few life shoot outs and high speed chases
  • Dennis C. Latham Del Duncan – I’ll NEVER EVER see the humor in this – nor the need to (LMBO) laugh my but off – is there that much hate in you to even brag that you have video of this and your pride swell up ? I’m Just Asking – because that don’t sit right with me at all …….
  • Dennis C. Latham I’ve seen death many times – been shot at several times – been stabbed at several times – be jumped several times – death ain’t funny – neither are the things that lead to death – but then again – satan has his people around to laugh at the things that cause death …… like in this video – from your YouTube channel – these are people who could be making America and This World a better place – but you seem to LOVE and LUST after self destruction and self hatred …… anyway …. have at it – because I will always fight against people like you

    Niggaz have to use trayz or crates so they can slide with front wheel drive,,,its just as good and rear wheel swanging..But this dude have barz he is one of …
  • Del Duncan 1st off Dennis C. Latham I dont see any hate in me so what ever it is that your seeing i advise you have a free no obligation LASIK VISION exam..I will continue to LMBO LOL ROTFL at the things that I see in Oakland and any other city Its not bragging its called putting it out there for people to see what really goes on out here in these streets… To me it is funny and it will stay funny because they all have the same choice as i have either get it right or stay in the same environment they put themselves in.. Yeah its funny to me because most them foos out there doing the shooting are smart people but they use they smarts for the dumbest reasons…I dont see bragging on my channel if you call that bragging than the news must be pure comedy
  • Dennis C. Latham the hatred is in the laughter – smart one …. and they all don’t have the same choice – specially if their potential of what they can be is stripped from them – because of bad parenting – and people like you who laugh at it.
  • Dennis C. Latham I didn’t choose that route – because my parents made sure not to allow anyone to strip my potential away from me – but when you are stripped mentally and spiritually – and no one around to show you any better – this is a result – still … I say – the hatred is in the laughter.
  • Dennis C. Latham you’re just the typical condone-r, endorser, supporter and promoter of self destruction and self hatred – I don’t need to know you – the laughing told me all I needed to know – I was bored when you laughed your butt off – I just chose to speak TRUTH at hatefulness and heartlessness.
  • Dennis C. Latham I see you’re into cremation and funeral gear – I understand you even better – the more killing – the more money you make with your family.
  • Dennis C. Latham “”LOL ok LMBO if you have me all figured out over a LMBO your good””

    your laughter shows your hatred – nothing funny about kids shooting up neighbourhoods – but you find humor in it – because the more dead – the more chances they using a funeral home you’re probably connected with – and that means more money for you and your family …

    “”….did you get help from Ms Cleo? or Sylvia Brown?””

    I EXPOSE false prophets and false teachers – and I need no advice from deceives, liars and tricksters.

    “” at this point DO NOT mention me in your post””

    I’ll mention you any time I feel like it – I’m 49 – not 9 – born in the morning – not this morning.

    “” because your are hurt and upset over your past””

    WRONG – I’m not hurt or upset about my past – my parents PREPARED me – and I help and serve preparing others to this day – liar.

    oh … and for the record ? Lying about, on and to another is a characteristic of hatred – not LOVE
    and the lie you told about me and on me is – as follows – “”your are hurt and upset over your past””

    “” I’m not your sound board and this back and forth on facebook does me no justice””

    it just exposes who you really are though

    “” heartless hatefulness””

    your laughter at this POST and VIDEO shows you are hateful and heartless to the victims and to the villains 

    “” #1 I must be in the wrong business to have such feelings””

    by your photos – you’re in the funeral business – or connected with your family.
    so the more dead bodies you all get – the more money comes rolling in
    as you celebrate pay from those grieving …..

    “” #2 your halfway up the flag pole and no one is saluting””

    I’m not here to please man – I AM only here to please GOD – and I have NO NEED for GOD to salute me.

    “” better yet your flying a plane with no propeller again””

    yet .. here you are …. wrong again

    GOD is My pilot
    JESUS is My Co- Pilot
    The Holy Ghost is My Navigator
    I’m just a passenger and a messenger 

    “” have GOOD nite””

    I always have a good night – and I’m sure as long as dead bodies keep rolling in – you’re going to be laughing your butt off.

  • Dennis C. Latham Del Duncan – deleting your comments is fine – I have a copy of them – and a blog up already – I wonder how many people will still use Alta Vista Cremation and Funeral Service when the word gets out that you all condone, enjoy, laugh at, promote and support things that lead to the early death and murders of children, youth, young adults, the elderly and all in between – so there’s a chance and a probability that the bodies will be handled by Alta Vista Cremation and Funeral Service. Well ….. we’ll soon see – the best thing you can do is block me – but that won’t stop me either.

2012 Motorcycle hearse We had to get something different so we did

2012 Motorcycle hearse We had to get something different so we did
del duncan

del duncan

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