racism exposed from “”christians”” wsfa – margaret roy – Homicide victim shot multiple times over $20 drug debt

    margaret roy

    margaret roy

    the people who liked the comment …….

    1. WSFA-TV
      Homicide victim shot multiple times over $20 drug debt
      Photo: Homicide victim shot multiple times over $20 drug debt</p><br />
<p>Found at http://bit.ly/16haqP6
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      • Icanonlybeme Watts Sounds like they both were on drugs…
      • Kristie Daughtry Wow!! That was really worth a LIFE!!!
      • Kristie Daughtry Not to mention what it will do to the shooter’s life….
      • Margaret Roy And they keep worrying about Trayvon!
      • Julie Perkins Don’t surprise me one bit anymore. Seems they don’t have any sense of morals or reguard for life anymore. They are conditioned to not give a crap anymore – sad !
      • Michelle Parker Wow!!! 20 bucks?? He needs to be tied to a pick-up truck a drugged to death with a 20 dollar bill glued across his eyes!!! Just a pathetic excuse for a human being.
      • Tom Pierce He must have had a good upbringing
      • Amy Hull I hope that $20 was worry his life to him… And the victims life.
      • Casey Culberson Good thing Alex shinarah put that billboard up in the background, he’s gonna need that number haha
      • Jennifer Loving Mine Anderson WHO IS “THEY”??????
      • Michelle St. Armand Sad on both parts just goes to show when your living that kind of life style drugs will kill you one way or another can’t stand drugs and people who use and sell them disgusting!
      • Tonya Foster Lockley Drugs will take over your life they know not what they do
      • Venisha V V Williams Wow he took a life and lost his freedom free for $20… He deserve to be locked….people don’t think no more about what they actions can lead to… smh wow….
      • Terrilisa Green Over $20? Smh. Get ready to do 20+ years in the penitentiary, jerk off!!!
      • Sherry Slagle STUPID!!!! Over $20 drug debt. People, GROW UP!!!
      • Ashley Mobley “They” would be the low lives that keep killing all these people, wouldn’t you think? What kind of question is that? I would think “they” would refer to the druggies and thugs that have no regard for human life. “They” are the criminals in Montgomery.
      • Matthew Rogers Sad…but what does this have to do with Trayvon Martin Ms. Margaret Roy??? Drug addicts/drug dealers killing other drug addicts/drug dealers is completely different from a neighborhood watch personnel murdering an innocent teenager.
      • Daphne Reavis Rolfe ‘they’ for me Jennifer Loving Mine Anderson, is all these young men and women who have no value of themselves or the lives of others. You cannot value life in general if you cannot value your own life. Somewhere there is a huge disconnect between lea…See More
      • Tiffany Myers I wonder if the hotel is going to still rent “that” room to guest…
      • Deantry Farris Yes, the hotel will rent that room.
      • Elizabeth Liz-Bunny Tenney I agree Matthew rogers
      • Jeremy Senn Da skreetz be real. Balee dat!!
      • Debora Provo-Caldwell I’m in agreement with Jennifer: Who is they? This is a senseless murder, but how did Margaret manage to get Trayvon in this? Are you bipolar? I’m just asking.
      • Trina Beana And again why is Trayvon being brought up? And who is THEY???
      • Patrick Griffin Over $20??? The ammunition cost more than that. It obviously wasn’t about the money.
      • Adam Alpha Why wouldn’t they rent that room? I bet you’re one of those people that thinks the Colorado theater and the Sandy Hook school should have been torn down too.
      • Dawn Evans UMMMMM YEA. Thanks for the clarification on “they” *smdh*
      • Steve Thomas Just wonder how many of these murderers had a father around, as they were growing up. One that would do fun and constructive things during their childhood. The family unit is a thing of the past with so many…sad….
      • Lee Kelley Innocent teenager… lol people are idiots.
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray I’m only interested in the “they” Margaret Roy is talking about because its obvious it was ill intended, ignorant, pompous, and rude.. And for those who liked it how does it feel to join the lunacy club..
      • Dawn Evans Bc im SURE Margaret wasn’t talking about thugs and low lifes who have no regard for others when she said “they.”
      • Rodney G Merritt And I bet you he has a record and should have been thowed way long time ago…
      • Valerie Sweeney’sLadii Getbk Thomas Things happen in places we’ve rented all da time without us knowing..as run down as it is…it need to b condemned!
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray And “theys” like Margaret Roy always make stupid comments they can’t back up or explain then leave… Now that’s sad. The world would be a lot better off without the “theys” like thugs and low life’s and the definitely better without the “theys” like Margaret who think everyone belongs in the same category
      • Dawn Evans Bc for what it is worth “they” as in thugs, low lifes, criminals, etc. as a whole WERE NOT WORRIED about Trayvon….again smdh.
      • Shannon Fontaine If only the government would pay for drugs for the poor addicts,
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray Here comes the crazies
      • Tonita Smith He has a father around who was in his life and still in his life. Same household for all his upbringing.This was not over $20 so before you all start to judge and pick him apart because of his race, gender or the place where he was at the time of this murder please KNOW YOUR FACTS!!
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray This thread is about Montgomery, AL and not Sanford, FL but yet it’s the “theys” who always bring it up.. Apparently some of you they don’t even know it are the “theys” too
      • Darren Jordan Now Jeremy Senn……you know drug dealerz are all innocent…..
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray Both the black and the white ones huh Darren?
      • Jeremy Senn Hmmm, where is SHE ^^^ taking this??
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray The same route you are! I’m just following the crazy train to see where it goes
      • Charlanda Fenderson what does trayvon martin being murdered by a racist have to do with this case? I sick of YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR CRAP!!! what about all the white on white crimes committed daily…I don’t live in bama anymore and boy the white boys around in my area need to pull their pants up and stop killing and robbing each other!! oh yeah bamas, you whites in other areas are off the chain!! you JUST DON’T HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!
      • Lee Kelley I was unaware “they” was a racial slur now. White people gotta watch everything “they” say. SMH
      • John Moseley I’m tired of hearing about treyvon martin. It’s over its done and there’s not a dam* thing anyone can do to change it. Florida is just a messed up place with messed up laws. I swear people keep moving backwards when it comes to racism instead of forward. This it why it will never end.
      • Allyson Kinney Moscona Everyone is so up in arms because it’s “only $20”. What amount of money would make it not a tragedy? How much should a young man’s life be worth? Instead or arguing on Facebook about race and a court case from another state, maybe we as a community should be constructive and try to do something to improve the situation. Or, just sit at home and blame the mayor and the cops and all black people or all white people or whatever
      • Darren Jordan I said dealerz…….once again America here’s the problem……people want to use the words black and white….let me make you aware of the person I am instea of a white guy to you. My very best friend all through school was an African American……we lived next door to each other and hung out together a lot…….m friend died in a car accident when he was just ou of high school. I coach LL baseball an have numerous kids of different race on my team……..see I don’t see black and white as you do…..as long as you see that you will be stuck back in the days…..
      • Tonita Smith Futhermore he would have never turned himself in. MPD didnt look for him nor did they have any leads. He went to them.
      • Brenda F. Ellis The question is, how are we going to stop this? It’s not up to the police or the mayor. There is no way that they can foresee a shooting before it happens. You can not have an officer on every street 24/7 and even if you did, it would still happen. Instead of talking about the past and race something has to be done and it won’t be in the churches, these people don’t go into the churches. I think the juvenile laws need changing and then the city as a whole has to come up with ideas, including us as residents. This guy killed someone over $20. It will cost him so much more. We have to change attitudes, the feeling of entitlement, drugs, and help people deal with their anger. Let’s talk about solutions instead of Trayvon and race. What do you all think would help?
      • Michael Riley Retards. Stop arguing
      • Kevin Glackmeyer Trayvon was the racist. Got exactly what he deserved. Period. White on White crime? Wheres” it’s nowhere near the numbers of B on B crime stats. I’d personally like to shake this guy’s hand.
      • Venice Mcghee He thought!!!
      • Cherie Denise Jarman It seems to me that Margaret was implying black people when she said “they”….maybe she should clarify….
      • Michael Riley What’s this have to do with trayvon?
      • Michael Riley What kind of drugs? Legalize marijuana
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray My best friend was black.. How many times have I heard that… And Kevin that’s your opinion.. I personally would never side with a racist, wannabe cop, pedophile like Zimmerman but if that’s your cup of tea well that’s on you.. Call Trayvon whatever you want because this post isn’t about Trayvon.. Every news story isn’t about Trayvon dang!
      • Harold Bell wow…..$20 dollars. So many are so lost. That bad choice has cause 2 lives. We must stay in prayer
      • Matthew Rogers Ms. Margaret Roy was the first to introduce the TM thing to this thread. I simply asked her the same question everyone has. What does TM have to do with this??? Ma’am we’re waiting for your response.
      • Mark-Heather Haskell Sometimes people should realize that just because your entitled to your opinion, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to express it… That’s the problem, no one thinks before speaking, and then a thread on FB turns into an argument… It’s ridiculous! It’s sad that this man has lost his life this way, and another man made a choice to take someone’s life like that, but instead of judging, maybe we should try to just act human and have a little compassion. What if those involved where your family and you came upon this thread and read what was being said, talk about throwing salt into a wound. The past is the past for a reason, if it was meant to be part of our present it would be, let it go and move on, give these people some respect or keep your opinions to yourself. Slinging mud, name calling, race baiting, ad all the other mess has nothing to do with this! Grow up!
      • Cherie Denise Jarman This is my thought…maybe people should be concerned whenever someone is killed regardless of their color or the color of the person that did it. There is not much coverage of crimes that take place between people of the same color. We hear about crimes locally but if a black person is killed by another black person it doesnt go any further. Why isnt there outrage over it? Why does it take a young black male dying and the presumption of racism or profiling before anyone really cares? This country is in a sad state.
      • Jake Faulkner What decent man at thirty-three doesn’t have..nor can acquire by his paycheck, twenty bucks? Sounds like he was the type to take 10 pennies from the ‘give a penny’ tray to cover his cigarettes. Good riddance.
      • Winter Omega I like how YOU ppl keep fueling this race machine that the media is using to drive up ratings and making THEM richer. Stop it lets come with solutions instead pointing out racial blame. Race issues are immortal cause there a different races, got it understand it now lets move on. Juvenile laws and this bonding system needs to be changed ASAP.
      • Jeremy Senn Shaaame on you for assuming. That makes you equally as ignorant as you THINK I am.
      • Jeremy Senn You “KNOW” that I’m ignorant?? What are you basing this on…the color of my skin?? Because there’s not one other thing you “KNOW” of me. Wouldn’t that make you….dare I say…racist??
      • Lee Kelley I implied whites when I said “they”. Am I racist too? Crackas
      • Sheila D. Murry You people make me vomit…….
      • Crystal Matthews Johnson I just know this young people just dont know how to fight with there fist anymore its so easy for them to pick up a gun and shoot smh
      • Amy Marie Johnson I’m with Michael Riley on this one.
      • Jeff Wilson Thugs get slugs one less thug on the streets . They need to find the killer give him am award then turn around and out him I jail then 2 less thugs on the street
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray I know you make ignorant comments and inappropriate jokes that’s what I know and see.. Sure I’m a racist.. But some of my best friends are white.. Sound familiar? You sound extremely stupid.. How can me calling you ignorant be based off you skin??? You have ignorant up and down this thread all day long
      • Jeremy Senn Just the FACTS, ma’am. ;o)
      • John Moseley The ignorant ones are the ones who keep coming back on here 20 times to keep stirring the pot and adding more stuff to argue about.
        3 hours ago via mobile · 2
      • Veon Arrington May God help us all…..the future doesn’t look 2 bright!!!
        3 hours ago via mobile · 1
      • Melissa Lyn Johnson Shot over $20. Wow.
      • April Johnson Most of this thread is absolutely absurd! Yes, the shooter is a thug! I am so very sorry if you don’t want to hear it, but this is not a candy shop and we are not sugar coating anything. Most of us know nothing about either party, but chances are if you put yourself in the “company” of thugs and drug dealers you open yourself up to things like this. Also, before race gets brought up yet again, thugs and drug dealers come in all colors, shapes and sizes. I have several white friends and black friends that I grew up with that have turned out to be just like this, sadly. I also have friends of both colors that are very respectable, successful members of society. It appears from this thread that the “victims of racism” are the ones slinging racial slurs and comments.
      • Sheila D. Murry Steve…you are singing the racist theme song….
        3 hours ago via mobile · 1
      • Sheila D. Murry You people have validated for me all the racism that I feel on a daily basis here in Montgomery….it’s not all in my head….
        2 hours ago via mobile · 2
      • Steve Thomas The truth hurts and did I mention a race? What I said, applies to all races.
        2 hours ago · Edited · 5
      • Chase Burnette This is what the police chief was talking about when he said “most of the time homicide victims are criminals themselves”
        2 hours ago via mobile · 2
      • Miranda Progressing Harvey Margaret Roy…Trayvon Martin was walking home and a grown man left his home got into his car approached him then killed him but lets not forget he was scared for his life after he left the safety of his home and car…. yes it is a shame the guy lost his life over $20.00 but instead of making judgement just pray for their families…..
      • Sheila D. Murry My truth is I am a black woman that has accomplished and succeeded despite the ever present efforts from you and people liks you…to insure my demise….That sir is my truth….
      • Winter Omega What about the Mendez twins? They had a great upbringing and turned into murderers soooooo ur point is invalid
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray You think other people aren’t tired Steve, however government assistance is not a one side of town or community issue. It’s across all demographics….and Amy Marie the only THEY that did not fit into your nice little definition was Margaret’s when she said and “they always bring up Trayvon Martin” and Its obvious she wasn’t referring to any thugs so I did take offense and its my prerogative to do so..
        2 hours ago via mobile · 4
      • Candace AddictedtoRetail McCray Winter and they killed their own parents!! I can bring up numerous cases of white on white crime.. But what’s the point?? People will still have their own interpretation of the truth.. It’s a lot going on in the world but understand it isn’t just happening on one side of town..
        2 hours ago via mobile · 4
      • Pat Pickett Wow, just twenty dollars. It’s upsetting.
        2 hours ago via mobile · 2
      • Deanna Davis Chira Everyone’s worried about stopping the killings in Montgomery, but for the most part it’s awful people killing other awful people (druggies, dealers, thieves, etc.) I don’t have a problem with scum taking out scum.
      • Connie Fikes Is Montgomery gonna reach 100 homicides by the end of the year…….I think so.
        2 hours ago via mobile · 1
      • Rickey Seay This is a good news bad news stories.
      • Steve Thomas Again, what I said, applies to all races. Get the CHIPs off your shoulders, folks…
      • Nicole Hudgins Law The collapse of the immediate family unit causes so many social problems. It really is sad to see so many children and teenagers with no positive guidance. Too often it results in their death. If you don’t want to be bothered with children and do what really needs to be done to raise them, DON’T HAVE THEM! There is plenty of birth control readily available.
      • Scottie Marbury That’s just sad,a mans life taken 4 $20 dollars
        2 hours ago via mobile · 2
      • Winter Omega Candace that’s my point. Some ppl are just sick and twisted their upbringing is irrelevant. Im a cop myself and have dealt with numerous crime scenes so if anybody is in the know its me
      • Chris Spivey I wish guns never existed…
      • Steve Thomas Winter, you mentioned the Mendez twins. Way to dig up an extremey rare incident that happened years and years ago in another state. Of course, there will always be rare cases like that, but for the most part, kids that are brought up with loving, caring parents will “turn out” as law abiding, productive citizens. You, being in law enforcement should know this to be the truth.
      • Brenda Wooden Cox I have read most of these comments and do not see much in the way of solutions. I see racial comments, comments about other cases and lots of finger pointing. Waste of time. I think the community should be embarrassed about Montgomery. What a shame, murder over $20. First thing, tear down the Diplomat Inn. Drugs, thugs and prostitutes. Sure folks of that ilk will go someplace else, but it will not be there. Wish MPD could pull a raid on the place and clean it out first, but that would probably violate some rights. SMH. Since there is so much B on B crime, the black leaders need to step up and help. Ministers are needed. Morals have just gone and drugs have taken their place. Just my opinions.
      • Lacona Nicole Davis Itz jus sad our people r killing each other an we r bringn up race it dosent matter wht color the victims or the offendant is it jus need tu stop an over 20 dol really itz jus sad….is it gonna ever end @connie fikes u r so rght at the rate itz goin itz gonna get @ 100 faster than we thnk…jus keep prayn thatz all i can du…
      • Winter Omega Steve if u think that’s rare then u have lost ur mind. I see it daily so its not rare
      • Max Floyd @chris spivey….ur an idiot
      • Winter Omega Steve if u think that’s rare then u have lost ur mind. I see it daily so its not rare. Kids who come up in the ghetto some have great parents and I’m speaking as a law enforcement officer. Thugs come from good homes as well. I see it daily. So upbringing isn’t always the issue
      • Winter Omega And that’s the truth
      • Michael Riley Why don’t the “reverend” Jessie Jackson and Mr. Al Sharpton step up and address the issue? Seems to me if they cared about blacks getting killed they would involve themselves in more cases than just those consisting of another race on blacks. There’s your racism
      • Steve Thomas Well, I guess I am living in nevah, nevah land. I and all of my friends and most everyone I know grew up in loving two parent homes and do not personally know anyone that is or has been in prison due to thug activity.
      • Charlanda Fenderson Winter I live in another state and I hear on the news about whites killing other whites daily….it may not be gang activity involved but it’s family members, children,ex-wives,girlfriends,and even whites killing family members for insurance money all the time…I think whites in Montgomery are living in a BUBBLE!! and Oh the lady in Georgia lied about two black guys shooting her baby in the stroller….her daughter came forth and said she did it herself for the INSURANCE MONEY!!
      • Sheila D. Murry Wow…I have worked in Russell..Elmore…Autauga…and Chilton counties…I know first hand that poverty…out of wedlock children…incest…drug abuse…knows no color…none of my clients were black…..
      • Steve Thomas Just curious Winter, of the 32 murders committed, SO FAR. in Montgomery this year, how many of the killers grew up in a 2 parent household and were given the loving care that should have been given? You should have access to that information. Care to make a wager, that the vast majority grew up in crap?
      • Melissa Giddens 20 dollars really the dog gone amo cost more than what dude owed him.
      • Sheila D. Murry What’s your point Steve??…Take the misfortune of a few and apply it to the many??..You are singing the theme song….try to find new lyrics….
      • Mavis Wiggins Steve, growing up in a 2 parent home has nothing to do how your kid is going to turn out. Pardnts job is to raise and live their child, but once that child grows up and leave home, anything can go wrong. Look at the shootings at Colobine, the movie theater, sandy hooks, Va tech…they all grew up in a 2 parent home.
      • Steve Thomas Oh, you know my point, but apparently your sunglasses are too dark for you to see what is going on in Montgomery and only you can remove the chip from your shoulder.
      • Amy Marie Johnson People are naive if they think that the majority of criminals aren’t influenced by what they have seen and grew up around. At the end of the day, criminals make a choice. Criminals choose not to be productive citizens, criminals choose not to rise above stereotypes. Some of the same criminals also want to act like they are the victims. Time for ALL criminals, men AND women, of ALL races to put on their big boy underwear/big girl panties and grow the hell up. Hate begets hate. No one is born with hate, it is taught. No one is born a racist, it is taught. I bet Dr. Martin Luther King is constantly rolling over in his grave. It saddens me that, at this point, he may have died in vain. Everything that he stood for, fought for, and died for is going to hell in a handbasket.
      • Brandon Smith Has anybody called Al Sharpton and got a march organized yet? If not, this needs to be done ASAP, because everybody knows $20 could have easily bought some skittles, tea, and cough syrup to make some “GRAPE DRANK LEAN” for these druggie thuggies!
      • Gwen Oates Breaking News: Car slams into a Christain Daycare Center in Kansas City. …. It’s so much more happening in the world today. It’s happening to our children at an all time high. We don’t get it. Some are missing the warning signs. Where is the LOVE ?!? We all live in glass houses …. definitely not excluded from grief and pain. I hope the children aren’t seriously injured.
      • Sheila D. Murry You people slay me….
      • Brandon Smith Who is “YOU PEOPLE?”
      • Sheila D. Murry I don’t have a chip on my shoulder…I am a realist…I see it for what it is…I refusd to allow anyone to stereotype me into what they think my experience has been.. …
      • Konica Hill Like really..that’s crazy
      • Maurice Smith Did Margaret said “They?” You already know she’s a racist.
      • Maurice Smith Brandon, you sound racist too. Are you referring to black people marching over Trayvon Martin as it is related to this guy killing someone over $20.00? I need to share this profile with my friends so they can look at what you posted.
      • Brandon Smith Oh but it’s OK for some to say “YOU PEOPLE!” I see! Silly me, I forgot racism only flows one way right?
      • Tommy Mobley ban motels!

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