jud cargile – at it again – 7-21-2013 on Kevin Elkins’ FaceBook Wall – racism in regular form

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    Let's get some perspective back, can we?!  Who agrees?</p>
<p>Stay with us @ www.breakingobama.com
    Let’s get some perspective back, can we?! Who agrees?Stay with us @ www.breakingobama.com

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    • Dennis C. Latham Christopher Cervini was a thief – stealing from other people cars – with several other guys …. when asked to FREEZE until police arrived – Christopher Cervini charged after Roderick Scott …… gotta come better than this jud – your hatred of blacks is coming out more and more each time I see your crazy words ….Besides – this happened in NY – totally different than the south …..

    • Jud Cargile Coming from a racist piece of dung like you, the double standard does not surprise me in the least.
    • Dennis C. Latham @jud – I have proof you’re a racist – where is your proof that I am a racist ???
    • Jud Cargile your words convict you. Actually you are just bat shit crazy!
    • Dennis C. Latham be man enough to QUOTE the very words that prove I am racist – or crazy …… I have proof of your racism …… and ready and willing to show it here and now ….. so you make that FIRST MOVE jud.
    • Dennis C. Latham here’s my FIRST STAGE OF PROOF jud …
      Jud Cargile If I were caught for everything I have done, I may well have ended up in prison myself.
      Tuesday at 11:24am · LikeJud Cargile Lucky for me I look white and nobody ever suspected me.
      Tuesday at 11:24am · Like
    • Jud Cargile yeah, you got me good. What will I ever do?
    • Dennis C. Latham Kevin Elkins – see what jud won’t tell you – is that this black guy was found not guilty – because he was attacked after catching a white guy was stealing with friends …… and his own friends got crossed up ….. during the trial … see .. he won’t tell you about that – because he probably knows nothing about that – or if he does know – he chooses not to reveal that part of the case.
    • Dennis C. Latham @jud … that’s just THE FIRST STAGE of many – where is the proof I am crazy and / or racist ??? Don’t you have some of my words you can “”QUOTE”” ??? Well … you haven’t answered this question in days – so I doubt you will present anything now …..
    • Jud Cargile so if you catch someone who is stealing, it is then self defense? Look, the black guy DID lawfully use self defense. He was attacked. When Martin attacked Zimmerman, it was lawful self defense. What do you not understand?
    • Jud Cargile This proves the media is intentionally using this to create division and distract from Obama’s scandals.
    • Dennis C. Latham @jud ….. “” so if you catch someone who is stealing,””
      the white guy was caught stealing – by a neighbourhood watch black guy ….. he told them he had a gun and to freeze until the police came – the white guy who is now dead ….. rushed the neighbourhood watch black guy …… totally DIFFERENT than Trayvon Martin – Martin wasn’t stealing and was being hunted and stalked …. your racism won’t allow you to understand that – so you continue in your delusions ….”” it is then self defense?””

      when the white guy charged him … yes – it is then self defense – I plow right through your deceptions oh racist one full of deceptions, lies and tricks …

      “” Look, the black guy DID lawfully use self defense.””

      this is the one truth you have told ….

      “” He was attacked.””

      EXACTLY …

      “” When Martin attacked Zimmerman, it was lawful self defense.””

      zimmerman hunted and stalked Trayvon Martin – for nothing – Martin wasn’t stealing anything – he was walking home – cutting through to get in out of the rain …..

      “” What do you not understand?””

      I understand everything – and have caught you in more deceptions, lies and tricks ….. you just keep building my case for me ….. are you drunk tonight or something ? this is TOO EASY ……….

    • Dennis C. Latham @jud ??? This is the last time I am asking you – QUOTE the words that I stated that PROVE I AM crazy and / or racist – or SHOW and / or TELL what I have done to PROVE I AM crazy and / or racist … this is the last time I am asking you this ……… and please lay off the conspiracy theories to avoid and deflect from proving what you have lied on me about ……
    • Jud Cargile Was it lawful for Martin to in turn pursue Zimmerman and attack him? Zimmerman did not have Martin hemmed up in a corner. I have repeatedly said that Zimmerman was overreaching to leave his car and Zimmerman claims to have been trying to locate address numbers in which to direct police. That is when the verbal argument insued and Zimmerman began walking away.
    • Jud Cargile Your words and radio comments are well known to all here.
    • Dennis C. Latham zimmerman hunted and stalked Trayvon Martin – 911 Operator told zimmerman not to follow Trayvon Martin – you’re making stuff up now – to justify zimmerman – and thanks for not being man enough to show any PROOF of your lies against me.
    • Jud Cargile I would have found both not guilty given the evidence.
    • Jud Cargile You need to read the court transcripts and statement Zimmerman gave police.
    • Dennis C. Latham I’m done here ….. you can’t prove the lies you’ve said about me here – and you refuse to STATE what I have done or said for you to call me crazy and / or a racist. May GOD have mercy on your satanic soul.
    • Tom Simon Jud Cargile you are a notorious bigoted racist! You prove it everyday with your lies ands slanting of the truth to fit yur agenda! I have only one question for you.. Does your Klan Card have your picture on it?
    • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – BWHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAAAH !!!!! You take over from here – I’m done with this racist spaz …… and his white privilege that he think is all that powerful …. LOL
    • Tom Simon I wouldn’t waste time on this snuff dipping crazy parasite! I think that he only wants a platform that he knows he can get with Kevin!
    • Dennis C. Latham <—- just picked his jaw up off the ground … .BWHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAAAAAH !!!!!!!
    • Dennis C. Latham GOOD NIGHT Tom Simon and Kevin Elkins – the racist spaz has been busted and exposed and caught in deceptions, lies and tricks – my work is done here – and I thank the spaz for yet another blog – HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!
    • Jud Cargile If my disagreeing with grown men who reason like children make me a bigot or a racist, so be it.

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