Randy L Ortiz – engulfed in rage – because he likes to masturbate and brag about it in front of women like a pervert

LADY ONE shared 4 the love of black women‘s photo.

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  • She looks great
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    • Randy L Ortiz (comments deleted and I was unable to recover – but it was randy l ortiz talkiing about how he wanted to get the petroleum jelly out and masturbate because of this photo – THUS the reason the women who posted this said “”Ewe””)
      LADY ONE Ewe
    • LADY TWO Damn i love your honesty just dont tell anyone else that lol
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    • Dennis C. Latham <—- shakes his head at the simplicity and weakness of males this day and age.
    • LADY ONE Lol @ Dennis there is no shame in Mr Randy’s game lol
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    • LADY ONE Lol Randy L Ortiz
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    • Dennis C. Latham @Randy L Ortiz – not everyone is weak in the mind and spirit like you are – for I try to make everything that I do PLEASING TO GOD and not self – and I’ve been left the mentality of perversions – and leading others away from perversions – and not just the perversions of sex – but the perversions of THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH – in other words – I have no desire to masturbate – and not every man does it – liar.
    • LADY ONE Damn Randy Brotha Dennis told you!
    • LADY ONE I really don’t think every guy masturbates either just like everyone woman doesn’t
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    • Dennis C. Latham LADY ONE– when a certain level of mental and spiritual freedom and guidance are gained – many of the foolish things that satisfy flesh and not GOD are put aside and never returned to – THUS you see the very reason why males have a lack of leadership – specially when one male – does something – because he believes ALL males do it – which justifies his pervertedness to come out and let itself be known – THUS the reason I am always showing and teaching ladies about how to dress in a way not to spark the perverted minds of simple and weak males – who tend to do more than just masturbate – but – other things as well – when they need to satisfy their perverted lusts – this also went on in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah …. not just homosexualness …. but much more pervertedness.
    • Dennis C. Latham @Randy L Ortiz – I’d be a liar to call you strong – when it’s obvious that you are weak – and spreading pervertedness amongst what seems to be ladies – like LADY ONE and LADY TWO – and I see your comments as disrespectful to them – and i doubt they will respect you as a man – who has to BOLDLY AND PROUDLY gratify himself by pulling on his own little piece of flesh and yet – bragging about it – you are simple and you are weak – and very childish and immature as well.
    • LADY ONE Well Randy I know your not a weak Brotha I’d trust you with my life even if you are a little perverted lol
    • LADY ONE Lol @ Dennis little piece of flesh lmbaoooooooo
    • Randy L Ortiz @Dennis…Actually no he didn’t because if he were a real man of God he would not be calling another man weak. But your brain washed mind does not bother me I come from another place where things are handled in other ways. I am so glad that you think you found God but you do not know the true meaning of knowing God if you’re going to disrespect another man who is naturally a child of God asshole. you are the one who is weak!
    • Randy L Ortiz Dennis….You talk the talk but do not know the true meaning of the walk because you are not walking it my brother from another mother!
    • Dennis C. Latham  LADY ONE – and whilst you may be knocked down – or knocked out – there’s no telling what he will do with your lifeless body …… iJs
    • LADY ONE Lmaoooooooooooo your so right Brotha Dennis I better take caution around a pervert
    • Randy L Ortiz now only you could see my comments because I had to block his ass
    • LADY ONE Why you block him???
    • Dennis C. Latham @Randy L Ortiz – instead of simple and weak – would you rather I call you what JESUS would have called you ??????
      wolves in sheep clothing ?
      infidels and healthen ?
      tares and not wheat ?
      blind spiritually ?
      swine and dogs ?
    • LADY ONE Damnnnnn Dennis you called it all bro
    • Randy L Ortiz I don’t like phonies talking s*** you could love the Lord and Christ but don’t be phony about it he’s phony
    • LADY ONE @ Randy it’s never that serious babes
    • Randy L Ortiz And that’s my opinion
    • Dennis C. Latham he probably blocked me – because he is shame – along with being childish and immature – and too simple and weak to stand as a man – BUT – Mainly because I stepped to him for disrespecting the ladies with his perverted fantasies – whilst he is probably getting off on your pictures as we speak ….
    • Randy L Ortiz He started calling me weak that n**** don’t know me f*** him he’s lucky I can’t find him because I punch that n**** in his face and then let him start crying
    • LADY ONE Yes Brotha Dennis he did block you
    • Randy L Ortiz People love to talk s*** to somebody else on Facebook. I can back my s*** up
    • Dennis C. Latham LADY ONE – it is when males start to see beautiful women as QUEENS and not something they can have their way with – THUS the reason so many QUEENS are led to abortions and taking care of their young – by themselves.
    • Randy L Ortiz But I forgot you like corny cornball n***** like him
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    • LADY ONE I know you can boo
    • Randy L Ortiz I am done with this I am moving on
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    • LADY ONE @ Randy I like you too so you calling yourself corn ball???
    • LADY ONEy Anyways everyone have a lovely rest of the day:) NEXT
    • Dennis C. Latham See LADY ONE – it takes a simple and weak male – to attempt to destroy the messenger – because they don’t like the message they bring to THE FOREFRONT to protect all CHILDREN and WOMEN ……
    • Randy L Ortiz You must have your definition of corn ball mixed up because I am NOT a cornball
    • LADY ONE Ok well how can you call other people cornball Randyyyyyyyyyy .. Never mind boo its ova ou said your piece and the brother said his piece you masturbate and he doesn’t
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    • Randy L Ortiz That’s not the point I did not call him any names go back and read the comments he started calling me names that’s what I don’t like that’s the problem and no I am NOT cornball because all you southern chicks love of New York brothers so how can I be a cornball now you making me angry!
    • Dennis C. Latham <—- is ready for the NEXT topic – out of PURE RESPECT that is.
    • Randy L Ortiz that b**** n**** is weak and a punk. Neve was a real man of God he would never have stooped him self to calling me weak as a man because I am a man and man comes first in the Bible but I guess he does not know that because he’s a punk b**** n**** and if I could find his bitch ass I tell him in his face!
    • LADY ONE I live in the south not born in the south and now you classifying all southern women together like its a bad thing to like New York guys I know women who like southern gentleman but not all ,, getting mad randy is not helping anything because your the only one getting mad I’m good cant steal my smile boo Im Sure Brotha Dennis not loosing no sleep either so just move on do I need to call you??
    • Randy L Ortiz so before you start coming at me read what the real problem is you don’t call me names and I didnt first and I didn’t disrespect him.
    • Dennis C. Latham LADY ONE – I’m from Syracuse, NY – living in Alabama – da south ….
    • LADY ONE I know you didn’t diss me babes I’m not mad about anything I’m good you know we have our special relationship no need to feel like that
    • Randy L Ortiz you can call anybody you want I don’t give a f*** yeah I am mad you f****** right because I was disrespected you mother f****** right I’m mad and you jump it on his side he should not call me week you should have tell him not to do soup to calling anyone names I did not call him names until he dissed me why don’t you realize that?
    • LADY ONE Randy Dennis is from Ny himself he just live in the south as many New Yorkers do greensboro is full of New Yorkers who found a little piece of heaven here with cheap rent and nice homes that are affordable that they probably would not have ever gotten in New York
    • Randy L Ortiz I’m losing no sleep over it either but I know he’s punk ass is staying wherever he staying and hiding behind Facebook because he know his punk ass can get his ass kicked. Now what I’m hard f*** that b**** n**** I’m from the Bronx yeah what time is it?
    • Randy L Ortiz and all from New York who moved south become soft including my sisters. I don’t give a f*** he’s a punk ass b**** and you you should have said to him don’t call anyone any names that’s what you should have done because this is your post you should have said no no brother Dennis we don’t need to get disrespectful but you did not do that
    • LADY ONE Randy how can I control what comes out of a grown mans mouth I don’t take sides I may instigate to get a good post lol but that’s it you always been my dude with your perverted ass lol
    • Randy L Ortiz that’s what I’m angry about f*** the masturbation thing. punkass want to call people names when I did not say nothing disrespectful to him f*** him!
    • LADY ONE He called you a liar he said the act was weak
    • Randy L Ortiz no you can control what is put on your page because it can be deleted you can say no no this is my friends do not call him names I would not let nobody disrespect you on my post
    • Randy L Ortiz I’m tired of phony f****** people that’s all. that punk n**** better stay with the f*** he’s at I don’t care if he’s from New York hey sore ass better stay is at in the f****** south don’t come home b**** n****
    • LADY ONE I don’t care what people say about me Randy I been called all kinds of shit but not to m face fb gangsters get no recognition with me
    • Randy L Ortiz and what did I lie about I didn’t lie about anything and he called me weak you need to read what is posted. he called me weak mind and I ain’t no cyber space games to f*** him c** in my face I’ll tell him what I’m writing same thing
    • LADY ONE Babes it’s over you probably will never meet one another NEXT how’s the weather up top…?…
    • LADY ONE I’m grown and there is no shame in my shit either not ashamed to say that I have talked dirty on the phone with you, some of us sexual beings do that type of thing sometimes lol

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