Michael Baisden – you can block and ignore me – but I speak truth against your buffoonery





Black media has way too much comedy, controversy and cults against THE MOST HIGH GOD.

1.) baisden’s campaign about “”do women know what they want”” was just a mess of controversy to draw people in to pimp them …… bringing in MORE confusion to the black communities all across America – with NO PROVEN SOLUTIONS – whilst THE PROVEN SOLUTIONS are ALL IN THE HOLY BIBLE – but you choose to gain praise and worship from people to build your numbers for advertisers – bring back the black communities even more into the mode of retreat.

2.) You can block me from posting on your FaceBook page – THE TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH.
3.) You can block me from commenting to you on Twitter – THE TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH.

I’m going to point out a few of your deceptions, lies and tricks – to trick blacks – because you are black – and because blacks like to support other blacks who are in the lime light – even if they are no good for blacks and the betterment of black communities…..

“” I love my people””

no … you don’t LOVE your people – you love their blind, deaf and dumb support of your comedy, confusions, controversy and cult against THE MOST HIGH GOD.

“”and would live on the streets before I sacrificed my integrity for the sake of a dollar.””

your integrity lately and now has been about the sake of a dollar and many of them to go in your pockets – 

“”We have enough radio personalities, comedians, and celebrities,””

This is one TRUE statement from you – and all of them have a 98+% rating of bringing comedy, confusion, controversy and cults against GOD to the forefront and to the black people they target.

“”what we lack is leadership.””

This is another TRUTH …. from you for once – but you mess everything up – with your deceptions, lies and tricks.

“”And I am determined to fill that void, on radio… or off!””

This is where you are deceiving, lying and tricking people – but not me.
I’ve been researching and studying you LONG ENOUGH to know – you ain’t about black communities becoming crime free and spreading refuge for the fatherless and the widows in the black communities.

I know you avoid, block and ignore me – because you don’t want THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH.
just like the pimps behind the pulpits – you’re right along with them
pimping the simple and the weak

I FORGIVE you – for I know you know not what you do
I LOVE you – if I didn’t ? I wouldn’t attempt to contact you and correct you – so I have to do it this way – because you hide behind your celebrity-izms ……

3.) that crap you pulled with the TRAYVON MARTIN ? just a publicity stunt – you ignored THE TRUTH – while you helped to protect the real criminals and kept the focus off of the crooked police ….. To Be Continued.





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