minister of satan willie knight attacks Pastor Kenny Glasgow on his FaceBook wall with slander

minister of satan willie knight

minister of satan willie knight


  • These civil right pimps Al Shapton, Jesse Jackson and Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow only move for a march only when a check is involved Al needs a new perm, Jesse are trying to pay child support and Kenny was just left out. I am against anything they are for they have never pushed anything for us to benefit from…
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    • Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow My brother I have never got paid for none I the work I do.
      So please do your homework.
      I just don’t agree with your disrespect of Dr King and the work of those who got us the rights we now have. 
      Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t get paid nor have I ever.
      We feed 200 people a day, changed laws in 4 different states.
      Lol I thank you for the blessing of lying on me. Because according to the Bible I will truly be Blessed now for being persecuted for doing Gods work for His people. 
      Thank you sir and God Bless You!!!
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    • Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow Do you even know me or what I do???
      I’m a Pastor with a community calling. I don’t do the money and pay me thing my brother!
      You have the right string, but the wrong yo yo lol!
      Thanks for the post though!
      Now do your homework and find one time. 
      I’m called by God for what I do and He provides my brother.
      You are Blessing me so much and I thank you again. 
      I have no choice in serving Gods people cause its my calling not my job. IT’S MY LIFE!!!
      You have the right to your opinion just like everyone else, but don’t scandalize or ridicule me without any knowledge of me whatsoever.
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    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – this Willie Knight character is nothing but a liar from the bowls of satan – his pastor over looks him because he’s a lunatic – and other pastors protect him – because his pastor – jiles williams is a county commissioner – he has several cases pending right now in courts – against women and his mouth ….
    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – look at the glasses on his face ???? who grown up would use that for a profile picture – he is childish and immature ….. and filled with demonic spirits …. probably legions of demons ……
    • Dennis C. Latham Ladedj Brown – Lm Lu – you see this mess ? This is why those watered down preachers in that cult allow people like willie knight to run loose – and they just bail him out – but that’s about to come to an end ……
    • Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow The bad part about it, is that no one gets paid to march in the Bloody Sunday Commemoration!
      This man has no idea what he’s talking about!
      No one gets paid to march in Selma.
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    • Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow Dennis you told me about this guy. 
      I do apologize for not listening and giving him the benefit of the doubt cause he was a so called preacher!
      Let us Pray
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    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – his life partner … I mean his leader chris miles lied on a guy this morning on LIVE RADIO – the insurance agent / chamber of commerce board member had to come on the air to clear his name and tell the truth …… this dude and his cult is under strong delusions …
    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – I tried to tell you – I just hate you have to see it this way …… you know …. i don’t allow titles to fool me – but you didn’t know – this coward has slandered my name for well over a year – falsely accused me molesting my daughter – and even posting my Mother HOME ADDRESS all over the net …… out of pure hatred – and his pastor is more of a coward …. but they all will be dealt with sooner than later …….. GOD IS A GOOD GOD and will not be mocked.
    • Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow WOW He’s attacking us for honoring Dr King and all those who contributed to our Voting Rights, and Civil Rights, by marching over the bridge in commemoration!
      That is crazy!!!!!
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    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – watch this … if he says anything else ? It will be more and worse lies ….. don’t block him just yet – allow him to be EXPOSED so people can start to remove him from their list of friends …
    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – he hates all whites …. he teaches that segregation in America was the worst thing for blacks – and he teaches kids this mess. along with that lunatic chris miles.
    • Dennis C. Latham Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow – but he showed up with a white to go against me in court ….. now go figure.

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