minister of satan willie knight is on the prowl after Pastor Kenny Glasgow now

Selma Ala 48th Bloody Sunday commemoration March 3, 2013
Photo: Selma Ala 48th Bloody Sunday commemoration March 3, 2013
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    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow Rachel Smith I thank you and your husband so much for helping with the march. You have really been faithful to TOPS
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    Rachel Smith I love the work that you and other do for Justice & equality for all people.
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    Willie Knight All of yal are simple why are you marching again? Whats this going to help?
    Ufmoda Barbara Lee Paul I am proud of you Pastor and love you
    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow That’s exactly what the vice President spoke about yesterday Willie Knight.
    How people think marching and commemorating is a thing of the past. He apologized for not coming to Selma before.
    He said that the march changed America and now the VRAM is being challenged so we might have to march again. 
    The people in 1965 had no Facebook, Twitter, computers, or cell phones. Yet they were more unified and got more done collectively than we do now.
    Because they didn’t see each other as simple cause they didn’t agree with something. They seen each other as part of a movement!
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    Willie Knight The movement? What has marching done for our communities? We have the worst living conditions out of all other races and our people haven’t benefited from this dream you praise. Anybody and I mean anybody still chasing that foolish dream is simple. Al Sharpton and the rest of those 60’s pimps can have it. I want no parts of that nightmare I don’t care for the dream my kids won’t be taught that foolishness either. When that generation of dreaming fools die off then we can start fixing our communities like God wanted us to. Thank God this new generation are not following your footsteps its just a matter of time notice your marches are not as popular as they used to be..
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    Rachel Smith @willie Knight, if it had not been for the dreamer Dr.MLK and the many foot soliders that were beaten, killed and humiliated for justice and equality for you & i and don’t leave out your children. It’s really a shame that a person like you would even think such a thing but If you’re un-educated or don’t have the knowledge of the movement than you’ll continue to be LOST AND BLIND to the situation that occurs right there in your hometown and the U.S. Vice Pres. Biden said, “we lost the battle but we won the war.” he also said, “the injustice did not end in Mont. Ala but it is an On Going Battle all over America. Don’t Hate on Pas Sharpton because he’ll stand for JUSTICE, if you keep sitting i promise you there will be a DAY that you’ll need somebody to STAND with you or maybe it will be your children. BE BLESSED AND REMEMBER IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP…
    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow I pray for you my brother.
    It says in the Bible that you can’t throw away the Old Testament and just keep the New Testament.
    That’s what you’re saying to do with our History.
    That doesn’t make any since my brother. We wouldn’t even have a say so in any of our communities if it wasn’t for those marches.
    Willie Knight Look you dreamers are funny Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of those civil rights pimps are done. It’s a new day we won’t move forward marching yal still want to be in the lime light you can have it but if you look back nobody is following you. Your simply are begging man to be treated equal? You asking man for justice? You should only be concerned about God he will provide all of your needs. So you can keep on begging massa and keep on marching I am praying for you. I can’t wait for God to the last of your breed home so we can really move on. Marching haven’t done anything for you i bet you all for all of this begging you are doing there won’t be 30 people waiting on you friday in Montgomery last year they had 8 people all of them were seniors….. The Dream is Dead thank God……

    Oh you keep hope alive lol
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    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow I must apologize to Dennis C. Latham about defending Willie Knight. 
    He has totally disrespected all of the leaders of old and the work of many, especially Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    I am praying cause I’ve never heard of such ignorance and disrespect of our ancestors in my life.
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    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow The Bible says do not call anyone a fool in Matt. 5:22 
    But to call the very thing that got us the right to be able to have any kind of voice at foolish.
    Is clearly beyond me!
    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow I refuse to entertain such disrespectful statements.
    Please; all of you, let us PRAY!!!
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    Rachel Smith satan has his people in places dwelling and waiting on the weak and ignorant to do his work and willie knight has been chosen for the DUTY
    Willie Knight Proverbs 3:31 Envy not thou oppressor and choose none of his ways… I don’t see your begging man to be accepted. I am not a supporter of “the dream” I do have that right you know and I am right Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are so civil right pimps they never lift a finger unless there is a check from somewhere coming. So march on it’s good exerise thats all your going to get.
    Willie Knight @ rachel what has the march done for us? you guys are begging the white man to treat you right seems very childish to me. You guys go march for me and my generation we will let you guys have that because your not going to fix one problem with those civil right pimps.. You need to check your history everybody didn’t support that pimp king either. I am just one of them.
    Pas Kenny Sharpton Glasgow It’s not the point of supporting them my brother. It’s the effectiveness of the work accomplished. Those marches got us from the back of the bus, our voting rights, and our voice in our own communities.
    Willie Knight lol tell him i said thank you for lol keep hope alive. You guys don’t speak for me and mine thats what I am for I don’t march I don’t need the dream you can have it you and the civil right pimps..

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