Francis the hater

NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama

DennisCLatham • 4 days ago

um … I don’t need a liar like naacp or it’s president speaking for me – I’ve been doing GREATER than EVER – specially under Obama – but then again – I don’t rely on government to provide for me – THE MOST HIGH GOD is my PROVIDER.

If any one is doing worse under this president or any president – they need JESUS.

Francis  DennisCLatham • 4 days ago

Oh brother. Here we go with the Jesus/gospel stuff. So, you don’t rely on the government, huh? Yeah, right. And you’ve been doing greater than ever with Obama? Well, sure. After all, what other president has given so many handouts at taxpayer expense, and what other president gutted the welfare work requirement so that you and others could be fulltime parasites.

DennisCLatham  Francis • 2 days ago

@Francis – are you falsely accusing me of getting hand outs ? For your information – I help people to open up businesses – and I have many of my own – and for the record ? I DO IT FREE – maybe if you didn’t have so much hatred – your mind could probably advance into 2013 – instead of 1776 …..

For the record ? There are more whites on welfare than blacks – so I guess there are more white parasites than black parasites ….

besides – it was whites who got america in the place it was in 2008 …..
BWHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAH !!!! and now look who had to come and fix 500+ years of hatred in less than 8 years …..

Francis  DennisCLatham • a day ago

I’ve read your responses to other posters as well. You’re nothing but a hateful, vicious black. Hope your arrogance and your attitude backfires when your WH Jesus screws you. This so-called president is the worst ever!

DennisCLatham  Francis • 6 hours ago

1.) Nothing about my posts are hateful – just TRUTHFUL.
2.) WH Jesus ? LOL … Obama is no JESUS / MESSIAH – but he’s going a better job at being a christian than your satanic mentality.
3.) You think Obama is the worst because he’s black – and because you’re delusional and full of hatred and racism – THUS the reason you mentioned welfare – but you won’t admit that whites are the majority race on welfare.
4.) I won’t bother to ask you to prove any of my statement here, now or in the past being hateful – because you’re just a liar who chooses to bear false witness against me – because it probably makes the top of your head want to blow off because I am black and I am black standing up against your lies …
5.) get you some JESUS and stop hating a lying so much

Francis  DennisCLatham • 2 hours ago

So, nothing about your posts is hateful, huh? You are all over the internet posting your hateful, wacko, black racist stuff. Probably have a record too. I won’t mention on here what I saw on internet. It’s people like you that stir the pot of black/white hatred. Some blacks like you just can’t seem to shake off the “we were once slaves to whites” chip.

DennisCLatham  Francis • 4 minutes ago

Oh … I know you hate that I’m doing so good – but I hope one day you get over successful blacks – because hell is one hot place.

DennisCLatham  Francis • 7 minutes ago

you’re nothing but a pathological liar …. and you won’t mention anything that I’ve posted on the net – that is hateful or racist – because you have nothing to PROVE your lies .. you’re just hoping someone will believe you by your word ….

I don’t stir any black/white hatred – but I do stir up lying racists like yourself.

and as far as that chip you speak of ? THE TRUTH is THE TRUTH – my ancestors were once slaves to whites – so enjoy your hand outs you get here in America – off the backs of my ancestors – whilst you complain, cry and whine about welfare like whites are not on it more than blacks.


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  1. wow…he knows u dennis.

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