Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge pathological liar – flipped out – demon jumping in action – possession

No WOMAN can ever teach a boy as to how to be a real man! From my experience and liustening, a lot of women don’t know what a real man is! Men we need to man-up and save our generation and seed!
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  • Person 1: Yes!
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge oh..i have seen some that have done a damn good job…
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  • Tom Simon Yes, that true but the fact remains that no matter what. Only a man can teach this point just as a man cannot teach a girl how to be a lady. Prabably teach her about womanhood ever so slightly bt not a lady! Speaking for myself, I was raised by my mother but my father and uncle taught the manhood thing! Can you feel me now!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Actually … Tom Simon – a woman can – but it will take special attention from that woman …. she will even have to learn some manly things to teach that son – or young male – if there are no other males around that are WORTHY to raise him – and that woman has to be able to teach him manly things – and not womanly things – it’s been done – but it was all done THROUGH LOVE .. not opinion … but TRUTH.
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  • Tom Simon Dennis C. Latham; The fact remains that only a man can teach how to be a “man”. There is nothing I’ve found scriptually that confirms otherwise. All the rest is assumption but fact is fact. Like you say, prove it scriptually. Otherwise it is not possible. Sure she can teach manly things but never how to be a man! Some women (mine included) has done wonderfully with the male species but it still leaves a void if a man is absent from the picture!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – I understand where you are coming from – but there are some mothers and women out there who can do the job – but I doubt any of these modern young women these days can do it – remember back in the day – when our males were killed …. men were still raised by woman .. but it got fewer and fewer …..

    Neither is it scripture for males not to be in charge – right now ? More women are in charge – it’s the males job to step up – until then ? The women will continue to step up as they have been doing for over 40+ years after King was killed.
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge in my opinion, i think a girl NEEDS her father and a boy NEEDS his mother…by nature, a girl will know how to become a lady…by nature a boy will kno how to become a man…now by nature, a girl does not know how to “interact” with men properly, without her father.and vice versa..
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge @Dennis contrary to popular belief, there r some young modern women that ARE doin it…n doin their absolute best..the difference is the times, and the negative influences society has made acceptable..but there r some mothers that have no clue. not all of them.
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge “scriptually”…i wish we knew the exact orgin….hmmm
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge what i do know is, God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and he gives us the resources and equipment to deal with watever situations..
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  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge ???? how many 12 to 17 year old mothers can you name right now who are raising a male boy to be A REAL MAN ……. or into A REAL MAN ?
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  • Tom Simon Dennis C. Latham-This is true I agree but it was never meant to be. Thats why we have the problems tha we are currently experiencing like Chicago, New Jersey (Paula Purpose Cooke Country), LA and New York and in smallville Montgomery, Birmingham etc. with the gun violence! Daddy in jail or in the street dodging the man. The fact remains that we cannot accept this as norm because trhere will be a straightenening one blessed day. I cannot heed to just accepting the way of the world! Greater is he that is within ME than he that is in the world! Lashanda there will be a fulfillment and wev all will see the RIGHT way and tha will be God’s way! We have become indoctrinated to the ways of this world! It takes true believers with faith in God’s promises to understand this!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – I know – it wasn’t designed for the woman to be the head – THE MAN – but there are not enough standing up -and those who are standing up – are being beat down and killed by their very own …..
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  • Tom Simon You just gave confirmation Brother Dennis!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – that’s why After Roberta’s Funeral on tomorrow ? A lot of people are going to be BROUGHT DOWN and OUT OF position …… I’ll SHOW you … better than I can tell you.
  • Tom Simon Ok Brother Dennis, I be waiting and watching! Rest in Peace RF!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge @dennis, i didn’t know u were speaking of underaged arrested developed young women.i thought we meant young women in general..those r not a young woman, those r kids.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge n wen i say the way of the jus keepin it real..haven’t u noticed how all form odof entertainmenthas changed…jus think about ur entertainment wen u were a child…it WS nothing like wat we see today…music tv, etc..hell even the school system has changed, the church has changed, people have changed period…if u dont think our new influences.has ruined generations of people, imma need u to pay close attention.
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  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – not in the business of debating THE TRUTH but only STANDING ON THE TRUTH and not being MOVED FROM THE TRUTH – but the actions and doings of a person tells it all. We can go to age 17 to 21 – or age 21 to 29 – as a MASSIVE MAJORITY ? The ways of old are not used in the lifestyles and way of life of the young mothers who are under 30 …….
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – it takes a REAL WOMAN to avoid and stay away from that mess in media that they are pumping out today into the minds of the children, youth and young adults ….
  • Dennis C. Latham back in the day … women who watched soap operas and stories like that – are the main ones who kept up the most mess …. it hasn’t changed today …. scandal, house wives and everything else black programming it putting out – no one is even CLOSE to Bill Cosby
  • Tom Simon You can say that again Dennis C. Latham – That Scandal is for idle minds like “Young & Restless and ‘General Hospital”, pure junk and nonsense!
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – the reality shows are nothing but garbage to go into the minds of the people … and the people who eat it up ? are simple and weak … and in NO WAY can raise a man to be a REAL MAN or a woman to be a REAL WOMAN.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – people don’t understand the IMPORTANCE of keeping their minds CLEAN from filth and garbage going in.
  • Tom Simon Reality is an oxymoron when it comes to television…Bill Cosby can’t be touched by this junk that fed into our suseptable minds today! Thats all you see on facebook Scandal- I refuse to turn to it and has never seen it. Only what I see on FB tells me I don’t need it!
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – EXACTLY .. and you can also tell who looks at that kind of mess – just by looking at the actions and doings of a person …….
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge @dennis, u have to be a WOMAN to know what it takes to be a REAL woman, and u obviously dont have kids or u have never had to b the primary provider of kids..what do u suggest??? i put my kids n a bubble and shelter them from earth? lets jus be real for a minute..and as messy as yo old gay ass is, u mustve been born into soap operas…ni sumbody need to check yo mama and see y she made a son with all that bitachassness
  • Tom Simon It is impossible for anyone to shelter their kids, boys especially from the earth. I’m sorry but I can’t agree wiyh thatLashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge! No way in this day and age. Do you let them watch TV? Even the news? Listen to Radio, watch video, Talk to their peers? etc. Just cant be done!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge thats my point…i CANT put my kids in a bubble…so wat do u mean u CANT agree???
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – allow me to break something down for you …. GOD created all of the plants and animals …. by the time it gets to your mouth and gut – man has tainted it with evil and demonic chemicals …… you have a choice – if you LOVE yourself and your family … you will take the time out to GROW YOUR OWN FOOD and NEVER eat can goods …. but wait …. I bet you eat a lot of can goods – and you feed them to your children if you have any … and wait – you’d feed it to your parents and grand parents … and probably me too if you were kind enough to feed me if I was hungry ….. Now ….

    IF ? You LOVED yourself ? your family ? me ? You wouldn’t feed yourself, your family nor me that poison …

    So now tell me ….. who’s in the bubble ?
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – just in case you don’t get what I said ? Your bubble mentality and thinking is just an EXCUSE to not do what is right and settle for less …. – for the record ? I have a Child – who will be getting married in 2014. Never married and NO KIDS yet and well over 25 … but less than 30.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – if blacks cared anything about their kids ? They wouldn’t allow them to watch any bet, bounce, centric, tv one or any other of that garbage like vh1 and other things that pump out 98+% negative garbage that programs it’s viewers to act, be and do evil, demonic, satanic and wicked things against others and themselves …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – my parents sheltered my brother and I from much of the evil and demonic programming of TV. they didn’t allow us to watch what they didn’t know about – and I thanked my parents for many years for the way they raised me …… so if parent(s) LOVE their children enough – they will do what ever it takes – and say damn to what society says ……
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  • Tom Simon Again I can wholly aqgree with you on that point but it seems today parents are so young and grandparents or jails or foster-parents are raising our kids. The average age of grandmothers now is in the early 30’s! And not to mention, many don’t have a clue as to who is really the baby dady is!
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  • Dennis C. Latham EXACTLY …. and as time goes on ? The mentalities get more corrupted and FAR FROM knowing how to raise a child boy into A REAL MAN and a child girl into A REAL WOMAN – part of the reason why so many blacks are now becoming gay and practicing back and forth from gay to straight and so many other hateful things against others and themselves
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  • Tom Simon EVIL- Now you’re at the source. That DEMONIC SPIRIT that dwells in our culture! Satan is a LIAR!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – a hateful parent – will choose what society around them picks for their children and self – a LOVING PARENT will do any and everything to keep their children on THE RIGHT PATH TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT IS TO COME – POW !!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – generational curses are all over blacks – so easy to break – but so hard to see when you yourself are infested – and you don’t want to take direction ….
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  • Tom Simon KA POW! My Brother, well said!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge well for ur information, i have two daughters…i dont watch bet or reality shows…(pbs is our favorite)…i cook very healthy meals for my 9 year old is well rounded and make straight A’s..i live in the city, i cant grow a damn garden..but we spend a lot of time in the farmers market..n like i said, u obviously was sheltered for u to tell me, i have control over everything my damn kids are exposed to..And you are not in touch with reality at all…imma need u to come on back to earth..and when you are the sole provider/custodian of a child, then give me advice about raising one..until then, u have no merit…even ur buddy Tom admitted u cant keep ur kids in a bubble..for the record, if we were to take a poll of modern parenting, u will know that u sound like a damn fool..btw im only 30 years old, with waay more common sense…ur not realistic AT ALL!!!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge and wen u and were growing up, times were totally different..the “entertainment” was way in hell ur parents kept yall from EVERYTHING..get out of lala land.. then again, maybe they did shelter u from everything because ur logic is far from reality.. and talk about corrupted minds,ur very familiar with goin back n forth being gay, becuz that is the demon ur fighting…u don’t kno if u want a man or woman…so kuddos to yo mama for makin u a confused, ignorant, big mouth, messy, miserable sissy…nothing worse than an old ass messy sissy…i bet ur daughter Tia dont even talk to ur stupid ass..i bet u played no role n her life, hell, u dont even kno wat to do with ur own life..but most sissys r confused..get that demon out yo spirit.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge never cease to amaze me how these wanna be holier than thou people feel as if, their lives are so perfect, but they want everyone around them to feel as if they are beneath them..get the HELL out if here with that act…”man of God”.smdh and u talking about the food i put in my kids mouth..wat about wat goes in yo mouth..perhaps other men body parts…get u a damn woman, leave the men alone and u may b happier
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge damn…that’s y i cant take yall religious folks serious..jus go back n read the hateful things ur sayin to someone the same age as ur CHILD…u need to be delivered from ur demons…a parent is “hateful” if they allow their child to watch certain channels ( jus so happen my kids dont watch them) but u can open ur holier than thou mouth and say something so evil…thats so phony… especially someone that has been locked up claiming people lying on u..all becuz of ur big nonsense feminine, u go tp jail for prank calling and harassin another man…Even received death threats for that big ass r u helpin the community by being an ignorant asshole
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge WANNA BE so heavenly minded..ur no earthly good.. oh u can go t hell with the word n believe that. another wolf in sheep skin..
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge wow!!! i cant believe i was arguing wit a broke ass flaming faggot. that still lives with his mama, making homemade videos being a cyber bully ..u live ur life tryna break people’s spirit becuz urs is broken..wat happened? were u raped by a man? y do u ACT and sound so feminine…u said ya mama kept u sheltered? i guess thats y ur 50 something, still living wit ur mom…ur a sick miserable bastard, that go online n pick on people..u might b trickin ya friends, but u aint trickin God…being a messy lil bitch, all in the name of God..u r really sick, n everybody knows it..u need to put ur wig n high heels on and b the lady u really want to be. since u wanna expose people, ya ass gone learn
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  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge and Tom i gotta raise my eyebrow at u bc birds of a feather…n dude is a straight sissy…meeting men on gay websites..smh
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – as I can see you’re getting mad with all this cussing and going on – and all this personal attacks against me – when I didn’t pin point you but in only ONE SITUTATION …… and that is the bubble that you are in … whilst you attempt to brag and make excuses as to how you can’t keep your kids in a bubble …

    No one is asking you to keep your kids in a bubble …. but if you want to subject your 2 children to the evils of this world while they are along and not with you – then that is your choice ….

    i also know you use that excuse – so you dno’t have to be responsible for the other kids your children tie up with – so if they do something wrong – you’ve already cleared and justified your name – because – as you say – you can’t keep them in a bubble …

    but if you wanted to ? You would PREPARE THEM for what is to come – but looking at your pictures ? The only thing you are going to prepare your two girls for is showing off their butts and shapes … .POW !!!!!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge well tell ur daughter to Google ur name and see how messy u are..tell her to ask about u in the city…does she know her father is battling with homosexuality…does she she nd see how messy the
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – reading your second comment – you call me gay and a sissy ? and bring my daughters name into this ? 

    Did i bring up your children’s names ? and if I did know their names – if i posted them here you would have a…See More
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – PROVE I am battling with homosexuality – see .. it’s easy to falsely accuse someone – but why don’t you PROVE it ….. or are you too busy sharing respectable booty shots on FaceBook … for your daughters to follow behind – and be in the same shape as you – with no DADDY, FATHER or MAN IN THE HOUSE ….
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – for the record ? I don’t live with my mother – but more and more I am seeing how corrupted your mentality is – you REAP what you SOW …. and these lies you speak about me ? Are going to come back and bite you – until you come correct – you’re going to keep failing the tests … and I can tell you really don’t LOVE your daughters – you’re probably just taking care of them because you have no choice. – because it’s the thing to do – but if you LOVED them ? You wouldn’t put yourself and them in harms way – by spreading false rumors about GOD’S CHOSEN …. although GOD has chosen you – you run from GOD – because you’re a fornicator and a liar.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge would have done him no good..God knowas we didn’t need another messy ass man/girl around
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – you’re acting too much like satan- slandering my name – while priotecting satan and spreading lies from satan ….- because you don’t want to raise your two girls properly – but you keep your modern parenting skills – and watch when they get old enough … just watch – you won’t see it – because teenage mother hood has become accepted with your generation …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – when a person flips like this – to start making up and telling lies – that’s the PROOF of demonic spirits – controlling them – they won’t back down now – and they’ll NEVER show PROOF …..
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Rotfl…u r satan… And i bet ur getting ready for my cousin roberta funeral soo u can b messy nosey n phony…clown
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of demon hopping – one of the carriers and spreaders are willie knight, chris miles and others in their surroundings …. folks don’t understand about demons jumping from people to people – people to kids – kids to kids – kids to parents – parents back to kids and so on – causing generational curses – as she is under right now.
  • Tom Simon Satan is the author of confusion! I cant see using the nane of God one minute and cussing the next. Its noy about being holy it is wether you believe in the Word of God and I posted yesterday that WISDOM begins with the fear of GOD’s wrath! Thats why I pray for all.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – just FORGIVE her – and PRAY for her – and BLESS her with MORE WISDOM – when she sits alone in her misery …. it might come back to her and she can and will change ….
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – I FORGIVE you and I LOVE you – and I am not angry or mad that you are spreading lies about people you don’t know – for people you don’t know – that is some REALITY for you …..
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Now I hope u don’t be in church praying for nobody..n wat u say about me, everybody wouldn’t agree, but wat I say about you a WHOLE city will that’s a damn shame… ur not that great that everybody would lie on u
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – NOTICE !!!!! the broken english all of a sudden ? unfinished statements ? phrases that make no sense …. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK ….

    “”Now I hope u don’t be in church praying for nobody””

    understand the ghetto talk now – the demons are digging their claws in

    “”..n wayt I say about me, everybody wouldn’t agree, but””

    and what I say about me, everybody wouldn’t agree, but ….. see this Tom ? demonic spirits – she trying to become free – she knows the right thing to do – but she chooses not to – pay close attention – she’s about to lay it on REAL THICK NOW.
  • Tom Simon Prayer is not reserved only for church! Pray always, in and out of season. Pray for those who pdersecute you without cause, those who despitefully misuse up, lie on you and hate you! Thats the Christian way!
  • Dennis C. Latham Matthew 5:44 ►
    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
  • Dennis C. Latham Luke 6:28 ►
    Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge And btw the only person, I fear is God, n u donot belong to god.. Do I think god would ever designate a narcissistic idiot like u to bMESSenger? Ya mouth too damn big
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – if she feared GOD ? she wouldn’t cuss, spread lies …. – a lying tongue is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD … yet she claims to fear GOD … showing all this hate.

    roverbs 6:16-19
    16B yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
  • Dennis C. Latham 1 John 4:20 ►
    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – many grandmothers back in the day had husbands – who took care of the kids when the mother wanted to go out and party – or go to work and so on – That GrandFather played a big part – and back in the day ? Blacks would spend much time with BOTH SETS OF GRAND PARENTS – and blacks REMAINED MARRIED ….
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – it’s the slave mentality / generational curse that comes out in discussions and talks like this – they don’t want to go back to an OLD WAY THAT WORKED when it came to raising kids – they want to go FURTHER BACK and do as the slave master says –
  • Person 3:  This is by nature and reality a very true statement there are reasons why we are who we are. Religions Races And Sexes Have Natural Differences No Matter How Much Love Some One May Give To Another Certain Differences Have to be explained by someone of the same make-up.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Yea…I know the word, but u also go around starting shyt wit ANY AND EVERYBODY. in case u didnt kno, that’s worst than a (dinner) like myself.. And u accused me of all type if shyt n I know waaaaaay more bout u than u know bout mr..n please find some other scriptures. u start shyt and quite the same bible verses.
  • Tom Simon I’ve just been called a pervert because I agree with truth. Now I can see Sation from under his cloak for sure. DEVIL I rebuke you publically before man and GOD! You know who you are and I dont even have to call your name because you have exposed yourself on facebook to the world. Be bllessed sister satan. I pray that you will find strength to rebuke your demons!
  • Tom Simon Hello my friend Stanley and good morning!
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – if i have lied on you – show me the lie that I told on you.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Dennis…Google urself…n lets see who the author I’d confusion us…lol lol …
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – here’s something you can learn from – and you might want to share it with your family, friends and loved ones …. – that’s if you LOVE them – but you probably hate me too much – but i know others are reading these words and it will be a BLESSING to them …… HALLELUJAH !!!!

    Children are to do what their parents and / or guardians tell them to do. As long as they are living under the roof of that parent or guardian. There is NO COMPROMISING in this area. Becoming a fri…
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge And as far as my typos I’m on my cell…but ive exposed u..I got the picture
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – well show that picture.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – watch this …. watch a change of subject come up when asking for PROOF.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge like I said I know way more about u than u kno about me…in very close to ny dad..he just built me a beautiful shop. n ny girls r very close with their dad…now wat have u done for tia lately???? lol…riiigght
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – see ? change of subject – no proof still –
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge don’t u wonder how ur invoking these demons? u start shyt, than cry victim..#classic…n tom,u don’t like shows like scandal,u know all about it tho but I never even seen it…and dennis wat about the faggot on YOUR page wit day 2 piece..??tom wat about the naked cartoon lady on ur page..guess we all got skeletons
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – I’m invoking those demons in you to come out into THE LIGHT because I tried your spirit from your first few comments and saw it was not of GOD. So I USED THE TRUTH to force those demons in you to come out …. 

    invoking present participle of in·voke (Verb)
    Cite or appeal to (someone or something) as an authority for an action or in support of an argument.
    Call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for inspiration.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge lol …I guess u do that to everyone..oh let me guess…, we ALL pickin on u…for anyone that doesn’t know u, please google this messy assman…he argues with countless numbers of people..I’ve seen messy “saints” but u take the
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – try showing some proof of what you speak of –
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge lol..slick what happened to the pouch where Iu and the lady was talking chough
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – it gets real old after so many false accusations with NO PROOF – only he say she say – childish and immature behavior – and the constant change of subject and topics – all based from lies …..
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge N if notice, everything that I mentioned, that was true, u keep
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – the only truth about what you said about me is that it’s a lie.
  • Tom Simon MS. Millege – If you have read any of my comments you will know that I have constantly stated that I never have seen scandal except to hear women on fb being consumed by it! And, what naked lady on my page? I’d love to see it….I join with Dennis in asking you for proof. Otherwise, I’m about to think you are looney “Ms. Lovingingyourhair”. You participated in this conversation gfurther than any sane woman would with two men and nobody agreeing with you but you! Please seek help with this because something is consuming your spirit. Facebook seems to feed your demons!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – she’s possessed and don’t know it – she’s driven by anger right now
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Oh..i jus commented on the pic on his page..i tried to tag u…but let me go comment on yo pic too..guess yall old asses gettn amnesia
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – if she had any sense …. she would post the photo here or the proof here … but she’s all talk and no show .. slave mentality – generational curse – and she don’t know or realize it.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge Yea..yall two men dont need women…~winkn yuck~never saw some old ass men care so much about a lie, they keep defending jus kmsl…i feel like im playin racket ball with both of yall heads…this is hilarious
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – you’ve never seen two men care so much about a lie ? Hmmmm Tom Simon – she admits that she is lying ….. see the corrupted mentality – like we are not supposed to SPEAK TRUTH and STAND UP for ourselves – because some loose little child comes to your wall to slander you – LOL and then slander me – and not once has she shown any PROOF.

  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b
  • Tom Simon “Ms. Hair”- It is clear that you need to seek professional help…Please don’t wait too long because you have a need to be recognized that is not normal at all. Please get your folk (they are good people) to help you before you go any further. I beg of you! Its for your own good. Stop being a woman and lear how to be a lady…thetre is a big difference! A lady knows how to carry herself in the presense of men. Im not being condenscending, just factual. Your have truly demeaned yourself this morning. If you dont believe me, ask a real lady!
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – she doesn’t know to get help – demonic possessions keep the host blind, dumbfounded and ignorant
  • Tom Simon This saddens me!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge I guess i need help bcuz my phone tripping huh? but on the real, if yall were really men of God, I would respect yall as such. n dennis did I not comment on a fag pic on ya page? I wonder wat ur boy evan would say about this conversation.. he would b even more ashamed of u.
    about an hour ago via mobile · Edited · Like · 1
  • Tom Simon I know and love your family so I would be hypocritical not to love you too! You will get it together like you know you can. Just stay out of messy situations, conversations and from messy people even if they say that they are yor friend! Good Advice!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge tom, ur fake for even goin there wit me…u see my fb stats n u kno my mind ain’t messed up..besides, I wish u let dennis get this whooping like a man. u r not half as wicked as he….he is the worst type of devil…watch him, he’s very vindictive..he will TRY to destroy u…but dont worry, he wont b successful bc nobody takes him serious..this man still gettn beat up for running his mouth..he still plays on peoples phone..that should tell u about his character..i was sent to ya page to expose him even more.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – DIDN’T I TELL YOU – satan shows himself in THE LIGHT through this crazy little girl …….
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – see how she deleted one of her comments already ???? This one …

    Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge and Tom does that make yall REAL men for going back n forth with me over a hundred times? actually im 29..yall r old to me..instead of being good example of men of God, y’all acted like 2 idiotic kids…wat other old man would have taken it this far..both of u tried ur best to put me down, but God gave me the ammunition so i could not b shut up…its 3 of us on this post, but plenty r readin this, and this made u both looked like a solid ass…n tom I ffed into
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge a trap. this man clearly said he intentionally started shyt wit me bc he felt I didnt have a
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – I intentionally made the demons in you show themselves into THE LIGHT – I already saw the demons in your writings – I just decided to go all out – AFTER you start making up lies and spreading lies about me …. whilst you attempted to discredit me by calling me gay or a sissy …. which shouldn’t matter anyhow – but I see it matters to you and other like you …..

    You’ve shown your hatefulness, ignorance and wickedness here on this day – and Tom Simon has every right to PROTECT his posts and wall – along with what’s said on it – and if someone spreads lies – he has that right – to stand up for THE TRUTH – but a witch like you lashanda ? you will call someone immature for standing up for THE TRUTH …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – just like I figured – she’s claims to be only 29. She doesn’t want to shield her children from the evils of the world – she doesn’t know how drastic it’s going to be on her children – so she stands up for what she believes in – even though it’s AGAINST GOD and straight up out of satan’s hand book on how to create a monster of a child.
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – she got very defensive when I mentioned about screening what the children watch – and I bet she be all up in those reality shows … because she tells so many lies – you can’t believe anything she says …….
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – lastly … notice all the name calling she does – it’s a way to attack the person giving THE TRUTH when she doesn’t want to accept or receive THE TRUTH.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge n I didn’t delete my comment I asshole… I see how petty u r?? I swear u act like ur n middle school..u r waay too olld…fb was the worst thing ever for I said, u got people beating dat old ass of urs, n people wanna kill u for being a messy little bitch..u haven’t been delivered, u don’t even kno how to let go of somethin so simple.I feel sorry for tia..n u wonder y she doesn’t like u..let me guess,it’sha
  • Dennis C. Latham YOUR WORDS that YOU DELETED !!!!
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
    you’re such a liar – you know nothing but telling lies now – you’re getting more and more pathetic …..
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
    “”No…yall keep sayn im lying…i know im te li b””
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge but since you’re dying to know wat i was sayin, I said, yall keep calling me a liar but yall going hard tryna prove an alleged lie…yall know it’s truth n wat im sayin.but dennis EVERYBODY calls u a crazy ass stalker. n clearly ur narcissism and ur OCD has taken over ur broke ass life..but holla at me wen u move out of mommys house lol boy
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge lil boy u kno NO TRUTH about me…n y I keepcalling tom to get n yo bullshyt like a lil bitch…who gets kicked out of church u devil?
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge he’s beggin u tom..please help me..this girl knows too much, I need sum help..wit ya old raggedy hatin ass..u need to work on ur relationship wit tia instead of worrying about me n mine..n who needs a reality show, with clowns like u on fb??u got enough drama online to keep me entertained til next year..
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge and tom knows i NEVER have dis foolishness on my page..u got soo much drama going on, u dont know who talking tellin yo secrets..n listen to how high pitched ya voice is, sounding like somebody’s grandma..I will NEVER b a man of power..ur voice to squeaky. mayb it comes from too much oral with other men.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge and I’ve read plenty of arguments with other wome and u say the same ol shyt…I guess u hate women bc the Lt. u thought was gonna help ya ass, had some WOMEN change his mind..that man
    changed his mind on his own..of course ur gonna say, im pickin on u, u say the owhole city of montg. pickin on yo broke ass wat kind of man of God is arrested for domestic violence, all them times…u aint shyt
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – you just want me beat up or dead – ain’t nobody beating me up – but go ahead and have more delusional thoughts …. see Tom Simon – always a change of subject with her – demons keep her in the state of fickle
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – let me guess – she never commented on the photo she claimed she commented on …. LOL
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge ohh..u and tom both got my pic comments..stop dragging tom in ya lil girl mess..rcmp
  • Dennis C. Latham what ever – you’re just full of lies …. now everyone is going to know it ….
    I’ve already posted ALL of your comments …. even your deleted comment – that you lies and said you didn’t delete – then you came back and admitted you said it when you EXPLAINED what you were trying to say.
    I’m done with this legion of demons …… she is infested and doesn’t want better – so she continues to tell lies to curse herself and her children.
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge lol lol ..thank u jesus, u put dis on ur blog..u jus dont know wat smart people think wen dey see stuff like this.. good job punk!!
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge yea..the faggot blockd me wen i exposed his ass….
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – i blocked that demonic witch from posting profanity on my POSTS and on my WALL …..
  • Dennis C. Latham @Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge – you are pathetic – I blocked you to STOP you from posting profanity on my POSTS and WALL …. and you have not EXPOSED anything – but Tom Simon seems to think you have some good people in your family – I sure can’t tell by the demonic spirits controlling you …. you’re under some seriously heavy generational curses …. and it’s sad how you keep accusing with NO PROOF …
  • Lashanda LovesNaturalhair Milledge!!!! n that’s all I have for u clown…a good laugh…
  • Tom Simon Be nice Lashanda, itz Sunday! Good Morning and be blessed!
  • Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – satan is busy every day – all day and all night – being nice to satan is all she knows

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