da tanya twitter attack


@DennisCLatham you are stupid I MENTIONED YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR MAMMA. ME! what level do you read at? MERRY CHRISTMAS BYE YOU ARE BLOCKED

@DennisCLatham EVIL IS IN YOU. go back to English & Comprehension and concentrate on the Comprehension part because YOU NEED IT BAD!

Datanya Washington retweeted you

@Datanyawash the only thing I asked any of you demonic people for was PROOF of what you say about me – you all brought in family members.
Datanya Washington

@DennisCLatham my mother’s child she would’ve kicked your ASS along time ago. You are the pathetic one. YOU WEAR THAT WELL… GOD BLESS U

@DennisCLatham how stupid do you sound “because your mother is dead” LMBBO. One day you will walk in light and not darkness! If you were…

@DennisCLatham the only PROOF you have is you my brother is a lost soul. People block you because of your stupidity that is not of God! Bye


@DennisCLatham that’s not a death wish STUPID but I knew you would think so. READING & COMPREHENSION goes together. What level do you READ @

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham HE will die single I’m sure but I hope he finds the POG that surpasses ALL understanding first!#demonNdisguise

I come on my twitter & I C posts from a demon. #Prayers 4@DennisCLatham – religious nut needs God’s Peace in his life!#mental #illness

@saikowoods @dennisclatham My mom would kick my butt from the grave. Dennis is a #Demon

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham saiko he knows no better. I wonder how his mother feels about him! He is a horrible representation of her.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup lol, your lies speaks Louder than you! Go enjoy UR Christmas day. It must be miserable being U

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup oh I have a good NAME: The Coward Within Speaks: I Am DENNIS LATHAM or DAMAGED GOODS

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup I will name it:Things Dennis Do For Attention or Things I DO OUR SAY FOR ATTENTION

@DennisCLatham Authority. I only go on there now if Im TRYING T\ to start shit LMAO.

@DennisCLatham LOL Yeah seriously screw youtube dude, they actually have paid trolls on there to start on anyone that speaks against any

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @Datanyawash – U think ur accusations are true too? Lmbo! I’m not spending anymore time dealing with u dude.

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @Datanyawash – I’m probably gonna be blocking u from my feed here too! Not cuz ur a threat. Cuz ur an idiot!

@DennisCLatham @PimpPreachers – Neither one of u have any proof against me. That’s why folk don’t take either of ur allegations seriously:).

@DennisCLatham LOL I dont remember either, I forgot some where after some guy came on saying he was a cop making excuses for that douchebag

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @Datanyawash – Dennis, it’s Christmas & your present 2 us is you being a fool! Hope u kept ur receipt!

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @Datanyawash – Dennis, I have nothing 2 hide. That’s why I can smash all accusations against me. NEXT!

@DennisCLatham Hey you recognize me dude? I first talked to you on youtubbe over that cop that took off fast after you reported him at th PD

@DennisCLatham LOL I didnt watch the video but you may be right about that. I swear people just get stranger by the year.

@DennisCLatham @YouTube LOL I see that shit all the time online, I say “Next to earn the stalker award! x_________ <- their screen name.

Steve Mays followed you
Steve Mays

@DennisCLatham you should’ve deleted before facebook did. I expected too much of you. OOPS #MATUREUP!!! #humblepie or#pride

@DennisCLatham Lol. I didn’t know you couldn’t read. You are the only one that got that. #humblepie or #pride#growup

@DennisCLatham bye Dennis. I didn’t know you couldn’t read & comprehend what I wrote. “I hate that you didn’t…” is not “I hate You” 🙂

@DennisCLatham @SaikoWoods @Datanyawash I’m praying those who are false witnesses & hv sin issues will truly come to know Jesus as Lord.

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @saikowoods do you know how to read? If so, go back and read what I said again and again until you get it.

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @saikowoods lol. You need some professional help. Seek it! You will feel much better.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup not at all. I just don’t have time for your games so have a good “broadcast” & Christmas. 🙂

@Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham– see da witch – I hand your lies right back to you – and you still deny them ….

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @saikowoods naw, I believe it is the same. The only difference is the reader.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup if you are leading i reserve my right to pass. I watch where I eat our where I enter. I’m fine

@Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham– da witch ? you say you love me here – while others are watching – but you typed it

@thebraceygroup @SaikoWoods @Datanyawash @DennisCLathamStacey ? My point is – being a false witness is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD –

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup I shouldn’t be laughing at you but you need to stop purchasing your on dreams.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup LOL, no need. I love that you said that as if that is my style or nature. #Growup

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @SaikoWoods What!!! God said U who r mature r2pray 4 those n sin. (Parphrasd) So U might b cutting errbody off.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup i wouldn’t dare bless your show or call with my voice. #attentionseeker learn to #POP

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup the question is: what do YOU consider hate because I may have the wrong definition?#Growup

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup Dennis I said I did like your presentation. I said I love you but don’t like you sometimes.

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup @saikowoods think you. He got made I called him an ass or a jackass. Promote cussing tho, really Dennis? #lie

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup I keep telling you to listen to yourself talk/type. Oh you said it! U #demon in sheep clothing!!

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @SaikoWoods I do not promote it. Ppl cuss. My point EVERYBODY has flaws & we r ALL a workNprogress. #KingdomBldg

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup you are the delusional liar here. Go back and read your blog it is all on there word for word

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup I couldn’t post all what your brother said but that you know without a doubt loves you

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup Dennis your brother said God and Jesus is the same person and then tried to help you w/ function

@thebraceygroup @Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @DennisCLatham– who are we supposed to being like ? JESUS or Peter ? or Paul ? or Saul ?

@thebraceygroup @Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @DennisCLatham– so stacey – do you say it’s ok to cuss ? do you promote cussing ?

@SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @dennisclatham #agreed I love Dennis. I don’t hate him at all and that’s sad he thinks so

@Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham– da witch ? I didn’t say what you said I said – you’re twisting my words – liar.

@thebraceygroup @Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – Dennis has caused more confusion than a lil bit and needs to be ignored or corrected.

@thebraceygroup @Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – Manu ppl think Peter used to cuss, but the word for “curse and swear” doesn’t mean profanity.

My point is Peter had MAJOR flaws & God still used him 4#KingdomBldg God is NOT abt confusion. @SaikoWoods@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham

@thebraceygroup @Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – The Gk word 4 “curse” Pet did doesn’t mean profanity but of invoking judgment. Isaiah may have

@Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @DennisCLatham Peter cussed A LOT, had many flaws & God STILL used him to get thousands saved.#KingdomBldg

@SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @dennisclatham… I was teaching my youth the wrong things and promote sex to them and cuss a lot…#lies galore

@SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @dennisclatham but he went on me because I said he wasn’t fit to work w/ youth of today and the audacity to say

@SaikoWoods @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham There is so much 2 this story. His brother agreed to the trinity so I wonder if that’s hate too

@Datanyawash @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham – No kingdom lasts when its foundation is built on lies.

@Datanyawash @thebraceygroup @DennisCLatham – What makes it negative is when lies are being purported as truth & folk accept it.

@thebraceygroup @saikowoods @dennisclatham it was all about kingdom work. Mindsets are deadly if not properly handled. I’m done with it.

@Datanyawash @SaikoWoods @DennisCLatham Apparently something REALLY Negative has happened here. Let us get back 2 Kingdom Bldg & Jesus.

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@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – Ok. I’ll try to reach out to him. Thx.

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham Chuck Latham..He was with God and was God. It’s like you can see me in the flesh, but there is another part of me

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham Chuck Latham So when you saw Jesus points us to the Father true dat. But before He put off His glory to come down

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham @thebraceygroup IJS in the end we must be careful how God is presented. There is too much kingdom work

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham I wonder if Dennis believes he hate him for speaking the truth. If not, well who is the one HATING?

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham I assume a relative. He was on the wall last night. grieved by the whole thread. I asked the question because..

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham he’s been blocked by a few people but this time FB restricted his speech so he took to twitter. #Punk

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham @thebraceygroup because of your sex act with your #WIFE I guess. She must love that LMBO… Ok ok let me stop

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham it is hard being re-taught what you were taught with a clear understanding that you learned wrong. I’m done

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham his love one is trying to help him. Since he is not on FB he can’t see it. He said a lot of truth

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham he was speaking the same truth. Oh he was on it. I shared more truth with him so he has a better understanding

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – Uh oh! Giving Dennis Scripture is like giving a Gremlin water or light!

@DennisCLatham @SaikoWoods @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup– I’m curious Dennis. Why u call me a “pervert”? What charge u have 2 support that?

@dennisclatham @saikowoods Chuck Latham Jesus was a man….real man. But He was God come down to redeem us as a man… On fb

@dennisclatham @saikowoods John 1, Phil 2:6, Heb 1:8-9, Isa 9:6, Heb 3:4, Col 1:16-17 Rev 19:13, 2 John 1:7-11, Col 2:9. From C.Latham

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – I think I like ol’ Chuck already! Lol!

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods from Chuck Latham…Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. True that but Jesus is also God let me try and explain

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup – If anybody supporting this dude, they’re just as crazy and delusional as Dennis is!

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup – Since it’s out there, who is he? Somebdy who blocked/deleted his crazy behind too?

@DennisCLatham @SaikoWoods @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup– Don’t make me debate u Dennis! U already looked like a fool the last time!

@SaikoWoods @dennisclatham @thebraceygroup #exposed but he will not answer if Chuck Latham loves him. He already know where I am going

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup – GOD IS MY WITNESS! If I thought debating Dennis would help, I would, but dude got issues!

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – U really need to get saved and get a life dude cuz ur makin urself look stupid right now.

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup i pray for you too. You want to remain how you are. #self-righteous is not a good look

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – Wait a minute! U call me a “pervert”, “liar” and @Datanyawash a “witch”? And we’re namecallin?

@DennisCLatham | Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike that can be directed against individuals, entities… That’s You

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – Either ur mentally challenged & don’t understand doctine or just ignorant. Either way is bad.

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – In the words of Martin to Tommy, “YOU AIN’T GOT NO JOB MANNNNN”!

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – ALL the fulness dwells in BODILY form (Col 1:19). Literally in Gk “FULLNESS of ALL DEITY”!

@DennisCLatham @thebraceygroup I didn’t say you were not saved. I said you can’t tell by action if a person was saved. Get right lol please

@DennisCLatham @saikowoods @thebraceygroup the proof is on the wall. You talk but don’t listen. you are the #liar

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – What the heck does Jesus being ” a part of God” mean dude? Do you study Heb/Gk?

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash @thebraceygroup – U don’t know Bible therefore you don’t know God or who Christ is dude.

@DennisCLatham @diamondbreland he’s lying just go to his FB page the truth is there under the comical blog he spent energy writing

@DennisCLatham LMBO what proof? This is so funny. I don’t hate U at all Dennis. u should have deleted ur post before FB #attention#seeker

@DennisCLatham @Datanyawash – It’s simple Dennis. Anyone who don’t believe Jesus is God in the flesh AIN’T a Christian and YOU don’t!

@thebraceygroup @dennisclatham sis you see he didn’t mention who he claims to be such. Lol, me, Dion, and Saiko and we know that’s a #lie

@Datanyawash @DennisCLatham – This guy isn’t saved so why would I waste my time with this dude? He lacks BIBLICAL support so his pt is mute.

@DennisCLatham promote children to have #oral #sex? Really? Come on now. Were you and @SaikoWoods not talking about the#Marriage bed?

@DennisCLatham lol you need attention. It shows but really I am done my brother.

@DennisCLatham LMBO U may of heard me say ass one or two times but I watch my words. I don’t live in #private. I don’t #SNEAK#christians

@DennisCLatham oh one last thing don’t forgive me for I’ve done my job ask for forgiveness from God. #Peace and try to live #Positive

@DennisCLatham LMBO you know nothing about my soul watcher. I need to send you the 2011 series on New Thinking About Everything. you need IT

@DennisCLatham my #job is over. I did what I warned you of. I allowed you to expose #you. Trust people see Dennis clearer now!#done

@DennisCLatham LOL not at all. just gave a little content to your comical story you wrote. I just posted the post that started the 280 one

@DennisCLatham @4rmg there is really nothing left to say. You’ve said enough. I hope U heard what U said. U walk in #darkness try#light

@DennisCLatham I told you to leave me alone before U stood naked & exposed. I said you were not fit 2 work with youth of #TODAY & I MEAN IT

@DennisCLatham @4rmg what did RMG say? I posted your conversation that started this. LMBO and you call me a liar… LMBO


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