PROOF !!! Da Tanya HEsawthebestnme Washington hates me – but claims christianity – false doctrine exposed.

It seems I’ve made a mistake about da witches … well … da tanya’s statement – if she would have used a comma after the word post – I might have understood this comment better – but what grabbed my attention was the lie – that I removed the post – as she came to see what she thought as my failure – she came to gloat – but she was wrong – I didn’t take the post down – but FaceBook took it down because it was REPORTED TO FaceBook as inappropriate –

Now  …. for her to spread lies about me not being saved, not being fit to be around kids and that I was leading people away from CHRIST or THE KINGDOM OF GOD – shows her hatred – although …. you may see the full discussion from this link.

da tanya

da tanya

  • <—- is IN SHOCK from today’s sermon …. all the attacks of this morning and last night were from witches and warlocks …. WOW …. I knew it.
    • Girl One: ?
    • Dennis C. Latham @Girl One: – it was a knock down drag out war last night – some people in a certain “”click”” – had been saying horrilble things about me for a couple of months – so I brought it all out into the open ….. bottom line ?

      I AM SAVED – but they said I wasn’t – because I won’t say JESUS is THE FATHER ….
      I AM fit to work with children, kids and youth – but they say I’m not – even that the kids in their area would kill me
      I AM JESUS’ BROTHER and HE IS MY BROTHER – but that also was wrong to these witches and warlocks

      Here is the link to see it all – over 280 comments …..
    • Girl One: Sounds like you are fighting the whole world Dennis — SMH — PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TO MEN! Best to you for the holiday season. Hope peace dwells in your house and all other arguments cease with witches and warlocks — SMH again…. GOD bless…
    • Girl Two: Bro. Dennis, I was HORRIFICALLY attacked from several areas yesterday to the point that I thought I would not live through them. Seriously. I understand why, now.
    • Dennis C. Latham @Girl One: – the whole world ??? Naw … just evil spirits that come across my path to steal, kill and destroy
    • Da Tanya HEsawthebestnme Washington I see you came to your senses and removed that post but I hate you didn’t before yOU EXPOSED yourself… BLOCK ME

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