kevin goolsby – of kevin goolsby protography – disrespectful or respectful to women. YOU COMMENT !!!

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    America …. land of the ________________________

    • Female Author hypocrites
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    • Male 1 Confused.
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    • Female Author Brainwashed
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    • Female Author modern day slaves
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    • Female Author money worshippers
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    • Kevin Goolsby Have yall tried living in other countries? I bet yall would change your mind on those statements.
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    • Female Author That may be true Kevin Goolsby but I live here and while there are a lot of immigrants flooding the gates; everyone is not trying to get here and are perfectly happy in their homeland.
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    • Kevin Goolsby you just contradicted yourself in the same statement, “they are flooding the gates but they are happy in their homeland?”
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    • Kevin Goolsby stop watching CNN…… lol
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    • Female AuthorI said everyone is not trying to get here and are perfectly happy in their homeland
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    • Female Author I’m free to watch whatever I want and I watch much more than CNN thank you sir
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    • Dennis C. Latham @kevin goolsby ? That was a low blow – you should apologize to Female Author – she did not contradict herself – and that is one of the MAIN PROBLEMS in THE WHOLE WORLD – too many false accusations – and no correction being enforced. I am DEMANDING CORRECTION HERE AND NOW.
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    • Kevin Goolsby Why don’t you go live in another country if you don’t like this one…. I will defend my home till the end.
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    • Dennis C. Latham Female Author – there are other countries where LIFE IS GOOD FOR ALL PEOPLE – even where racism doesn’t play a part in the genetic, mental, physical and spiritual make up. America is not, was not and will NEVER be a country that was started on the foundations of THE MOST HIGH GOD.
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    • Dennis C. Latham @kevin goolsby – if you’re talking to me ? I never said I didn’t like this country – but there is one thing for sure – I will NEVER EVER put a country above GOD – nor anything else – I will not have any other god before THE MOST HIGH GOD – and HE doesn’t see color, location, shape or size.
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    • Dennis C. Latham and if you don’t apologize ? It will just show what kind of male you are – the type that abuses, beats, cheats, and takes advantage of CHILDREN and WOMEN – and those whom are weak. – that’s very heartless – and i won’t be asking you to apologize for lying on Female Author again.
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    • Kevin Goolsby and now you change the subject and go to the God subject, wow! you have to be a weed smoker.
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    • Dennis C. Latham @kevin goolsby – your insults just show your childishness – GOD never left my conversation. You are reeking more and more of the devil’s buttcrack.
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    • Kevin Goolsby I have never hit a woman or child on this planet or abused one. Your such an ass kisser it is amazing.
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    • Kevin Goolsby And this what is what today’s ministers have come to, name calling and bitterness…. SMH.
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    • Female Author I’m American by God’s choice so I’m staying….. I have never traveled outside of the country but if I do and find a spot I like better than the US then I’m out in a heartbeat!
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    • Kevin Goolsby Your the second minister I have seen, FROM THE NORTH, that is a contradiction to the book and the life of faith.
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    • Dennis C. Latham you are the only name caller here – and you cuss amongst women ? WOW … how less of a man you truly are. Maybe you haven’t hit a child or woman physically ON RECORD – but you have verbally hit Female Author – on THIS DAY.
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    • Kevin Goolsby Another Fake minister.
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    • Dennis C. Latham @kevin goolsby – there is no bitterness in me – just because you disrespect and lie on a woman on her own post – shows EVERYTHING I need to know about you – your actions tell just whom you are.
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    • Kevin Goolsby your words show so much hate and anger that you should be required to go to church everyday and try to learn something because it obviously isn’t getting threw to you.
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    • Dennis C. Latham you are the only name caller here – and you cuss amongst women ? WOW … how less of a man you truly are. Maybe you haven’t hit a child or woman physically ON RECORD – but you have verbally hit Female Author– on THIS DAY.
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    • Female Author It’s hard for me to keep up because you two are going back and forth. Kevin Goolsby, I don’t know where the weed smoking comes in and I don’t understand why there is so much hostility just because Dennis C. Latham feels you were being disrespectful and should apologize. Your words Kev don’t bother me because I am in a secure place and no man, woman or child can intimidate me or punk me into changing my beliefs. I said what I said and I’m sticking by it.
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    • Kevin Goolsby lol, Seriously Female Author, your guy Dennis didn’t even read what I said obviously because he came at me and I don’t even know him. But has the nerve to tell me I have hurt someone, I obviously hurt his lil feelings because he hasn’t been anywhere.
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    • Dennis C. Latham Female Author – you won’t have to follow that much now – because I am pretty much done here – I EXPOSE evil – the job is done – besides – he called me a fake minister – although I am a MINISTER OF MUSIC at my HOUSE OF WORSHIP – but I don’t hold any titles of preacher, rev or any of that – so I now see – his lies and name calling have consumed him – sort of like right wingers when they attempt to FORCE their beliefs down your throat – HAVE A BLESSED DAY – GOD BLESS YOU – I knew you couldn’t be punked by a someone like this. They just punked themselves.
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    • Kevin Goolsby Beware of the man that claims exposure of the devil, they usually are the devil.
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    • Dennis C. Latham @kevin gooslby ? You told a lie on Female Author – you said she contradicted her self – and then you misquoted her to justify your delusion ….. it’s all good – and you didn’t hurt me – you hurt yourself – you disrespected and lied on her – but you won’t own up to it and apologize …. and I see you are also a liar.
      a lying tongue is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD – but maybe you don’t believe in GOD.
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    • Female Author This country and so many of the people in are evil and full of so much ugliness. I refuse to stoop down to your level. You don’t know me..You don’t know Dennis C. Latham and instead of jumping on him, you should be admiring him for being a gentleman in 2012 standing up for a woman’s honor. This battle is not ours Dennis. Kevin is free to say what he wants and I can handle him as I see fit………… As far as throwing God in it….God is always in it even when people try to leave him out of it……..The problem with a lot of people in this great country of ours is that we worship but we worship the wrong damn thing!
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    • Kevin Goolsby A coward is the one that comes up behind a man, we know the last minister that tried walking up behind men……
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    • Dennis C. Latham “”your guy Dennis didn’t even read what I said obviously”” – a lie from the pits of hell.
      I read everything you wrote – and you never apologized – you were wrong.
      you just don’t want to admit it …..
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    • Female Author Dennis C. Latham I blocked his ass and I thank you for having my back and I apologize to you for having to endure such foolishness. I enjoy healthy dialect on my wall and have had many debates as you know but one thing I don’t tolerate on my page is disrespecting people. We are adults and if we can’t get hyped without the rudeness then you don’t have to go home but you have to get the hell off my fb page!
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    • Dennis C. Latham Female Author– you shouldn’t have …. I was done – but I proved my point – he’s just a bully – he came in BOLD, LOUD AND STRONG –
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    • Female AuthorI had too…I always block disrespectful people.
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    • Dennis C. Latham it’s all good though.

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