willie g mccray iii – plagiarism and that devil inside is messing you up – the more lies you tell on me? The more TRUTH I tell on you.

Noun: A journalist contributing regularly to a newspaper or magazine.

columnist -  A journalist contributing regularly to a newspaper or magazine.

columnist – A journalist contributing regularly to a newspaper or magazine.

william g mccray iii – calls himself a blogger – but has defended himself as being a journalist as I can remember someone questioning his journalism skills and his excuse was for so many misspelled words were …….  he misspells a lot of words because he is in a rush to get the story out – when he is breaking his stories. I’ve noticed for some time now – that he has been copying and pasting his stories from other sites. Claiming to have some “”street team”” that brings him breaking news.
I don’t have anything against him personally – but he is a gossiper and a pathological liar that seems to find dirt on the famous to make himself feel good and look good – and seem like something he is not.

william g mccray iii on FaceBook - before unfriending me

william g mccray iii on FaceBook – before unfriending me

Below is a photo of the blog – just in case he attempts to delete it.
The link is here – http://obnoxioustv.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/is-this-bow-wow-sleep-with-a-man/

william g mccray iii - BUSTED committing plagerism

william g mccray iii – BUSTED committing plagiarism

To give you an idea of what this clown looks like ? Here are a few pictures – and I’m not even going to mention – anything about the ministers and preachers who cater to him.

william is in the red glasses - A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses – A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses - A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses – A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses - A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses – A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

william is in the red glasses - A picture can tell many stories of TRUTH

I’m done – I can’t take it no more … LOL

Letter from william g mccray iii via e-mail through WordPress – Friday, August 24, 2012 8:32 PM

Hi dennisclatham,

I do not wish to have any communication with you at all and would like that you do not mention my name at all ever again or contact me on any social media site or otherwise.

William G. McCray, III

Sent from my iPad


On another note. From another blog from willie g.

  1. Please Answer!!!!

    August 31, 2012

    William. I am glad that you did not allow my last post to come through. I already knew you wouldn’t. But I think you get my point. These people are answering for you[which I really believe it is you] are not telling the truth about your church.And I know you are AFRAID to answer my question about Your Church and all the rest. I have sent several comments several you have blocked and would not post. MY POINT IS just as easy as you can do this to these people someone could easily do it to you and your church. Also, I know Matthew Brown is not your current Pastor and neither is Eddie Long. I don’t think I need to say anything else. I am just gonna watch and see.


    • Please Answer!!!!

      You do not know me well because if you did you would know I could careless what you think.
      However, I do not have to hide because if I wanted I would have not ever revealed myself so why hide now.
      But do know I know how many times you are popping up and the various e-mail addresses you are using and a great deal more.

      Mr. Obnoxious


    • in the words of the person who wrote this blog … “”he might have met his match with me””
      You can block, delete and hide – but GOD SEES ALL.

      @Please Answer!!!! – willie g is well known for blocking and deleting anyone who can EXPOSE his evils and wickedness.

      He talks if he will take on anyone – but he runs from me…
      because I EXPOSE some minor things about his life.
      things that really don’t even matter
      and he is flaming under the collar.

      his followers who love mess ?
      they will back him up – just like eddie long’s delusional member backed him up
      willie g is nothing but a cult – with a cold heart to put down others – to life himself up.
      very ungodly – and he seems to find so much JOY in being in the lime light.
      over putting people business out in the streets
      even when WRONG – he refuses to apologize.

      I hope he learns better grammar and spelling though.
      to have a college degree ….. it is so sad.


      • Dennis,

        I want to thank you for making me a star. You find me amazing and want attention for me.

        Mr. Obnoxious

        And when you were a fan/friend it was cool to call me Willie G, but no longer do you have that ability.

      • @william g …. I will address your comment one point at a time.

        “”I want to thank you for making me a star.””

        I never made you a star – and in my LIFESTYLE and WAY OF LIFE ? humans are never starts – I am not conformed to the ways of this earth.

        “” You find me amazing””

        NO. I find you repulsive and wicked.
        You act like you are willing to take on the world and anyone in it.
        Then when I ask you a simple QUESTION ….. you SNAP.
        Question #1 – was about nikki manaj and her performance at the BET crap….
        you took the fact that I was attempting to have a conversation with you about her performance being satanic.
        That’s when you snapped – and told me to take 50 steps back .. REMEMBER THAT ?
        all that over a question – like you are GOD and can’t be asked A QUESTION from someone who calls in to your show from time to time – KEY WORD … “”show””

        “”and want attention for me.””

        The only think I want – is for you to stop lying on me. But that is my fleshly wants.
        Spiritually ? I will just pray for you to find THE LORD and learn to LOVE your neighbours – and learn to LOVE your enemies.

        “”Thanks, Mr. Obnoxious””

        You’re welcome for any thing I have done for you out of LOVE.
        I have no hate for you – although you have much hate for me.
        any time someone lies on another – it is not out of LOVE …
        but out of hatred against and for that person.

        “”And when you were a fan/friend””

        I was a FaceBook friend – NEVER a fan … I am the fan of NO MAN. I TRUST NO MAN.
        I was your brother in LOVE – I called in to your show – we had disagreements.
        But it seemed that as you hogged the mic with your voice and strange noises.
        I was rarely given the chance to get a full statement out – only a few times.
        that’s why I kept my statements and questions to you – short and to the point

        “”it was cool to call me Willie G,””

        I will call you William G – out of respect – when I am talking to you …
        but when I am talking about your evil and wicked actions that purposely hurt others ?
        When you are wrong about your gossip and never apologize ?
        When you copy someone else’s work and claim it for your own ?
        When you misspell so many words but brag about how grand and great you are ?
        I will call you what I choose.

        “” but no longer do you have that ability.””

        I don’t live in societies box – and I don’t live in any box that you attempt to put me in.
        I don’t dislike you or hate you – insinuating that I am gay ? bad move.
        Falsely accusing me of seeking gain popularity through you ? bad move.
        Falsely accusing me of the many other hateful things you said ? bad move.

        I FORGIVE you – I LOVE you and there is nothing you can do or say to make me dislike or hate you – NOTHING
        and there is NOTHING … you can do about that.

        Oh … and if you ever fall ? I’ll be around to help pick you up.
        Not sit back and laugh at you.


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  1. Just tried to get to the Obnoxious blog and it says that it has been suspended. Anybody know anything of what’s going on?

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