Dennis C Latham Turns Himself In To The Police in Millbrook Alabama – 1Latham TV

minister of satan fails again – signs a warrant against me – claiming ….

I continue to call him and threaten him – claiming he has asked me to stop but lies and says I continue to call.

Court is set for September 20, 2012 – let’s see his proof – since I don’t even know his number ……



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  1. Dennis! Please be safe. I see too many stories about Police abuse. You are very decent man.

    • Sherry ? This is The Millbrook, Alabama Police Department – they are my friends – they don’t play those ignorant games.
      I turned myself in because of a lying preacher – who hates me and the work that I am doing to make life BETTER FOR ALL.
      Nothing to worry about with me and the police of Millbrook, AL – but please pray for those who hate me and will stoop to these low levels – to attempt to have me arrested under false charges, lies and tricked of the devil … BE BLESSED GREAT SISTER …. ALL IS GOOD because I am doing GOD’S WILL and not the will of the devil.

  2. Because you making life better for all?
    Is that why you have this on your site?
    Did you ever figure out that Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook were NOT the same incidents?

    • “”Because you making life better for all?””

      THE CHRIST IN me helps to make life better for those who seek CHRIST.
      I have no power without GOD, CHRIST and THE HOLY GHOST.

      “”Is that why you have this on your site?””

      I have that on my site – as I do with plenty more from the past 9 years of racist right wing liars and slanderers attacking me and attacking others – for not bending over and bowing down to them

      “”Did you ever figure out that Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook were NOT the same incidents?””

      I never thought they were the same ….. I only shared an article.
      Out of the 10’s of 1,000’s of articles I’ve shared over the past 8 years – the 100’s I share each day or two – you crazy right wingers chose me to come attack, harass and slander – and now the whole world can see it with their own eyes.

      because the whole right wing party is not of GOD but of satan.
      GOD did not create that cult.

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