7-24-2012 – willie knight and chris miles – After they tried to BUSHWHACK me.

This is AFTER …. they attempted to BUSHWHACK me – willie knight while standing on the PASSENGER SIDE OF MY TRUCK  snatched my camera out of my hand – while chris miles distracted me WHILST he was approaching me from the DRIVERS SIDE OF MY TRUCK …..

Although – willie knight snatched my camera. After I parked and got out ?  He through it down on the ground – whilst I went towards him – he then picked it back up – and through it all the way across the street – onto the side walk – where I then got the camera – and attempted to get all of the parts – that had shattered from the whole assembly of the camera.

NOTE: willie knight is a minister / preacher – who sits under the leadership of COUNTY COMMISSIONER Jiles  Williams @ New Providence Missionary Baptist Church ……. ok/

willie knight minister of satan and chris miles hebrew israelites cult member asians, arabs & whites CAN NOT GO TO HEAVEN is what he and his cult says.

willie knight minister of satan and chris miles hebrew israelites cult member asians, arabs & whites CAN NOT GO TO HEAVEN is what he and his cult says.


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  1. Dennis you dick sucking dog, I wish they had have tore your loose booty ass up. I hope Chris and Willie kick the fucking shit out of your saved wannabe ass. You fake ass chicken shit ran your pussy ass to the MPD like the bitch you are crying with your bootleg camera who gives a fuck about you or your camera. Dennis they made you shit your pants from what I heard so keep blogging bitch next time they just might get you..

  2. U shouldnt have taken ur ass to montgomery to bother them. Next time they wil wipe the floor with ur ass. This is not a game. U can not just run up on people thinking u r straight gangsta. Like for reals? And what i heard was u started running for ur life to the police station!!! And carolyn wasnt escorted because she was scared of u. She was escorted because u were in fear for ur fucking life. Stop making people think u r hard and live ur own life. If u just leave people alone u wont have this drama. And i also read where u were attacking this young lady on facebook. That wasnt cool. Ur supposed to show her the way. Not force her to do anything. And man…too many people are saying u suck dick. Whats up with that? So u have a bible in one hand and a dick in the other one? Hypocrite.com!!! Get a life dennis and leave other people alone. Yesterday was a close call. Next time i dont think u will be as lucky. And thats not a threat. Just letting u know dude.

  3. You have attacked alot of people on twitter facebook and youtube. Leave people alone!!! Just like u have blogs on people they have some on you. Look them up sometimes. You will be amazed.

    • Dennis baby stop with this shit, this is why I stopped fucking you!!! I don’t need this drama. We have been fucking for 4 years whats going on now? Leave all the other men alone if you want to be with me let come clean about us Dennis I don’t want to hide this anymore.

      • LOL … if you wanted to come clean – you would have used a real name – instead of using gay guy – to further your slander.
        you must be pretty stupid to continue to use the same computer as your others comments …. I know you’re on Charter and I have a record of your other comments on other pages – and I know where you are located in Montgomery, AL ….. your time is running out.
        the walls are closing in on you – you are about to be EXPOSED !!!!!!! NAME AND ALL !!!

        On this post ?
        you are h and Gay Guy

        on this post – “”bashing and haterizm by minister of satan willie knight against William Boyd””
        you are dd

        The list goes on – you time is running out – liar, slanderer, wicked one.

      • Dennis your an evil liar. I follow all of your shit and I want you to know your an idiot

      • just because you change your name – that doesn’t change the IP ADDRESS that you keep commenting from.
        Although you keep changing your name – which is a deception, evil and false ….. you have some nerve to call me just what you are.

        a liar – which is something I am not – I don’t know who you are just yet – but whom ever you are ?
        I FORGIVE you and I LOVE you anyway. Because I know you know not what your are doing.
        Out of hatred – you are blinded by evil.

  4. Dennis your actions are uncalled for and not of someone of the Most High. You wil reap what you sow. I know you are a homosexual. I know you are trying to flush out your evil ways. You stalk people and then accuse them of attacking you. Im praying for you brother.

    • same person as “”charles, closerthanyouthink, me, and other fake names”” and now you’re Gavin DeGraw …….
      There is no reason for you to change – when you continue to attempt to deceive, lie and trick the readers – because you can’t deceive, lie or trick me – because I get to see the IP ADDRESSES ….. and those IP ADDRESSES can be used to prosecute.

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