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Yeah, we compromise too damn much! It was a compromise to stop our social unrest, and it more or less worked on our asses. Once the civil rights laws passed, it took the wind right out of our movement. So where’s the civil rights movement now? It’s not as if conditions for most of us Black folks are so wonderful now… In many ways, conditions have not changed one bit! Nevertheless, where is the damn movement? Does anyone know?

    • Dennis C. Latham <— gets BLASTED BLASTED, FALSELY ACCUSED and QUESTIONED by black folks when he tries to SHOW black people about not compromising … YET .. the answer to your question ?The movement has moved into becoming more like the opposite race – than being like your own race – who is FIRST and UNIQUE.Compromising to be like someone else – and turning away from GOD – because a bunch of devils use THE HOLY BIBLE to control blacks – and only now recently – more are learning THE HOLY BIBLE is a way to FREEDOM and not enslavement.

      Lastly – After King was killed – it took a big bite out of the fight of blacks – so the movement went from not compromising to settling for less – THUS the reason THE MAJORITY of black children, youth and young adults embrace, bling bling, hip hop, negative rap. sex, drugs, sports and self hatred – while running from being from what THEY WERE ORIGINALLY ….. which is THE GREATEST PHYSICIANS, INVENTORS, SCIENTISTS, LEADERS, PREACHERS and TEACHERS … which is their TRUE BLOOD LINE.

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    • Phillip Norton This group is about unification, understanding, informing, political satire etc. @ Dennis, please don’t bring that Religious non-sense you keep preaching. You really do not belong in this group. If it were left to me, you would be OUT!!!!!!

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎””Progressive Thinkers & Activists Lounge””A place where people concerned with world/national affairs, social change and justice can speak their minds, exchange ideas and build together. A space on FB for people that tire of the nonsense and petty issues and yearn for wise thoughts, positive energy and social activism.””This group is about unification,””

      where is the unification in bragging how you punched someone for calling a woman a “b” – when you weren’t there to see it ?

      Where is the unification in calling what I KNOW TO BE TRUE …
      “”Religious non-sense””

      How is that unification ? More like hatred – and acts of a coward.
      YET – you falsely accused me – because I have a NEWS PAPER that EXPOSES false prophets and false teachers who are MISGUIDING AND MISLEADING my People.

      “” understanding,””

      where is the understanding – when you show hatred toward me because I have a GREATER MENTALITY that you can’t understand – so you show hatred towards me – instead of learning and lying on me ?

      “” informing,””

      Well .. I’m informing EVERY right now – you are weak …..
      mentally and spiritually – and very disrespectful to females, ladies and women – with your nasty cussing mouth …. but I understand the cussing – it makes you feel like an adult.

      “” political satire etc.””

      I don’t see any political satire in the DESCRIPTION of this group which I PASTED ABOVE …..

      “” @ Dennis, please don’t bring that Religious non-sense you keep preaching.””

      Everywhere I GO ? My LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM GOES … If you have a problem with that ? Do something about it.

      “” You really do not belong in this group.””

      PROVE IT – TELL ALL RIGHT NOW why I don’t belong here.

      “” If it were left to me, you would be OUT!!!!!!””

      well … it’s not up to you – although – if it was left up to me ? I wouldn’t want you out – because of the way you believe or think.

      the more you hate on me ? THE MORE I’m GOING TO LOVE you.
      the more you lie on me ? THE MORE I’m GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH on you.

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – now – run like a girl – and go get the owner of this group and do like you do best …. be the true coward and liat that you have shown yourself to be here.++

    • Phillip Norton Now…I’m a girl, a coward, a true coward! Damn!!! You have made this very personal. Use the message box when u have personal hatred! I understand your frustrations, don’t make this thread a personal vendetta. You sprout all of your verbiage on the main line. Keep that silly ass shit off of this page!

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – this is not about you – this is about your actions.
      I have NOTHING AGAINST YOU – nor your flesh – only against your actions – you actions PAINT A GREAT PHOTO of your spirit of what you TRULY STAND for ….I will say this – at least my verbiage doesn’t contain cussing.

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – you accuse me of hating you – I don’t hate you – just because I don’t agree with your actions – does not mean I hate you.

      Now what you might be feeling is – me calling your actions – just what they are. You lie on me, you make false accusations against me – yet .. everything I say about your actions ? I SHOW PROOF – with your very own words …. and yet – all of the lies you have told on me ? You have shown NO PROOF – to me ?

      That is a sign of a coward.

    • Phillip Norton ‎-” now – run like a girl – and go get the owner of this group and do like you do best “……this is what you wrote. So I guess it is about me. By the way, I cuss (curse) all of the time!

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – as you said – i don’t belong in this group – I SAY PROVE IT – PROVE to me and everyone else right here and now that I don’t belong here ……

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – you also lied about what this group is for – and because I have called you on it ? You keep trying to make it personal – THUS the reason you won’t address SEVERAL POINTS that I have brought up….

      IF ? You do as I expect – and run to the owner – and tell them I don’t belong here – which is a lie from the pits of hell.

      It will be you – acting like a girl – when you should be acting like a man – and not childish and immature.

    • Phillip Norton I’m out!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Phillip Norton – just as I thought – you run when QUESTIONED about your actions of falsehoods …. and I STILL LOVE you ….


      Phillip Norton

      • Phillip Norton

        28 minutes ago

        Phillip Norton

        • Keep your personal attacks personal.

      You can no longer message Phillip Norton.

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  1. Your a fucking idiot! You talk about being attacked but here you go with ur radical ass attacking this man! First willie knight then this man. Ur the one acting like a fucking female because all you do is bitch and moan about shit ur not trying to change. Wanna speak truth? Heres some for your ass….ur a weak vermit. Thats why u use the bible as a backing. You try to manipulate peoples way of thinking and believing. And please…dont respond to this by saying prove it. Prove to me you are not what they say you are. Prove to me that the accusations made against you arent true. An innocent man will always scream about his innocence. PROVE TO ME THAT YOU ARENT A MOLESTER. PROVE TO ME THAT YOU ARENT A FLAMING FAGGOT. PROVE TO ME THAT YOU ARENT SCARED TO SAY THIS cRAZY NONSENSE FACE TO FACE WITH THE MINISTER WILLIE KNIGHT WHICH YOU HAVE ALSO FALSELY ACCUSED. Before you try and take the speck out of his eye take the log out of yours first.

  2. Turn yourself in you liar. You have a lying tongue because you claim to love everyone. Not one time have you defended yourself against these allegations. You have not once said “i am not a molester” not once. They must be speaking the truth. Leave people alone before you get exposed.

    • “”Turn yourself in you liar.””

      you turn me in – call the police on me – send them this blog ….. they can find me – I’m not hiding who I am…..

      “” You have a lying tongue””

      PROVE IT – show one lie I have told.

      “” because you claim to love everyone.””

      I do … I LOVE you too – and there is nothing you can do to make me stop LOVING you.

      “”Not one time have you defended yourself against these allegations.””

      I don’t have to defend myself against slander – no one has any proof of any of the allegations ….. so I’m good to go.

      “” You have not once said “i am not a molester” not once.””

      I’ve called the slander lies enough – I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

      “” They must be speaking the truth.””

      then have me arrested.

      “”Leave people alone before you get exposed.””

      EXPOSE me …. I welcome the idea. EXPOSE ON.

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