Dr, Pastor Jermaine Henderson – more important to mind his own business – whilst “”BISHOP”” D Anthony Henderson from his FaceBook Friends list – misguides and misleads people with lies …


  • Dennis C. Latham

    59 minutes ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • Good Afternoon ….

      Do you know D Anthony Henderson Personally ?

  • Jermaine Henderson

    22 minutes ago

    Jermaine Henderson

    • Ummm why do u ask

  • Dennis C. Latham

    15 minutes ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • because I talked with him on LIVE RADIO on yesterday – and I caught him in many lies …. and he REFUSED to ADDRESS my question …

      under further investigation ?

      It seems that he has told many lies about his congregation of 3500, owner of a bently, 8 body guards – the author of a book that is not ONLINE to sell …..

      at the same time ? He has slandered my name – and he don’t even know me – he has tried to DISCREDIT THE WORD OF GOD as it has came from my mouth ….

      and when it comes to misguiding and misleading my people ?
      I don’t play – and I EXPOSE false prophets and false teachers.

      I can back up ALL of my actions, doings, talk and walk with SCRIPTURE if you like …..

  • Jermaine Henderson

    14 minutes ago

    Jermaine Henderson

    • Are u a member of his church or interested in becoming one? If not y bother!

  • Dennis C. Latham

    12 minutes ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • You must didn’t READ what I just wrote ……..

      I will say again – he’s told many lies – on LIVE RADIO .. to misguide and mislead the listeners …..

      and I LOVE those people – JUST AS I LOVE MYSELF … so I am going to get to the bottom of it …..

      Now if you want to help cover up ABOMINATIONS unto my FATHER ? That’s fine – but if you know THE WORD ?

      you know a lying tongue is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD …

  • Jermaine Henderson

    7 minutes ago

    Jermaine Henderson

    • I read it I’m just not interested! I have too much of my own ministry work to do to be bothered with anybody else’s foolishness! It’s dumb and immature! I pastor a very large church myself b operate a multimillion dollar business. Can’t get entangled with other peoples drama. You be blessed

  • Dennis C. Latham

    3 minutes ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • so …. you choose to cover up false prophets ……

    • ok … I got a TRUTH FOR YOU – coming up REAL SOON …. it’s called EXPOSURE …..

  • Jermaine Henderson

    about a minute ago

    Jermaine Henderson

    • No I choose to mind my business because TGI has nothing to do with me!

    • This

    • And if I see any post made by you concerning me on this here Facebook you will be hearing from my attorney!

  • Dennis C. Latham
    a few seconds ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • Ezekiel 33:6 – keep approving, condoning, harboring and promoting souls to hell …… and watch what it gets you at the end …..

    • This conversation is going ONLINE in about 2 minutes ……….

  • and you can send all the attorneys you want.

    Jermaine Henderson

  • about a minute ago

    Jermaine Henderson

  • Now I’d appreciate if you carry on with your life and let me be
  • Ok try me!
  • Dennis C. Latham
    a few seconds ago

    Dennis C. Latham

  • 1 John 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    you’ve been tried – FIND JESUS !!!


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  1. And once again you are fucking with people. You are trying to get this man to confront someone else. He concerned with his people. Whats wrong with that. You will be in hell with all of the other false prophets and teachers. Ur a hypocrite. Really dude? Have you ensured your own soul is going to heaven? Like that man said live your own life. Leave people alone you psychotic bastard. When is the last time you talked to your daughter dead beat? Try focusing on that! And yes i know all about your daughter and what you did to her. Your a sick sick sick sick man. You need help. Hell is waiting for you.

    • he’s protecting a false prophet and a false teacher …. and I’m EXPOSING it – just like you – you’re a false prophet and a false teacher.

      spreading lies – you to shall soon be EXPOSED to ALL.

  2. I am so scared… Gonna part the red sea now moses?

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