the cussing “”pastor phonz”” – deletes his comments, sends friend request – and accuses me of harassment ? ?

This is in regards to his use of the cuss word (b)ness …..

when asked ……. “”What’s your biggest turn on? or turn off?””

My answer was as follows ….

OFF ? a women lost to this world – who only lives to please herself and win the praises of others – whilst she belittles herself by dressing in a way – that everyone and their mama can see her …. well … they ain’t goods no more – because they are open to the public … not to mention – seeking the silhouette of another race – instead of her own.

His answer was “”unnessasry (b)ness”” for turn offs …..
He has since DELETED his message – or – his so called ADMINISTRATOR has …..Also ? Since then – he has come against me because he had an attitude of  when I questioned him about using such words – but carrying a title of pastor …. he took it too personal – NOW IT’S AWN. LET THE EXPOSING BEGIN!!!

Pastor Phonz of Pastor Phonz Ministries

  • Dennis C. Latham

    24 minutes ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • GOOD MORNING sir ……

      I am contacting you IN ADVANCE …. to let you know.
      I will be doing SEVERAL LIVE BROADCASTS on BlogTalkRadio ….
      On christians and claimed christians who cater to society over GOD’S WORD …

      Also ? If you would like to be a SPECIAL GUEST ?
      I will give you ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to explain your actions against me through SCRIPTURE – and I am willing to WAIT up to a week for you to get your scriptures together and anything else you need. I’d be willing to help also – because I am not PERFECT.

      We could possibly help each other out on this ….. since we are supposed to be SERVING THE SAME GOD.

      I wanted to give you an OPPORTUNITY to settle this PRIVATELY – before it goes PUBLIC.

      You know ? Right when I was going to contact you before and tell you how much I liked one of your songs ? I got a notice that you LIKED several comments made by someone – about me and against me – who was in the process of kicking me out of that particular group. Then ? I could see everything more clearly ….

      It’s up to you –
      I know you probably don’t know me …. nor what I do either.
      Anyway – the choice is yours – for the record ?

      I am making a copy of this e-mail – so this will go public as well.
      If you try any more of your funny business with me.


  • Pastor Phonz

    10 minutes ago

    Pastor Phonz

    • Dear Sir,

      I am the administrator for Pastor Phonz Ministries. A copy of this inbox along with your many unwarranted challenges to Pastor Phonz via the Let’s Reconnect group is being forwarded to our legal team. This is a form of harrasment. It will not be tolerated.


      PPM Administration

  • Dennis C. Latham
    a few seconds ago

    Dennis C. Latham

    • This is and was my last attempt to clear this matter up – before I go to the airways with this demonic behavior of a pastor cussing openly.

      Psalm 1:1
      Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

      It is not harassment when I contact you – to give you a chance to tell your side of the problem – BE BLESSED and SEEK GOD’S WILL.

  • Pastor Phonz
    about a minute ago

    Pastor Phonz

    • Hello Sir,

      My admistrator who logs on to my pages and does my daily postings for me at times just showed me this inbox. My dear brother, I don’t have the time or the interest in debating anything with you. We disagree and that’s all there is to it. You’re waisting your time fighting a lost cause. I’m not your issue. From this point on my legal team with handle this. There will be no further discussion with you on this matter. I ask you kindly to cease with the inboxing or I will take legal action against you.



      NOTICE:  His Statements or his Administrators Statements.

      “” I ask you kindly to cease with the inboxing or I will take legal action against you.”” 


      Also ? NOTICE THIS !!!

      pastor phonz sending a friend request ? or his Administrator ?

      pastor phonz sending a friend request ? or his Administrator ?


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