• Why does the black male – ONLY OCCUPY 2% OF THE TEACHERS IN America ?


      • black female 1
        Because they’re not certified to teach and being a teacher in THEIR system doesn’t pay off monetarily or otherwise. We don’t need Black male teachers in their schools, we need to build our own. Until we have the resources to build those schools, we need to homeschool and form co-ops…and Black males are part of that movement. Take a look at what brother Samori Camara did, he inspired me to form my school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl1QdGwvOVQ
      • Dennis C. Latham ‎@black female 1 – so …. money is more important than LEADING, TEACHING and PROTECTING YOUR OWN ?Building their own …. hmmm … I’ve been hearing people complain, cry and whine about that for over 30 years – Can you point some out to me ? I’d like to know about these black schools that are being built or that have been built.

      • @male 1 Thats right @black female 1

      • black female 1 You need to actually read and digest what I’m saying. The only benefit to teaching in THEIR schools is money, that’s it. And there is little money to had, therefore Black males aren’t teaching in THEIR schools. The benefit to starting our own schools is raising our children with true knowledge, money isn’t the main factor when WE RUN OUR OWN INSTITUTIONS.

      • Dennis C. Latham so …. what of the males who are in the streets – selling drugs and killing and the many false leaders and preachers – who are only out to take the money from blacks for their own gain – ???I’m seeing EXCUSES here … because LOVE for your neighbours LEAVES OUT the need for any money at all.

        I don’t see many education seminars going on DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY.

      • black female 1 http://www.cibi.org/newsite/index.html has a list of their member schools, but there are others including Kamali Academy (Samori Camara’s school), The Umoja Preschool of Houston (my school), Siafu Village Academy, Katiopa Watoto Shule, The Perfect Black Uhuru Academy, and hundreds of Black families that have taken eduction back into our hands.


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      • Dennis C. Latham I’m not giving – nor do I use excuses, guesses, and opinions – I deal ONLY in FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS, Personal Experiences and PROVEN SOLUTIONS THAT WORK – FLAWLESSLY.

      • black female 1
        There are no excuses being made by me. Afrikan-centered education, the rehabilitation of drug dealers and gang members, and crooked preachers are three separate issues that you’re mixing up. I thought we were talking about education here…Anyhow, I do hold monthly meetings for the Houston community, not just families with children in my school. And I also know a sister with a school in Canada that recently started holding bi-monthly seminars for the community. But if there are none in your area, YOU need to organize some. You’re not supposed to be waiting for us to do it all, you’re supposed to get up and help your people too, you’re not helpless. If you want guidance to get started let me know. Talking/ranting/raving is fine, but you need to put in some action too.

        And please excuse my typos above, the keys on this laptop are sticking horribly.

      • black female 1 All that said, I think we need to put together a formal plan for growing the Black independent education movement. We already have the resources, curriculum, and the format, but we’ve got to figure out how to encourage more families to get our kids out of the public/charter system. You’d think all the news stories and statistics would be enough, but apparently it’s not.

      • @male 1  i Im with forming our own, get at me sis. black female 1

      • Dennis C. Latham ‎@black female 1 – I see this as an excuse – since this is my post ?””Because they’re not certified to teach and being a teacher in THEIR system doesn’t pay off monetarily or otherwise. “”

        If I am WRONG ? Then show me the error of my ways – but do it in RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH – not with deceptions, lies or trickery …

      • black female 1 ‎@male 1 I’m going to type up some ideas and send them to you later on today.
      • Dennis C. Latham ‎@black female 1 – they can’t get certified – if they don’t even try.

      • black female 1 It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason…you can’t teach in their schools if you’re not certified/qualified, and it’s a fact that most Black men a) aren’t certified/qualified, b) aren’t trying to teach in their schools.The only things gained by teaching in the public/charter system are a paycheck and benefits. You’re not empowering Black children at all being there, so what other benefits do you think can come from placing more Black teachers in their schools?

        I’d rather put a curriculum in a brother’s hand, point him to resources and have him teach OUR children. We don’t need to meet their arbitrary guidelines to teach our kids, you just need to have patience and the desire to keep learning yourself…that’s the only way you can be an effective teacher.

      • Dennis C. Latham ‎@black female 1 – in your own words ……. “”The only things gained by teaching in the public/charter system are a paycheck and benefits.””This is a FALSE STATEMENT – a lie – because what is BETTER than a “”paycheck and benefits”” – is THE THRILL OF RAISING UP BLACK CHILDREN TO BE THE KINGS, QUEENS and WARRIORS that is their GIVEN BIRTH RIGHT AND INHERITANCE …..

        I am done with this conversation. – I told you – do not use deceptions, lies and tricks – to attempt to correct me.

      • male 1 Thank you

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