the future of American Military ? – haters of non-whites – ? CASXXX36 from YouTube is a PRIME EXAMPLE.

Here is the link to the video –

Here is a video that  casxxx36 uploaded – I have it downloaded – just in case he tries to hide.
I will be contacting his school – and see if they condone this type of activity.

casxxx36 from YouTube - hater of non blacks who seeks JUSTICE

casxxx36 from YouTube - hater of non blacks who seeks JUSTICE



BELOW ?? Is how this person thinks ….._________________________________

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  • ummmm so military school teaches you how to call me a “”dumb f**king n***er”” ? When seeking JUSTICE in America ? – after seeing this video ? I hope they don’t allow scum like you into the US Military – you seem like the type that would piss on dead soldiers, rape innocent children and women, and probably kill innocent people in other lands and put America in more danger – I think I will contact this school – and see if they APPROVE of your behavior against an American – until then ? FIND JESUS

    goodgooglegoo comment to to CASXXX36‘s Video

  • no my hate for retarded niggers teaches me how to do that and dont think im racist bc prob half of my friends r black and well ur wish did not come tru bc i am and airbourne ranger and no i dont but glad to hear ur opinion i will remember it and go ahead i do not attend said school n e more but again thanks for ur warning lol and also i was part of the leadership of the corps along with everyone in this vid but none of us attend n e more and im a catholic but thanks n e way

    CASXXX36 in reply to goodgooglegoo

  • you claim to be a catholic – yet you hate me why ? Because of my skin color ? and because I am seeking JUSTICE against something police did to me in the form of harassment and misconduct ?

    Do not catholic follow THE HOLY BIBLE ? It says to LOVE your enemies – and LOVE your neighbours as yourself. You can’t be a catholic.

    More like – a devil – claiming to be catholic.

    goodgooglegoo in reply to CASXXX36


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