How Carlton L. Lax got BLOCKED from my Facebook Posts and Wall

Other comments by other ladies have been left out – Bottom line.
We were enjoying how THE SPIRIT OF GOD came to this event – showed up and showed out.
Carlton L. Lax seems to have a hatred for Oprah and accused someone, if not all of us of idolizing celebrities.

One strange thing though – his comment about respect …. check out this scatter brain mentality.

“”Respect is a 2 way street,get off the sidewalk.””

Makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE … LOL …. get off the sidewalk ? REALLY ?
Respect is a two way street – what or who are those on the sidewalk ???
BELOW is the conversation – males who disrespect purposely are bullies and cowards – BE BLESSED.

WOMAN 1 Ok you got me crying …This was incredible..)

Carlton L. Lax ·
      Opra doesn’t believe in god! She said it on her bullshit tv show back in the day.

Dennis C. Latham ‎Carlton L. Lax – 1.) She said she believes there is more than one way to get to HEAVEN – 2.) Are you saying she can NEVER change ? 3.) Watch your nasty mouth on my POSTS / WALL – and show some respect to the ladies.

Carlton L. Lax ·

Respect is a 2 way street,get off the sidewalk.

Dennis C. Latham ‎Carlton L. Lax – no one disrespected you here – nasty mouth

WOMAN 1 We all need to focus on how incredible the point is. How we can create even more beauty, love, and healing together. This sums up what all our work as individuals can be worth even more as one united group of beings. Love this post.. Creating distraction from this only points back to what issues may stop oneself from connecting to the divine energy.. Just stay open to receive the gifts..Blessings..
Carlton L. Lax ·
I may not agree with you say,but I will defend your right to say it” Evelyn Hall…………….don’t post videos about hypocrites who say there are too many people in the world and we need to reduce the population.I swear I’m sick of muthafuckers idolizing celebrities.


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