Frank Sha Francois – blinded with rage and girly tactics – ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat – girly tactics

I just heard this punk ass sell out Obama say,,its time to stop the killing of Syrian citizens by their government….You as the president of this Goddamn country need to stop the killing of black americans by this government, first..Obomber if you care more about Syrians, then go be their president…Hold him accountable for Ramarley and all the police lynchings of americans in this country
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    • Dennis C. Latham DUDE ??? I know blacks who are DOING GREAT THINGS – but they are over shadowed by people like smiley, west, baisden, harvey and many more – who ain’t doing a damn thing – but a few hours of public relations to make it look like they are doing something for blacks – while the remainder of the day ? They are only feeding the beast – and keeping their money flow.Again – I say – are you going to be a part to stop these 13 states ?

    • Frank Sha Francois I guess you like Booker t Washington,,,while i adhere more to Marcus Garvey,,,,you probally see Martin Luther King as Having the right ideology,,,while I believe more in the ways of Malcolm X….

    • Frank Sha Francois Lets be real here brother the black problem and oppression is due to white racism and exploitation

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Frank Sha Francois – I have to tell you – and then ??? I’m done on this issue – Obama has helped me THE MOST out of ALL black people in America – he gave me 3 words that I could depend on that no other president has brought to the table.1. ACCOUNTABILITY

      With that ? With only THE HELP FROM THE MOST HIGH ?
      I have infiltrated several good ole boy systems in Montgomery, AL and the state of Alabama – not one black OPENLY HELPED or SUPPORTED me with anything – and I ain’t never asked or needed any money to do what I did and do.

      I won’t HIGH JACK your post with videos – but SUCK ON THIS

      lies made legal and legit by laws of immunity for elected officials. “”HOLY JUSTICE AS JESUS DID TO THIEVES IN HIS FATHER’S HOUSE.”” This is injustice, unrig…
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    • Dennis C. Latham NO – the black problem is because enough blacks won’t STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES – and they raise up people like smiley, west, baisden, harvey and many more who ain’t doing a DAMN THING for us –

    • Dennis C. Latham Personally ? I don’t need anyone to stand up with me – I’m moving forward.

      This patrol unit is said to not exist when I tried to report it for reckless driving.
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    • Frank Sha Francois Tavis smiley is not the blame for Bill Cosby,,Or Jay -Z…I see Tavis Smiley and Cornell West as voices of sanity in the midst of much insanity

    • Dennis C. Latham smiley and west are sell outs – if you don’t see it ? I’m sorry.

    • Frank Sha Francois Will I dont prefer to be one finger on a hand of five fingers

    • Dennis C. Latham I know people doing WAY MORE than they are

    • Frank Sha Francois hmmm prove to me what Tavis and Cornell did to sell out

    • Dennis C. Latham I won’t be a finger on the hand of people like smiley, west, baisden, harvey and many more who ain’t doing a DAMN THING for us

    • Dennis C. Latham LOL …. what did they do for Formerly and Incarcerated ????

    • Dennis C. Latham what did they do or `are they doing about the 13 states that are purposely changing up the voting process –

    • Frank Sha Francois Okay so as i said before,,you come from the school of booker T washington,,,,,But I see Nat turner as my Here

    • Dennis C. Latham I don’t come from the “”school of booker T washington”” – DID YOU LOOK AT THE VIDEOS ?????

    • Dennis C. Latham I have 100’s MORE – did you look at those 2 ?

    • Frank Sha Francois Brother their are many issues that we as a nation face,,we can not,,put somebody down for not adressing every issue

    • Frank Sha Francois what videos do you refer to

    • Dennis C. Latham the video’s I posted above

    • Dennis C. Latham and

      lies made legal and legit by laws of immunity for elected officials. “”HOLY JUSTICE AS JESUS DID TO THIEVES IN HIS FATHER’S HOUSE.”” This is injustice, unrig…
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    • Dennis C. Latham smiley, west, baisden, harvey and many more who ain’t doing a DAMN THING for us – won’t touch these two videos or any thing else. – I also have cops and elected officials committing crimes – but smiley, west, baisden, harvey and many more who ain’t doing a DAMN THING for us – WON’T GIVE IT A THOUGHT.

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    • Frank Sha Francois i started this thread,,,addressing Obombers concern for the Syrian people,,while ignoring the victims of the american government at home….This is the same business as usual…the american government pretends to stand up against the injustices of people all over the world,,,at the same time america perpetuates injustices at home against its own people

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    • Dennis C. Latham I don’t deal in blaming the wrong people, excuses, guesses and opinions .. I DEAL IN FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS and Personal Experience – and I don’t do deceptions, lies and trickery – and I don’t do brain washing, sugar coating and watering down.

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    • Dennis C. Latham Did you see the two video’s ?

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    • Dennis C. Latham I’m not defending Obama – but I am ADDRESSING the problem – with THE SOLUTIONS.

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    • Frank Sha Francois Listen Obomber should be concerned with the issue you raised in your video,,,by these lying,,police and and government officials

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    • Frank Sha Francois brother your video is preaching to the choir,,,Tavis Smiley and Cornell west will support this Obomber will ignore this

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    • Dennis C. Latham Tavis Smiley and Cornell west has ignored this and many others for over 5 years DUDE ….. so I have to say – you’ve been DUPED

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    • Dennis C. Latham no black media has covered any of this – black main stream media has SOLD OUT DUDE – get out of the box and SEE CLEARLY – PLEASE.

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    • Dennis C. Latham I have no anger against you or them – I know their roles – and their roles are that of evil and wickedness – while dropping some crumbs on the Radio and TV for blacks once in a while – I do this ALL DAY EVERY DAY – and many others like me – anyway … I will hit you up later … PEACE.

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    • Frank Sha Francois man, dont take it personal and,,dont confuse their preoccupation with many other issues for ignoring your personal gripe…Albeit your plight is a noble one… I amTavis and Cornell would not deny your allegations,,if they were to get wind of it

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    • Dennis C. Latham I don’t take anything personal – I don’t get angry, made, outraged or upset either -I ask you – what black have you STOPPED from disgracing out BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN ??? I have EXPOSED and BLOGGED and STOPPED 100’s … I have audio and video to PROVE IT

      Is Obama putting a gun to their heads and making them disrespect our BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEENS ?????

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    • Frank Sha Francois its funny,,that I started this thread talking about Obomber concern for Syrians peoples plight instead of black american suffering,,You defending obomber by calling him an american leader not a black leader..Mind you black people have a black agengda,,and need black leaders to address our most pressing black issues,,,But you want to switch the oneness from Obomber to Tavis and Cornell,,who by the way are 2 black leaders that have been calling out Obomber for his faliure to address black issues

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    • Dennis C. Latham I’m not defending Obama DUDE – but you are attacking the wrong person – I’ve been threatened by more black people than I have white people – even when I infiltrated a white t-party – who only threatened my life 3 times ……. the more I do to help blacks ? The more they threaten me … and people like me.I like how you try to AVOID the REAL ISSUE though – it’s all good.

      I really do have to go – I have more things to EXPOSE – back and forth with you ? Is not on the agenda – and I can’t make you see – if you don’t want to see.

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    • Frank Sha Francois Then you want to show me a video of your personal situations,,,and base your dislike for Tavis and Cornell for not addressing your personal issue…Well I would venture to say,,if Tavis and Cornell were aware of your issue or any one else going through a similar issue that they would be supportive of it….While I would not dare not say the same about obomber,,,he would be too be setting the stage to justify spending more tax payer dollars on wars,,in the name of ending human suffering while ignoring black suffering here in america

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    • Frank Sha Francois brother I am attacking the head of this country for a particular issue and what he said..lets go back to the original post…he is concerned with what the Syrian government is doing to the Syrian people,,,when i think OBOMBER should be more concerned with what the american federal state and local governments or doing to the american people..Tavis is a radio personality and Cornell is a professor…..they report on the injustices,….So in this issue I think I am correct in addressin the head of state

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    • Dennis C. Latham DUDE ? I and many others have REACHED OUT to black media – for years – even naacp and southern poverty law center – THEY ALL ARE PIMPS – sorry to inform you – you’ve been had.

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    • Frank Sha Francois You are defending obomber DUUDDDEEE????what does Tavis or Cornell have to do with this thread,,,,You are trying ti hijack this thread and make it about your personal plight that Tavis and Cornell didnt address

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    • Frank Sha Francois Aye you now you want to blame black media..Cornell is black educator,,,are you asking me for an audience with him

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    • Frank Sha Francois I know many people that have the ear of black media,,and know how to get their issues aired

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    • Frank Sha Francois I am not a advocate for the NAACP,,,but it sounds like you are contradicting yourself by looking down on Tavis Smiley Cornell West The NAACP and black media with out trying to pick them up

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Frank Sha Francois – I’m not picking up anyone who has sold out and chooses to ignore the real problems …. and those who are only out for money ….you continue complaining, crying and whining about Obama – I will continue tearing down the walls of satan – and LIFTING UP THOSE WHO CHOOSE THE WAY OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. PEACE.

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    • Frank Sha Francois As far as Obomber being Farrakhan,,nobody expects him to be that,,,but goddamn it if any one isnt ready to stand up and risk their life and their families life for the ufliftment of oppressed people than they are clearly a puppet of the oppressors and we dont need them and they need to take their coward ass and their family and go hide under the bed,,,,IAM DONE,,,WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TRYING TO HIJACK WITH BULLSHIT…WE DONT NEED COWARD ASS OBOMBER

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    • Dennis C. Latham DUDE .. this is my last reply on this post – I PROMISE YOU THAT.I have PROOF of THE SOLUTIONS – I am not oppressed – and never will I ever be oppressed again – anyone who chooses not to be oppressed any more ? I will be glad to SHOW THEM THE FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS and Personal Experiences.

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    • Frank Sha Francois OBOMBER needs to concern hisself with plight of oppressed americans in america before worrying about the citizens of other countries,,, thats what this thread is about,,,and I maintain my opinion….What the hell did Tavis and Cornell had to do with this other,,,than the fact you got a personal with them and used my thread as a sounding board,for your misguided gripe

    • ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’ ‎””” how can he focus on black people only – when he is the president of the country – and probably the world ? “””

      Why ??? Why do we still talk as if Obama is running anything ??

      Why do we speak and behave as if he doesnt have controllers above him ??

      Same as Bush, He takes orders .

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    • ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’

      ‎{ Dennis Latham}

      you can attempt to make me come back to a post I have already left – FEEL FREE it is your FREE WILL … or is it yours ? Maybe it’s the devil’s … I have no idea.

      I don’t deal in gilry tactics – you want to address me o…See More

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    • ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’

      please explain to me why you sent me this note..

      and added all that nonsense devil talk and I will post this convo to Frank’s wall …

      Dennis C. Latham
      about a minute ago
      Dennis C. Latham

      did not you quote one of my comments ?

      I don’t care what you post – and where you post it – FEEL FREE to do that – also FEEL FREE to let me know about it –

      ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’
      a few seconds ago
      ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’

      i did … I am free.. so I did as I pleased ..

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  • ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’ ‎Frank Sha Francois shame on you for behaving as if you don’t know that Obama doesnt run this country …

  • ‘Anthony Cosmic Brotha Agarrat’

    more from Dennis Latham:

    I have left that post alone – i don’t cast my pearls among swine but for so long – in an effort to wake black people up – from it being about a color – when it’s about a devil – who uses color to divide black people – your girly tactics won’t bring me back to that post – specially one that cusses GOD nor where a bunch of hating males who don’t know what it is to be a REAL MAN – nor to a place where childish immature males condone their own black women being abused, beat, corrupted and damned.


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