jeff fenske “”I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue””. NOT !!!!!

“”I think it’s just best to ignore Dennis. He asked me to be his Facebook friend about a month ago. At first, I was enthusiastic. He said he always forgave everyone, and I have yet to meet someone who is successfully forgiving everyone 100%, from their whole heart, 24/7.””

PROVE I have not forgiven someone jeff fenske

“” Well, it didn’t take long before I started seeing things that didn’t add up.””

What didn’t add up  jeff fenske ?? Why don’t you use REAL FACTS, PROOFS, and TRUTHS.
Instead of just your lying tongue that seems to be common with you – even your blogs.
Where you claimed to put together 100 lies of Obama on One BLOG.
After going through the first 1 – with almost 30 minutes of video and lies – I felt my time was wasted.
I have the original web photo – you had an altered web photo  –  I PROVED that one to be false also.
I don’t waste my time – sifting through lies – wasting my time.

“”And when I mentioned it to him he just made excuses and wouldn’t clean up his act,””

what a liar you are – you really have a serious delusional problem dude –

“”even though he claims to be a preacher.””

I’m just a musician  jeff fenske …. and it’s all I have ever claimed to be – where did I ever say I was a preacher ?
A talk show host and cohost – yes – where did I say I was a preacher ?
I see why now – you hate me – because I stand up against and to your lies.
You are used to people believing everything you say – and taking it to be truth and running with it.

I’m not that stupid  jeff fenske

“”I hung in there anyway, because I thought there was hope and I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.””

hmm … this explains it all – you’re not use to being around or dealing with black people.
WOW – Now I see your crazy problem.
Because I am different than you – I am to bow to you and never question anything you say.


“”When he kept putting out so many pro-Obama posts,””

hmmm …. WOW .. I see anger here – and lies – I guess 2 photos a week of the ROYAL FAMILY IS A SIN in your world.

“”openly calling anyone who found fault with Obama a ‘hater,’ I challenged that.””

ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO MADE UP LIES – including yourself.

“”Dennis wouldn’t accept anything I said,””

because you accused me of – BASICALLY –  following him blindly and un-apposed
and it seemed to piss you off – besides – you keep feeding me lies – wasting my time.

“”so I put together this collection of 100 posts: , “”

I ASKED AND BEGGED you for ONE AT A TIME – but you couldn’t go with that.
I ASKED AND BEGGED you to let’s discuss ONE LIE AT A TIME

but nooooooooooooooo you had to put together a WHOLE FRICKEN BIBLE OF LIES ON OBAMA.
because you have nothing but time on your hands to hate someone because of their color.

I hate you haven’t been around black people – but you are not my master.

“”of which he’s only looked at a few that he thinks he can refute.””


“”He says it’s just a waste of time,””

reading lies – and then wasting my time to prove them to be lies ?
for just you ?  DUH !!!!!

“”keeping him from reading his Bible,””

THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE TRUTH – I thought you were a christian ?
You being a christian – and having something against me wanting to spend time reading THE HOLY BIBLE is an evil sign coming from your end  jeff fenske

“”accusing me of hating;””

anyone who purposely lies to another – is a hater –
If you LOVE SOMEONE ? You tell them THE TRUTH  not a lie.
LOVE is the OPPOSITE of hate – TRUTH IS LOVE – lies are hatred

“”even though, I never have hated ‘President’ Obama.””

you lie on him – and you lie to people who support him – and you lie to people who hate him as well.

“”I hate what he’s doing though,””

I believe and I know you hate him because he is black – and you are not use to dealing with black people.

I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.
I’ve been long interested in the black/white issue.

Too bad you have been sheltered and hidden from black people ……

that give you no right to harass me because I post a couple of photos of the First Family.


“”which is destroying America even faster than what President Bush did.””

rhetoric from fox, rush and other right wing lunatics ….. obviously you are brainwashed. 

“”My license plates do say “NOHATE.” And above them it reads: “HATE EVIL — NOT PEOPLE.”””

you seem pretty hateful with all of the lies all over your blogs – I’ve never seen such a great collections of lies.
other people’s words you just swallow up and follow blindly – with nothing to back you up.

“”I don’t want anything to do with Dennis anymore””

I know – and I AM GLAD.

“”based upon how he treated me on Facebook,””

because I didn’t bow to you – and take your harassment of me not hating Obama like you do.

“”and now he’s continuing his aggressive tactics here.””

aggressive ? STANDING ON THE TRUTH ? If that’s aggressive ? Then – I WILL REMAIN THAT WAY.

“”He’s actually kind of a scary guy””

I know – because I”m black – right ?
You’re use to blacks who hold their heads down – keeps quiet – makes no ripples or waves MASA ???
Them dere day’s is ova boss …..

“”that could even end up some kind of serious trouble someday.””

hmmmm ….  Oh .. I get it – prison – since all us blacks cheat, kill, rob and steal – and lazy – right MASA ?

“”He gets all wound up and sounds even violent at times.””

do you have any PROOF ?

“” I don’t want anything to do with him. I don’t want to talk to him or for him to comment on my sites. And I reserve the right to take his comments down and remove a post. I gave 24 hours notice.””

you won’t take this down.

“” Brandon, I appreciate your attitude very much, but it’s best that we just leave Dennis alone.””

Brandon seems to have nothing to hide – but you do – that’s what deceptions is all about.

“”There is something seriously wrong with this guy.””

yup – I”m use to being around other races – and you’re not.
So there’s something wrong with me.


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