FaceBook **FRAUD** The Beauty of Black Relationships **FRAUD**

Possibly and probably ran by white supremists, hebrew israelites – or just haters of black people and specially black women – NO BEAUTY is in this – anyone who comments to them about it ? Get’s KICKED OUT and their comments are DELETED.

FaceBook **FRAUD** The Beauty of Black Relationships **FRAUD**

FaceBook **FRAUD** The Beauty of Black Relationships **FRAUD**


  • Whitney RIP?
    Not likely!
    Whitney brought this upon herself and so her passing is only part of the repercussions of her decisions & behavior in life.
    I told so many so long ago that her marriage to that fucking BUM Bobby brown would be a failure, her child would be a JERK, & she will come out of that marriage a damaged woman.
    I was right!
    It’s my right to determine how she will go down in my memory & to those I seek to show an example of what that difference is between right & wrong.
    Whitney is that example of what is SO WRONG with SO MANY of our DEFIANT BLACK WOMEN who simply will NOT HEED to the advice & wisdom of her elders & “LOVING” black men & fathers who have the black woman’s best interest in his heart. But these same women will then turn their dumb black asses around & BLAME that black man SHE CHOSE TO WRECK HER LIFE WITH, for wrecking her life.
    But it is SHE WHO WAS WARNED & it was SHE WHO PISSED ON THOSE WARNINGS. So it is SHE WHO WILL suffer the consequences in the final analysis………….
    ALONE & without compassion or mercy!
    That’s the price you pay for being a diva, a boss bitch, & a black woman who don’t need no damn black man to tell her SHIT!
    One way or another black women are going to LEARN.
    Or the easy way…..

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      • Marretta Robinson yes to many every 1 make mistakes !!!

        about an hour ago ·  2
      • Sophie Morris Only saying what others are afraid to admit out LOUD!!!!!

        about an hour ago
      • Delilah Watson believe…

        about an hour ago
      • Emmanuel Miles He’s coming to my country very soon with his crack head.

        about an hour ago
      • Ose Airhauhi Thats no mistake, she knew it all, she was aware of the ill result that would face her. She made her choice and she knw the price and accepted it. A mistake is when u take an action without bn informed. We are all accountable for our actions. Peace

        54 minutes ago ·  5
      • Eboni Be She was only human and we all fall short…..we all make mistakes….it is too bad she did not get back up….and I hope she does RIP she did get somethings right

        31 minutes ago ·  1
      • Chima Ike Hmn so serious bt I blive GOD best,but blak women stil nid 2 learn 2 choose right.Guide ur heart dnt Follow it.

        25 minutes ago
      • Kalvin Lathan In my Kevin Hart voice: Alright, alright you gone learn today!

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