THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH about Whitney Houston and her Departure from This Life.

The people around Witney helped to kill her…….. Media – helped to kill her.
Her own fans helped to kill her – and she herself – helped to harm herself in this way.
To Bobby Brown ? I have to say … you didn’t HELP, PROTECT and SERVE the mother of your child to the fullest.
I sure didn’t do the best I could either – I should have don more – WE ALL SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE.

Whitney Houston - LOOKS TO YOU

Whitney Houston - LOOKS TO YOU

As I watched several main stream media networks air this news of Whitney Houston who has departed this life and entered to a place we know nothing about –

I had to pull away – because I saw too many demonic and satanic rituals and traditions that have been carried out by man for far too long – I had to step away and see it for what it really is. Without the media twist.

I thank you obnoxious for your reports about 2 days before and this report – which I haven’t read yet – I know you too well and I kind of already know – “”You”” are going to bring it QUICK and not SLICK.

Main stream media are, has always been and is – nothing but a bunch of vultures – seeking out to be the first one to break a story – (no offense against you William G #3) – like there is some GREAT HONOR in being the first one to SPY on a person and catch what is bad about them – instead of being the FIRST to SPY and tell of the GOOD about them.

Fans put up with it- because they either LOVE them so much – they get blinded by their feelings to back up and allow a person to LIVE their lives.

Lastly – Whitney had many problems at the end – ok – what we should have done – was attempt to INTERVENE and HELP, SERVE and PROTECT Whitney – not just sit back and watch her fall apart – and then just either feel bad for her or shake your head.

Now ? I see how people are attempting to give Whitney Houston her FLOWERS – now that she is gone – but …. If we would have GIVEN HER – HER FLOWERS while she was here ? She might STILL BE HERE – Now ? What ever this fiasco is going on now – it’s just some tradition to cover up and erase the guilt of us turning the other cheek – to look the other way – instead of being the FIRST ONE TO BREAK THE STORY of HOW I SAVED Whitney Houston.

If I am wrong ? Correct me with RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH.
I must warn you though – if you attempt to correct me with deceptions, lies and trickery ?
You’d be better off fight a bear with a tooth pick.

BE BLESSED – I LOVE YOU and there is nothing you can do about that.


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  1. You are correct – we are a people who always contemplate what we would have and could have – or rather, what OTHERS would have and could have done – to save Whitney. But those few who truly reached out to her to help her obviously and simply were not enough.

    The fame, the glitter, the glamour all called to her, lifted her up for awhile – and all had a hand in killing her, including us, her fans. Few people are prepared, or ever equipped, to handle this world’s fame, fortune and notariety. Whitney’s death has taught us all this. But the real question is – did anyone offer the the ONLY real choice that would have, and could have, saved her? Did anyone offer her GOD? He is the only One Who could have truly saved her – even from herself. How many people offered her GOD, offered her JESUS CHRIST? Only those who truly loved her would have done so….

    If only they had, and if only she would have answered His knock at her door… Lord, you have her now. She is yours…. Pray for her soul, pray for her family, but most of all, pray for the little girl who found her voice in His house, but somehow got lost along the way…

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