ghostfish01 on YouTube – praying and quoting scriptures on the other breath – hating blacks with one breath –

Read all the comments – and notice the ways of right wingers.

ghostfish01 commented 16 hours ago

@BroqenHart…..uh, we were here first. Someone dropped you off of a ship.

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  • ghostfish01ghostfish01 commented 1 day ago

    ghostfish01 said:

    Lard ass baboon. Tell America what to eat while she shoves pork chops and spare ribs in her piehole. By the way, why are all hungry yardapes fat?

    ghostfish01 commented 1 week ago

  • ghostfish01 said:

    Fuck Moochele. Maybe people are tired of her lard ass telling them what to eat while her and her kids shove burgers and fries in their pieholes.Nascar is America. Jeremiah Wright screaming”Goddamn America” is not America. Eric Holder selling guns to foreign enemies to be used on American agents i…

    ghostfish01 commented 4 weeks ago

  • ghostfish01 said:

    Yo Mista ‘Bamanigga, I neez some mil’ fo’ myz chilrenz….aaaallllllllll 15 o’ myz chilrenz. An’ an’ myz mama needz a new handica’ scooter to get her diabetic out to pasture welfare brood cow lard ass downz da grocery aisle. Ya seez Mr. Bamanigga…wez allz hungry an’ an’ myz chilrenz ain’ got no…

    ghostfish01 commented 2 months ago

  • ghostfish01 said:

    The scriptures are very clear that it is appointed to man once to die, and then the judgement. The rich man in the Bible was not permitted to leave hell, why would this man be? This type of doctrine is very dangerous, a doctrine of demons.

    ghostfish01 commented 2 months ago

  • ghostfish01 said:

    My prayers are with each one of you, may God Bless and keep the both of you. Know this, that prescious baby is in Jesus’ care, never to know the heartache and pain of this world.

    ghostfish01 commented 3 months ago

  • ghostfish01 said:

    So, will Obama’s cock fit in that mouth space for your piehole? Because all of you are bitches for the nigger organizer. Hey, maybe he would rather fuck you than that baboon he keeps in the bedroom. Just sayin’.


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