Basic Outline Of HIGH, LOW and NO Maintenance Women Part 1 by Dennis C. Latham

Low Maintenance Woman = Woman who has her own – doesn’t need or require much – maybe a little help here from time to time. She is very considerate of the amount of money she spends and her man spends – and she won’t be trying to see how fast she can break her man so she can move on to the next one – She is the type that gets things done on her own – OR finding someone RESPECTABLE to help her out and who isn’t looking to get LAID – someone in the family or close to the family – without having to sleep with the carpenter to fix the roof, sleep with the plumber to fix the drainage problems and she don’t have to flirt and tease with the grocer to get cheaper deals – which ? A lot of HIGH Maintenance females tend to do.

No Maintenance Woman = NEVER BOWS or COMPROMISES with what society says – she is STRAIGHT UP REAL and not fake – Uses accessories to just enhance – and not become a MISS JECKLE – Don’t need NOTHING from a man but PURE LOVE – 24/7. LOVE includes being taken care of, protected, not lied to and not cheated on – LOVE in return from her – is – she won’t try to buy everything she sees and not giving a damn about her man who has to now get a 2ND and 3RD JOB to keep up with making her happy – which is considered HIGH Maintenance.

HIGH Maintenance females – only care about themselves – impressing everyone 24/7 – fake from head to the top of her 5 TIER WEAVE AND WIG STACK – has a SET PRICE that her male mate has to make before she even thinks about considering ….. IF ? he mate has to work 3 jobs ? That’s find by her – givers her more time to find more places to buy more things for her demonic craving of having it ALL – and has very little need for TRUE LOVE.

For the record ? MISS HYDE is the pretty one – MISS JECKLE is the monster – from the core to the outside.

This is just a basic outline – I can go DEEPER in the RABBIT HOLE if anyone likes. BOOO YAH !!!


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  1. I like your definitions of maintainence. WIch do I fit in D?

    • LOL … I believe you to fit in NO MAINTENANCE at this time ….. which is GOOD.

      No need to work 2 and 3 jobs and never spending time together.
      That’s why RELATIONSHIPS are about – spending endless time together.
      LOVING EACH OTHER – not having that attitude of ….

      I can’t wait to get away ……

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