Arizona Governor Jan Brewer the pale devil witch – too evil to be called white.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer the pale devil witch - to evil to be called white.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer the pale devil witch - too evil to be called white.

More evil, hatred and wickedness has shown it’s disgusting, nasty and ugly head, since Senator Obama looked like he had a chance at winning the presidency. fox News became a full-blown and open right-wing deceptive, lying and wicked media  machine. Purposely over exaggerating information to scare its listeners into fearing, hating and reacting wickedly towards blacks, liberals and specially Obama. While fox News also assisted in helping to from out of no where t-party that had and still has a foundation of evil, hatred and wickedness against blacks, liberals and specially Obama.

NOTE: woman practicing black witchcraft with the aid of a devil

This pale witch (Arizona Governor Jan Brewer)  is threatened by Obama’s COLOR and LIGHT of Christianity.
This pale (not white – white is too good for her and modern-day right wingers) right-winger is being eaten up from the inside out, like the rest of the right wingers – because she can’t (but probably does behind closed doors) call Obama an angry black man, or a lazy black man – worst of all ?

Please check out the link below from The Christian Science Monitor that has a video of this meeting embedded on their page dealing with this photo. …….


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  1. right wingers come up with the most weak illogical defenses for every vile, base, despicable, blatantly racists and bigoted spewings from the mouths of their peers. their first defense is to deny racist intent. they want to swear that absolutely none of the hateful negativity hurled at president obama has anything to do with race. it doesn’t matter many tp posters depict the president with bones through his nose or in whiteface with huge red lips. explain how the term “ghetto crackhead” can be defined as anything but racist.

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