Dr. Kenneth Glasgow, T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris Jr) and Ron Paul – THE WHOLE TRUTH !!!

Below you will see 2 videos- The first is a radio broadcast that interviews Dr. Dr. Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, in regard of the case against T.I. who attempted to buy firearms for his bodyguards trial.
The next video is a republican – Ron Paul – discussing the many years of discrimination against blacks being sent to prison at alarming rates – while whites are basically allowed to walk free.
As it is well known by many in America – blacks have been the target for attacks for 100’s of years. Now the fact that Ron Paul has finally brought this TRUTH to the forefront – it just goes to show – they have known about it all the time, but have refused to do anything about it or bring more of an awareness to this discrimination against blacks in America.
I have been in too many conversations over the past four years with conservatives, conservative christians, right wingers,  and tea parties and I have NEVER conversed with ONE that has admitted to what Ron Paul has admitted to in the second video below. I will admit – Every Last One of those on the right I have conversed with have ALL labeled blacks as being the one who put their-self in the position to be in jail – and the comments they make are –

  1. blacks are lazy and they don’t want to work – so they sell drugs or steal
  2. blacks just want a hand out
  3. blacks have a chip on their shoulder
  4. blacks need to move on past talking about slavery and what it has done to their race.
  5. Dr. King only needed two pall bearers – because that’s all it takes to take out the trash
  6. more I choose not to say. .

It’s time to come together as a nation and stand together – and stop separating ourselves by color and stop having so much hatred against one another – I will also add that Pastor Kenneth Glasgow is overlooked by many media sources – and to just name of few of the black media outlets – BET, CENTRIC, TV One, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Essences, Ebony, JET and a host of other black media who targets blacks have over looked some of the great works Dr. Glasgow has accomplished. Stop blocking and hating – Start SHEDDING, SHARING, SHOWING, SPEAKING and SPREADING THE TRUTH.
If I am wrong ? Correct me with RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH – DO NOT attempt to correct me with deceptions, lies and trickery.




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  1. Ron Paul Supporter

    Ron Paul says a lot of things that the establishment of both parties do not want said because the truth can be painful. I think since most blacks are actually imprisoned over drug laws as RP mentioned last night, the best solution is to end the prohibition on drugs just as we did on alcohol. The biggest groups fighting that out of financial self interest will be prison guard unions, police unions, and the owners of private prisons who each have support among the two parties. So once again, both mainstream democrats and republicans will unite on an issue to screw the public.

    The more people who learn the truth, however, the easier it will be to overcome. In my view, that is why Ron Paul is so hated by both sides in DC.

    • Seems that you left out many parts like the judicial systems, education systems, economic systems, war systems, medical and insurance systems that discriminate just as hard against blacks and non-whites.

      As far as pushing to legalize everything – the system should be EQUAL and FAIR instead of openly discriminating against blacks. This issue is talked about in the black communities and among and to the left wingers in this country.

      It is the right wingers who have refused to acknowledge the truth.
      Again. I have over 4 years of documentation, research and study dealing with right wingers.

  2. Ron Paul Supporter

    BTW, what the neo-con dominated right also hates about Ron Paul is the movement he has started that does NOT agree with the conversations you have had with people typically associated with the right. Check out some sites like Lewrockwell.com or tomwoods.com for a similar libertarian mindset that will one day take over the right with the millions of youth who are beginning to see the light on all sides of the spectrum about war, civil liberties, the drug wars, etc.

    • Well … my RESEARCH and STUDY is over. I’ve 47. I’ve heard and seen enough.
      I am not a member of any political party – I am only a member of THE PARTY OF GOD THE FATHER, JESUS THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST.

      The right wing is totally evil – and for Ron Paul to be a part of it ? It makes him just as guilty. I have seen no where that he has raised AWARENESS or FOUGHT to FREE the many blacks discriminated and imprisoned in America. Only now… during an election.

      Is there video of him talking about this the other time(s) he has ran for President ?

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