The After Math of evil and wickedness when MISSING 14 YEAR OLD RETURNS HOME in the black community of Montgomery, AL

    After willie knight and instill o israel became evil and wicked on the comments attached to the picture asking all to help spread the word. POSITIVE WOMAN posted this on her wall.

    POSITIVE WOMAN –  who posted the photo of a missing girl and was helping and working with others to help get the word out posted this  on here FaceBook Wall – not long after she was found.

    b4 I go to sleep let me clarify something. This FB page belongs to POSITIVE WOMAN, I say what I mean and really mean what I say. When I posted a flyer about a missing child the posts turned n2 craziness but 1 in particular Willie Knight has been blocked from my page. He insists that I posted the flyer for my own claim 2 fame and posted some other lies. I must say this slave to ignorance and tomfoolery doesn’t kno that I contacted the parent of this child b4 posting her picture on a flyer. See that’s what you do when minors are involved. You don’t post minors pictures without parental consent. Whoever baptized this manchild-imp(fairy or demon) in that pool of stupidity and ignorance take back in some Holy Water cause he’s a Holy Fool. #chompsaren’tallowedonmypage

      • Dennis C. LathamI’m RE-POSTING THIS ON MY WALL ……

      • Dennis C. Lathamthat’s the problem RIGHT THERE …. let him get away with it.

      •  Instill O Israel

        ‎@ POSITIVE WOMAN,
        Understand something about us, we are real. We are wariors of The Most High totally. We got a job to do and we perform it very well. Willie, has dialog and perticpated in our study groups a time of two as well as he has called our radio program and shown loved for the Black community, so yes once again I love that brotha as I love William Boyd and you too Sis! We are family, we are one. What part of that dilo you not understand?We @ the Institute have been conducting a radio show to educate our people for over a year now but most of you, negros dont listen or call or consider. But, you will wish you had once the Fema camps come. Let me say, As for as someone not being real, we are not worry about turncoats, I don’t nor the brothas or sistas of The Institute of Israel don’t have to watch anything, cross the Lord’s truth servents and warriors The Most High will put you to death! The Most High will remove you not I. I can give you an A list of names of people who tried me and The Lord remove them they are no longer on this side.

        I refuse to conform to a lie, prop as the truth. Which brings me to my next point, which is Lynn Bowden Poppwell the white woman trying to pass herself off as an Native American. The same devil who saying who we are not in the earth. I guess this bitch wants her Tim Tebow moment too huh? But, it’s short live just like his career will be. This dog Lynn Poppwell Edomite by blood, this devil, this bitch come on the post like she is so concern about a little Black girl missing, all along this devil is here dening us our nationality, like most racist devils living as Edomites in the earth. What she was saying, “a nigga couldn’t be God’s chosen people.” It’s obvious she has not read the entire bible, huh?

      • Furthermore, when have I or any other member of the institute bomb, rapped, lynched, burned alive or fed an Edomite baby to an alligators? When have I stood in the door to prevent a white student from entering into the doors of a highschool or college? When did we at the Instill resegregate the public schools in Montgomery? When have we pissed in faces of a dead body in a foreign land that was not ours? Poppwell wouldn’t answer the hard question would she? What you, POSITIVE WOMAN should ask that devil if we are not the lost children of Israel who the fuck are we? I am so goddamn sick of white (Edomites) people saying who we are not when they know damn well who we are! And if the so call Black in America are not the real Jews then who and where are they? And since that dog tried to go around the scriptures that I provided that proves that we are the real Jews and they are not……. Also, ask her if the so call white man is a Jew then where are the other 11 tribes of Israel are at? Don’t you know that why Negros fight today because we have no sense of nationality. The same devil here playing like she was so concern for this little girl safty comes from the same bastards who took our nationality & lineage from us? The game playing for all of us Black people should be over at this point! The children of perdition has and will reveal it’s self and you negros who love and have conform to their heathen way of life are going to see Satan for what and who he truly is. Because anybody that would take a black baby and feed it to a alligator cannot be trusted and to think, you all have embraced their way of life! (SMH) So whatever you get in the future wouldn’t you agree you deserve it?
      • POSITIVE WOMAN – that’s good Instill O Israel but I do NOT like Willie Knight not because of yesterday this manchild had a record a serious record of stupidity. This isn’t anything I heard its what I kno and I have seen his wickedness so if you guys can man him up do so I just have no love AT ALL for him period, that’s real and I’ll take it to the grave because its very few very few that I have a disdain for and he is one.

      •  Dennis C. Latham

        POSITIVE WOMAN ???? – 1.) if they cared anything about you ? They would have told willie knight to apologize to you.
        2.) they hate all whites – they say whites, asians and arabs can’t go to HEAVEN ….. why do you allow them to even talk to you – that also is crazy.
        3.) There statement – “”I refuse to conform to a lie”” – that’s a lie from the pits of hell ……..
        4.) they hate “”Lynn Bowden Poppwell”” – POSITIVE WOMAN ? You should know better – but you seem to bow to these demonic lunatics.
        5.) How can you ask a bunch of children – to turn willie knight into a man.
      • Dennis C. Latham

        POSITIVE WOMAN they have no respect for the people who died to get us where we are today ….. that’s why they are trying to reverse everything – I hope you don’t fall to their tactics …… they DO NOT SERVE THE MOST HIGH GOD – they serve satan – that’s why they hate JESUS ….. and speak NOTHING of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD ……

        You are talking with the same people who condoned and promoted willie knight to attack you – I know you can’t be stupid POSITIVE WOMAN.
        I know you are smarter than that.

      • Dennis C. Latham They cuss at you POSITIVE WOMAN– you deserve better than that – they have no respect for your ELEGANCE …. and your WOMANHOOD ….. cast these demons out of your head –

      • Dennis C. LathamPOSITIVE WOMAN – THE WORD OF GOD says LOVE your enemies – but it says nothing about keeping them close to you – and in daily conversation.

        that saying – keep your friends close and your enemies closer ?

      • Dennis C. LathamPOSITIVE WOMAN– you need to stop belittling yourself – you don’t need them – and I’m DONE for now.


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