satan’s claws (society) is dug in too much – “”christians”” defending the tree @ Christ’s Birthday Celebration Time

I’m not going to beg you to make a cross for you and put it up.

you know I don’t work like that – I OFFER what I have FOR FREE – and then if it is not taken ? I don’t allow it to stay UNWRAPPED and SPOIL – PEACE UNTO YOU.

    • Person 1 objecting.

      my goodness!!! That’s how y’all handle each other in Bama?
    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@Person 1 objecting??? I see nothing wrong with THE TRUTH – but I do see something wrong with a christmas tree. Specially in a BLACK Community, Home or Mentality.

    • Dennis C. Latham um … @Person 1 objecting ?? the only division I see here – is you trying to HIDE THE TRUTH …. and trying to send THE TRUTH to a SECRET PLACE.
      I don’t do PRIVATE – when it comes to matters about my community, my people or my country or GOD’S WORD. but the devil does. BOOOO YAH !!!!!

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@Person 1 objecting??? I also see you are engulfed into the christmas tree tradition from hell and against GOD. You might want to back away and down from me – because I will tell you how terrible it is that you bully your children – and lie to them – and let you know for real – A LYING TONGUE IS AN ABOMINATION UNTO GOD ….. then you will ponder on what to say next – of how harmless it is – to attempt to spit in GOD’S FACE.

    • Person 1 objecting.
      Even the Lord does things decently and in order. I won’t question your intentions but really??? All in the name of Christ? Your approach vs. His is waaaaay off.

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@Person 1 objecting– “”All in the name of Christ”” ??? REALLY ? but you probably have your tree up already – RIGHT ? and still lying to your children ? RIGHT ?

    • Dennis C. Latham YOU ARE OUT OF ORDER and have too much evil in you and instilling that evil into the youth – YOU ARE OUT OF ORDER.

    • Person 1 objecting.
      presumptions now???

    • Dennis C. Latham Your “”presumptions””
      “” I won’t question your intentions but really??? All in the name of Christ? Your approach vs. His is waaaaay off.””

    • Person 1 objecting.
      for being on page behaving like a judge & jury?

    • Dennis C. Latham There is no B U OR T in GOD OR JESUS

    • Dennis C. Latham Proverbs 31:9
      Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
      Back Off satan – LOL – you have NO GROUND HERE – THIS IS HOLY GROUND !!!

    • Person 1 objecting.
      Speaking in such an ugly manner on on someone else’s – that’s just plain RUDE. You can get the same message across without rudeness or being discourteous.

    • Dennis C. Latham NOTICE – a lying tongue

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@Person 1 objecting? a lying tongue is rude and ugly – will you please list ONE LIE i have told here ? or anywhere else ?

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@Person 1 objecting – I LOVE YOU – and I know you are use to things being sugar coated and watered down – I know it’s not your fault – but it is your fault if you don’t get up out of that mess – ADDRESS that mess and become a GREAT WOMAN – and not one that wears their knees out bowing to a devil ….. and forcing your kids to do the same. – it’s gonna hurt later.
    • OWNER OF WALL on FaceBook  This is just another day’s JOURNEY!! @Person 1 objecting,,sorry–“If I told you” ,you wouldn’t understand.
    • Dennis C. Latham ‎””Even the Lord does things decently and in order””like when HE fed the MULTITUDE ??? JESUS did that in SECRET ?

      For the record ? even the devil does things OUT OF ORDER – like christmas tress – far males in red suits with flying reindeer ……

      This is A FEEDING – A LESSON – to remove this curse of tress from over my people.

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎@OWNER OF WALL on FaceBook ??? Don’t act like what I am saying is WRONG – you need to take a stand – if you are going to be the Mayor of West Montgomery – DO THE RIGHT THING – DEAL IN THE WHOLE TRUTH – and not the pockets of lucyfur.
    • OWNER OF WALL on FaceBook  She asked that her name be removed from this conversation..I honored her wish..
    • Dennis C. Latham no problem …. delete the whole post if you like …..
    • Dennis C. Latham I have all of the original comments anyway – so you may remove only her comments – because I know how you all operate – you want it to look like I am crazy – saying that you are full of evil – and talking to myself – coward and punk move OWNER OF WALL on FaceBook – she could have deleted her own comments …… BUSTED AGAIN – I told you about raising up against WHAT GOD HAS SAID.

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