The South Was NEVER Fully Integrated – good ole boys are still OVER LOOKED and UNPUNISHED

The south has and was never fully integrated ……
Just because you allowed the kids to go to integrated schools …
Just because you allowed blacks to have some jobs and some votes
Did not integrate the mentality or the white supremacy system of America.

The good ole boys are still running the south.
That’s why Melvin Williams was just shot and killed recently by a cop who had NO POWER OF ARREST.
That’s why Troy King was murdered –
That’s why The Carolyn Smith / Antonio Haigler Law Suit was lost – after it was proven the police planted drugs – and Montgomery Alabama City Attorney stacy reed told an officer to sign a false document – and that officer did just that – That was proven during the law suit.
Still …..Carolyn Smith / Antonio Haigler got nothing – not even compensation for the surgery she had to have on her knee – after being pushed by one of the officers.

That’s why I have video of elected officals, cops and government workers – COMMITTING CRIMES – but no one will lift a finger – because everyone seems to be afraid and scared of the good ole boys of the south – I’m not …..


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