from the finger and mind tips of Erika ColdBlooded Oldham-Faulk – hating on Dennis C. Latham – shame shame


Erika ColdBlooded Oldham-Faulk

Erika ColdBlooded Oldham-Faulk from FaceBook

Erika ColdBlooded Oldham-Faulk from FaceBook

U r a RELIGIOUS WHORE and I mean that in the worst possible way! U are a baboon, a moron, and a joke. U r a PLAGUE on the blk race. U are about as holy as DOG SHIT on the bottom of Satan’s shoe. U act like ppl r out 2 get u but guess wat?! “”They’re not bc u dont fuckin MATTER!!! The very white ppl u claim r after u r LAUGHING at u! U aint shit! PPL on FB dont like u and yet u go on thier pages and post only so they can inbox each other about how fucking NUTS ur HOMOPHOBIC ass really is! Ur video’s look like shit and honestly I’ve seen better 4rm ppl have ur age. Ur a fuckin CRACKPOT! Ur as useless as the DEVIL’s LIMP DICK! These religious euphemisms doin it 4 ya bc I can do this all day. U should be lynched and if u died 2day I would piss on ur grave. U should b put in a box shot up, set on fire, and then have ur black Jigga boo ass mailed back 2 Africa! U r the most disgusting PIECE of, hypocritical, militant, political shit stain in MONTGOMERY! If I had dick I would tell u 2 suck it! And now that u know how i REALLY feel about u….u r more than welcome 2 KILL YOSELF!!! BOO YAH…..BITCH!””
Income Maintenance Caseworker I at Department of Social ServicesStudied Religious studies at Grand Canyon UniversityLives in New Bern, North CarolinaKnows White-bred Ebonics, good old EnglishFrom Montgomery, AlabamaBorn on September 11, 1985
All I can say ? is ……
WOW …… does she really hate me …. LOL –  the more they hate ? THE MORE I LOVE THEM and PRAY FOR THEM. MORE COMMENTS from her wall @ 

“”Wow….so sum1 posted a video and asked 4 responses and when I gave mine they deleted me KMSL! Sum ppl r such HYPOCRITES!! Dont claim 2 b this OPEN-MINDED, FREE-SPIRITED person when u cant even stand 4 sum1 2 disagree w/ u! Thats crazy! “”
  • Myth #8- YES! Blk ppl can get hair lice! However it is rare due to the thickness and texture of our hair. I’m pretty sure the oils and chemicals were use play a part in it as well. When I was younger I actually had a blk classmate sent home 4 having lice! *EW*

    Share · 2 hours ago near New Bern, NC ·

  • Myth #7- Black ppl CAN get sun burned. Although melanin is our natural UV protection, and obviously blk ppl have more of it, u can still burn. There is the misconception that many of us simply get darker but keep in mind u can only get so dark b4 u burn. I kno ppl darker than me who get sunburned and yet I’ve never had one. However I also avoid being in the sun like that lol I also wear sunscreen REGARDLESS of that bc the sun can AGE ur skin. 🙂

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