evil fred and wicked v8440 on WSFA site again – Gibbs Village residents band together to prevent crime

Above is the link – it might be gone –  no telling with WSFA
they condone, harbor and promote racism – but when a black stands up ?  They go to deleting.
Dennis Latham
It’s about time …… All communities should have done this years ago –

if you see something ? say something.

Today, 04:47:13
Yeah your right, but why is all this going on in the first place to even have to worry about it.
Today, 08:35:15
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Dennis Latham
because of the way the system is set up – it’s set up to hurt some and protect others.

blacks have always been under attack – and specially in the dirty south.
THUS – you never hear about any UNARMED WHITE MEN being gunned down –
BUT ? unarmed black men are gunned down all the time.
and it’s not because the targets the police use are WHITE PAPER with a BLACK FIGURE – ALL OF THE TIME.

blacks have their rights stripped from them all the time – and there are very few people who will stand up with those blacks – to get their right back – so …. blacks are picked on purposely.

Harassment from police keeps their pockets broke – being turned down on jobs keep their pockets broke.
What else is there to do when you are poor and broke but to go out and create crime to survive ?

Prisons accept blacks and incarcerate them – and the same EXACT crimes that whites commit? They walk FREE.
Black gets caught with a small amount of crack ? They go to prison for 5,10, 15, and 20 years.
White gets caught with a POUND OF POWDER – they get very little time – if any time at all.
Nothing near 5 or 10 years …..

There is more to the picture than that – but some people have been trained to abuse others
some people still haven’t learned how to take the abuse and move on
should we pay people to abuse us ? Why are blacks treated the same as everyone else ? Like whites ?

Any arguments against this ? I have proof of it right here in Montgomery Alabama for the past 24 years.

Today, 10:07:53
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Dennis Latham
Also ?? The police in the past have allowed it to go on for so long – it’s out of control –
Today, 10:08:35
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You can listen to dennis and his big long “we is victims” rant if you want too ,but i’ll give you the actual quick, short easy, answer…There are very few people in the black community that have any moral values..There ya go plain ,easy ,simple, and honest answer!
Today, 12:42:20
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Dennis Latham
I’m not a victim – but FEEL FREE to show where I have lied …….

as far as morals ???? it is whites who murdered Native Americans
it is a white thomas jefferson who murdered 1,000’s of Native Americans in Florida after they surrendered.
it was whites who slaughtered many Native American camps and villages and now call it Thanksgiving.
it was whites who held blacks in slavery for over 300+ years in America
it is and was whites who lie all through the history books – painting themselves as GOOD AND PERFECT but hiding all of the evils they’ve done
it is and was whites who labeled columbus for discovering America – when it was never lost – and other countries were here vitiating in the early to mid 1300’s

whites killed Evers, King, Kennedy, Kennedy and many more GREAT PEOPLE in America

the victim here in America – are the evil and wicked whites – because they have so many evils to hide and cover up

that makes the GOOD WHITES and the GOOD BLACKS fight against each other.

it’s white republicans, conservative christians and t-baggers who claim to be Christians – but act like devils.

Oh boy, here we go again. Ya’ll have to stir all this up yet again?
Today, 13:48:19
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Dennis Latham
nothing to stir up – unless you can list or “”QUOTE”” one single lie I have told.
Today, 14:18:02
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Actually, I quite openly busted you in a lie about 5 months ago. I called you on it, and pretty well proved it. I think it was something you said about me, something about what I was thinking or how I felt about something. I can’t remember for sure, like I said, it was about 5 months ago. In any case, if there’s nothing to stir up then how about you guys just let it lay? It’s like watching Ray Charles and Helen Keller argue over what the color blue looks like. It’s entertaining, but there’s not much use in it.
Today, 14:34:18
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Dennis Latham
@v8440 –

There is nothing funny to me about “”Ray Charles and Helen Keller”” arguing “”over what the color blue looks like””

I don’t see any humor in people who can’t see – I don’t find humor in people who don’t have all of their 5 senses.

“”I think it was something you said about me, something about what I was thinking or how I felt about something.””

If it’s anything like what you have said here today ? Laughing at those who might not have all of their senses ?

I will say right now – you are an insensitive and wicked person – to even mention laughing at someone who is without.

and I know for a FACT – that Ray Charles didn’t ASK TO BE BLINDED.
and I know for a FACT – that Helen Keller didn’t ASK TO BE DEAF, MUTE, BLIND or any of that.

Matter of fact ?
Because THE HOLY BIBLE TELL me – the road to hell is wide and the ROAD TO HEAVEN IS NARROW.
I believe the real and true people of this earth are those who were born NOT like everyone else.
and those without special needs who laugh at those with special needs ?
and those who don’t stand up for RIGHTEOUSNESS harm. laugh, and kill those who do stand up for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

So you can call me a liar about how I feel about you – but I say – you are evil and wicked to even bring up or think about laughing at anyone who has a disability – you brought it up – and I can sure FINISH IT.

Today, 14:47:06
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The year is 2011 and i’m speaking in terms of modern day population you have good and bad over all the races,but on average ,at least gathered from what i see, when i’m out and about, it’s easy to see who has less and more moral values. Not only do i see this when i’m going around town ,but i also see it on video’s online and what the average people talk about when they are online.
Today, 14:21:33
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Dennis Latham
“”but on average ,at least gathered from what i see,””

This is from what YOU SEE – so don’t hate on what another sees.
and don’t hate – on someone who has seen this and worked with many who work in trying to CHANGE THINGS FOR THE BETTER – for ALL RACES and not just one race or a few races.

whilst you attempt to condemn what I say – and NEVER being able to LIST ONE SINGLE lie.

“” when i’m out and about, it’s easy to see who has less and more moral values.””

Who might that be ?
I see where whites hold the record in suicides and pedophiles – and many other crimes ….
I’m not even going to go towards elected officials and law enforcement.

How many unarmed white man can you list that have been gunned down by police
I can list too many unarmed black males who are gunned down by police.

“” Not only do i see this when i’m going around town “”

where about do you go around town ?

“”,but i also see it on video’s online””

what video’s are you talking about ……
are you talking about the evil and wicked films that are put out almost DAILY by hollywood that spread negativity all over the world ? Those video’s with those HIHH BODY COUNTS, MURDERS, RAPE, SEX, DRUGS, ALCOHOL and every other immoral sin that GOD is against ?

“” and what the average people talk about when they are online.”””

What and Who are average people ?
Right wing conservatives ? Who have sites JUST to spread lies about everyone who doesn’t follow them blindly ?

What and Who are the average people ?


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