The CONFUSED, DEMONIC and TWISTED mentality of ‎Instill O Israel of Montgomery, AL – haters of whites, asians and arabs.

  • Dennis C. Latham
    ‎Instill O Israel says ….
    anyone who votes is simple ….. a simple negro …..
    IF ? This is TRUE ? We all need to embrace this and not vote.
    IF ? This is NOT TRUE ? We all need to embrace this and tell these simple negroesInstill O Israel to stop calling us names because we choose to vote.
    WE as a people have that right – to CLEAN UP our communities and to clean up and throw out dirt.

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    • Instill O Israel

      ‎@ Dennis, since you want to call us out when in fact we were finished with this issue. Let me explain our point. Everything we give you is Thus say the Most High. Why vote when Black women have 1,600 abortion a week. You simpletons are dep…See More
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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎1.) Why won’t you address the issue of black women having abortions ? Why must you address so many things at one time ????

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎2.) Why won’t you address the issue of the black males who are getting these women pregnent ?

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎3.) Why won’t you address the parents – who allow their kids to roam free all over the city – not knowing where they are ? Giving their kids as much time as they need to have sex and make babies – instead of getting an education or learning a trade ?

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎4.) Why won’t you address the issue that white abortions are not recorded and kept track of like black abortions.

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    • Dennis C. Latham ‎5.) Just because someone votes for someone to be in office – to run a specific part of government – does not mean – they are putting that person OVER THEIR GOD – why won’t you address the lies you told on me this day – you demonic ignorant idiotic lunatic.

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    • Dennis C. Latham Your Words “”Dennis, since you want to call us out when in fact we were finished with this issue.””

      You lying bastard – It’s never over when you call anyone who votes a simple negroe – why is it you never discuss THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD ? Because you don’t know what it is ? Why is it you all don’t discuss JESUS ??? JESUS won’t let you into HEAVEN – DENY JESUS HERE and JESUS will deny you before HIS FATHER.

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    • Dennis C. Latham Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
      Matthew 10:32 – King James Bible

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    • Dennis C. Latham pull your head out of the devil’s butt crack

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    • Dennis C. Latham stop licking the devil between his butt cheeks …. it’s not a nice picture.

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    • Instill O Israel Dennis, Read Duet 28 Chapter it does ALL of the addressing, that you are asking me for. I dont have time to go over the ABC, 133 with you. I got a nation we are trying to save. If you were truly a man of the God like you claim you would know that. If you were truly a man of God you would know that we are NOT suppose to vote. , but you are NOT a man of God that why you don’t know these things

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    • Dennis C. Latham MEN OF GOD don’t lie – you pathetic homo

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    • Dennis C. Latham you have lied many times this day ….. I’m done with this

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    • Instill O Israel Hey, Dennis who is the nation of Moab in the earth??????? Can you tell me Mr. Dennis Latham. Mr. Man of God

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    • Dennis C. Latham I DON’T LIE – you do – who do you think the people are going to believe ? A LIAR or someone who STANDS ON AND UP FOR TRUTH ???

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    • Dennis C. Latham

      Instill O Israel of Montgomery, AL. – full of lies and deceptions – always refusing to address when.

      Instill O Israel This proves that America is spiritually Egypt all of the custo…See More
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    • Dennis C. Latham <—- sits back and laughs …. because this clown has told multiple lies – and thinks changing the subject every time – is going to block GOD from seeing it … LOL

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