allegedly george brown of Alabama Public Service Commission – See the mentality of un-americans who hate to see other Americans treated equally in America.

george brown seems to have deleted all of his posts…  since I have called his job.
He has also left the group that this post was made in – why hide and run – if you are doing what is right ?

It seems he was harassing me, calling me names, attempting to tick me off on FaceBook – while he was at work – on the expense of The Tax Payers.
his profile on FaceBook. – and a photo to verify it.
george brown Utility Analyst at Alabama Public Service Commission Montgomery Alabama

george brown Utility Analyst at Alabama Public Service Commission Montgomery Alabama


Dennis C. Latham

PROOF – I was blocked ….. but now ?
Mayor todd strange will have my posts coming up – when people do a search for him soon – very very soon.

Notice how I am blocked from SPREADING THE TRUTH – by a criminal. 1 todd strange – hiding his evils 2 3 4 5…
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        • George Brown Congrats! Are you Woodward or Bernstein?

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        • Dennis C. Latham you hating maggot. hater of THE TRUTH …..I hope you like the view in satan’s butt crack

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        • Dennis C. Latham I am Dennis C. Latham – and I don’t have to hide my face.

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        • George Brown More Butt Crack. Dude, come on out the closet. You are making it obvious with you hourly references.

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        • George Brown The C. must stand for Crack.

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        • Dennis C. Latham

          because you choose to be in the devil’s butt crack – does not mean I am in it or want to be in it – I am and will be of THINGS GODLY and I will always fight against evil and wickedness – yet ? I FORGIVE YOU – because you know not what you d…See More
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        • George Brown Invest in the psychotic drugs you were prescribed all those years ago. One tablet everyday was not a suggestion.

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        • Dennis C. Latham PROVE IT …..

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        • Dennis C. Latham you only want to discredit me – to help evil prevail over my people – everyone knows – I DO NOT lie – but everyone here sees that you are a hater of THE TRUTH and you hate those who bring THE TRUTH – I guess you are so used to making money from lies – it’s just your way of life and lifestyle now – have your mess and misery – I HAVE TRUE JOY !!!

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        • Dennis C. Latham still … you are afraid to show your face – something the klans did and still do ….. you are of an evil foundation.

          3 minutes ago · Like
        • George Brown We have gotten several good jibes in and you havent challenged me to a fist fight yet. You must be tired today. By the way, I hope Strange loses tomorrow. He is bad for Montgomery. But your rethoric is bad for the Capital City too.

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        • Dennis C. Latham You are a trouble maker – I am only seeking JUSTICE that has been denied to me – You ? Just don’t want me to have JUSTICE – but I will get it – THIS LIFE and THE AFTER LIFE.
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        • George Brown Do the voices in your head speak in complete sentences or is it random words screaming at you?

          5 minutes ago · Like
        • Dennis C. Latham if ? you wanted todd strange to loose tomorrow ? You wouldn’t be trying to discredit THE TRUTH I have shared with the people.

          3 minutes ago · Like
        • Dennis C. Latham keep bringing it …. it only gives me more evidence … and as you know – I love evidence – just like your attacks on me here – and the attacks of Alabama Public Service Commission against me also – I LOVE IT – and I LOVE YOU TOO – but I won’t allow you to walk over me. You will be exposed – sooner or later.

          2 seconds ago · Like
        • Dennis C. Latham I’m talking to your so called job …. I’m going to see if you are supposed to be FaceBooking or working ….. and if you cared anything about me getting JUSTICE ? You would help and show me the right way – instead of telling me to join the same people who abuse me and steal from me.

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        • Dennis C. Latham I sure hope you are at home today – and not at work – wasting our tax dollars – …….

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        • Dennis C. Latham Don’t try to run either – I have a friend who works there – and they are getting that information for me RIGHT NOW ….. I PRAY you are not a thief and stealing our tax dollars to call me names here on FaceBook -when utility companies like Alabama Power is out there over charging people with those OLD FAULTY SPINNING METERS.

          about an hour ago · Like
        • Dennis C. Latham NOW ? Do you people see how to run the devil away ?
          EXPOSE their evils – don’t back down – contact their superiors.
          WATCH THEM FLEE …..

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George Brown – from his FaceBook Page.
Utility Analyst at Alabama Public Service Commission
this conversation start around 2:50PM.
should not he be at work ?


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