George Brown of Alabama Public Service Commission – hmmmm … is he @ work or what ?

Dennis C. Latham
this is clearly Montgomery and clearly Alabama ……
money talks – good ole boys walk free again…..
blacks are still the target – and they are too busy licking white butt crack to see it.

Federal prosecutors didn’t get a single conviction in Alabama’s gambling corruption trial Thursday when jurors acquitted or failed to reach a verdict on all the charges against the nine defendants…

George Brown Could you give us some truths, proofs and evidence of this activity? How about skid marked faces, chocolate chins or maybe the tell tale dirty sanchez. Anything that would prove your ridiculous paronoid point.

Dennis C. Latham ok …. you are right now licking and smoking white butt cracks.

George Brown Just what I figured, more idiotic nonsense under the guise of religious and moral outrage. I would suggest that you not skip taking your medicine (EVERYDAY) and the moderator of this forum remove you so adults can talk.

Dennis C. Latham I don’t care if you don’t like THE TRUTH nor that it hurts your spineless, gutless and nuttless body …. you attack me with your words … and I TELL THE TRUTH about you – yet you want me kicked out – I care nothing about this group you coward – because EVERYWHERE I GO ? I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH ….. so while you are attempting to cuit down someone who brings THE WHOLE TRUTH ? pull your head out of the white racists butt crack – and face reality

Dennis C. Latham yet what I say here ? I WILL SAY TO YOUR FACE.

Dennis C. Latham seven are an abomination unto him:
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Dennis C. Latham ‎George Brown – I”m still exposing the fact that you attempted to trick me into joining a crooked company who has ripped me off and many other companies – the bad thing is ….. AFTER I gave information of how they ripped me off – you suggested that I buy stocks and join that company …… you are a weak individual – and to call me paranoid ? Because blacks are still the target ? You are just working for the good ole boys and have your head buried in white butt crack.

George Brown Since you are obviously a child; when you reference me, I am Mr. Brown.

Dennis C. Latham when I reference you ? It will be only to expose your hate for blacks having TRUE KNOWLEDGE about the whites and the white owned companies that are against them – and that your head is stuck in a white butt crack.

George Brown You keep referencing cracks, it is ok to come out of that closet.

Dennis C. Latham What I speak is TRUTH – yet you still fight with falseness …. have fun in all of that – and I hope one day you find PEACE. I just hope you find it before it is too late. You can’t keep slandering and lying your whole life and get away with it at the end.

George Brown I hope you find that special crack that makes you happy and quit playing with the Lord.

Dennis C. Latham My life is an open book – and I have no skeletons in the closet.
You shouldn’t worry whether I play with THE LORD or not.
You need to worry about your abominations against THE LORD.
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Dennis C. Latham only the lord you serve deals in cracks ….. MY LORD DEALS IN DOORS, MOUNTAINS, WALLS and WINDOWS MOVED at the command of THE TRUE LOVERS OF GOD, THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS and THE TRUR RECEIVERS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD … get you some – when you stop hating on blacks with KNOWLEDGE, TRUTH AND WISDOM.

George Brown Obviously open comic book

Dennis C. Latham not comic enough for you to say that to my face though.

George Brown One of the chosen, not turning the other cheek. I fight with lawyers. If we as a people did the same. The prison industrial complex would fail. Is this how you and your beloved Black folks handle disagreement? Is this the truth you see in their/our future. Wisen up before you step to the wrong person. You can’t fight “The Man” from the graveyard or Kilby. You will definately find the white, black and brown butt crack you repeatedly reference.

Dennis C. Latham all I say here ??? I will say to your face …. and JESUS is the only lawyer I need – not these crooked attorney’s of alabama – you are sounding like a real weak coward now …. trying intimidation ? LOL – Alabama Prison’s couldn’t hold me you lunatic – I would start a REVOLUTION that would make waco tx look like a skid mark in your underwear. Bring your threats ….. just do me a favor … AN FOLLOW THROUGH …….

Dennis C. Latham as far as turning the other cheek ? where have you struck my flesh to given me a chance to turn the other cheek ?

Dennis C. Latham There you go again – trying to get someone to buy into crooked lawyers …. promoting evil and wickedness and trying to get people to fall for that …… I LOVE IT when evil is EXPOSED through people like you.

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