chris miles – threatens kevin elkins – OPENLY on FaceBook – then changes his story..

Below are the posts. Figure it out for yourself.

Christopher Miles
The Coon Caricature of, “A White man Trapped in Black Man’s body!” Mr. Kevin Elkins

By: Chris Miles

To Whom It May Concern,
This is to and about Kevin “Mayor of The Air waves” Elkins, the black man that claims he is trapped where he don’t want to be. Kevin Elkins your cooning days are officially over. I want you to know, I am official at your ass and it’s perpetual, my distain for you will have absolutely NO end. So, that means there will be no truce whatsoever, until one of us is destroyed permanently and I don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon, you coon. Any, one that’s come to your defense, I’m drawing the lines around them as well.

This is the final call for “Uncle Tom, Stepin Fetchit, Sambo Kevin Elkins. I’m asking ALL of my people, who I love dearly (I put my life on the line everyday), my black and Hispanics brothers and sisters not to ever purchase or do any business ever again with this coon. Kevin Elkins, is low life bastard, sale-out, a benedict arnold to the Black community and should be hauled off and mistreated purposely for treason. It’s time for us to discharge people in our community that beat up, and tear down us as a people. Let him GO because he has let us GO!

18 hours ago via Facebook Mobile
  • Christopher Miles
    To Whom It May Concern,
    …Mr. Kevin Elkins said last-night via text messaging to me, that I had made a terrorist threat to him in my posting and he Kevin Elkins threaten (me) to put the MPD, Montgomery Sheriff Dept and or the FBI on me if it did STOP I told him to BRING IT!! Because, I have never NOT one time ever threaten Kevin Elkins. I don’t have to make threats to anyone or anything. This is why, I don’t

    Roman 12:19
    19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    Now that we have surpass that, let’s get back to, “The WHITE MAN TRAPPED in a black man’s body.”

    Mr. Kevin Elkins has continue to prove that he is against his own people as he said on yesterday Jim Crow was a good thing for Black people. Kevin Elkins continues to prove day after day, on a daily basis that he is truly,”A white man trapped in a Black man’s body.”

    Kevin Elkins still remain defiant, he has deleted ALL REAL Black men that would stand up and fight against the racist regime of the far right, tea party conservative friends and associates who would and has called and entitled, Black people on his Facebook page “Boy, Coons, Cool-Aid Drinkers, Welfare Parasites, and Niggers.”

    Still, Kevin Elkins keep these racist individuals around to fill their appetite of distain for any Black person or persons that would show manhood for his beliefs, wether it be for his own community or Obama. These radical white supremacist, TEA PARTY conservative friends of Kevin Elkins who would rather see every Black man, woman and child back in the fields picking cotton and have prove it through their antics.

    These individuals continue to say horrible disgusting things about Black people daily. And it’s blatantly exacerbate on Kevin Elkins’ Facebook page. Here are the names of some of Kevin Elkins’ conservative friends who has use racial epithets, or tried to force you to except their dollar store brand of Christianity. The names of the guilty is as follows: Charlie Grayson, Ann Hornsby Jones, Bill Mooneyham, Rock Hunter, Bud Epps, Greg Budell, Barnie and Marie, Ann Prior and Pauly Ticks. Even when reviewing these individuals FB page Kevin Elkins seem to be the only Black person they know or at lease have befriended.

    These are the individuals who are guilty as charge on Kevin Elkins’ Facebook page who has use racial overtone as well as undertones at Black people daily and Kevin Elkins has applauded their actions daily. As these individuals come out everyday with distain for Obama and of course Blacks. If anyone listen to Kevin Elkins on the radio he’s much-worst on the Internet. The name calling of Blacks and Obama by Kevin Elkins’ white tea party friends is outrageous and deplorable.

    Kevin Elkins has said, “It’s their constitution right,” but when real Black men STAND up and show their constitution right to fight the bigotry of white supremacy being brought forth by Kevin Elkins’ tea party racist white Facebook friends on his Facebook page, like a real Stepin Fetchit, a good coon Kevin Elkins come to their defense meaning the ones that would call a Black man, woman or child the N word.

    The message we as Blacks people who understand what it is like to be oppress and disenfranchise by white supremacy need to send to Mr Kevin Elkins, is we will NOT anymore support you under absolutely NO circumstances. The day of the uncle Tom is gone. We could change the dynamics of our community if only we could remove the Kevin Elkins’ of this world out of our community. Kevin Elkins refer to Barack Obama as “Boy” so time to remove Kevin Elkins the uncle Tom from around us completely! Since he a WHITE MAN trapped he needs to go where he is most comfortable!

    47 minutes ago

    chris threatens to kill kevin elkins

    chris threatens to kill kevin elkins

    chris threatens to kill kevin elkins2

    chris threatens to kill kevin elkins2


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  1. But on a black radio talk show in Montgomery Ala. last week several men called to repudiate the conservative host Kevin Elkins who had said I dont understand how any man thats a man can want to hide behind the skirt of a woman for leadership.

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