AlabamaLive on BlogTalkRadio – ??? hmmm… Where is JESUS in purposely attempting to provoke others ?

NOTICE: evil and wicked right wingers will always attack, harass, make fun of others who don’t follow them blindly.
Neither do they like THE WHOLE TRUTH – they tend to always use deceptions and lies.

AlabamaLive From Blog Talk Radio

AlabamaLive From Blog Talk Radio


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The above information may change - but after talking to eddie lewis ...
he says many people have access to this account -
he didn't seem too interested in pin pointing who though. 
We are TOPS (Cohost) = Dennis C. Latham

*** (17:02:52):Welcome to the We are TOPS Chat Room.
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:06:22):
WELCOME TO The Ordinary People Society NIGHTLY Broadcast
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:06:33):
The Official News Portal For The Ordinary People Society
queenkasheba says to  (17:06:51):
blessing love
ALGOP says to  (17:22:14):
hello, hello, HELLO
ALGOP says to  (17:23:32):
Heard you were working with a Garden Dennis well...... A woman was jailed for doing that (93 Days!)
ALGOP says to  (17:26:21):
Chemicals in the Milk! Proof!
ALGOP says to  (17:26:55):
ALGOP says to  (17:27:13): HERE IS THE RIGHT LINK
queenkasheba says to  (17:36:39):
i am here but on the phone right now in new york
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:37:23):
BS word ???
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:37:27):
Bible School?
alabamalive says to (17:38:53):
Is this about Dennis? (The Show) or events around the State and Country? Who cares what happened yesterday.
alabamalive says to (17:40:09):
alabamalive says to (17:41:09):
Good thing the Phone Guest has nothing to say LOL
alabamalive says to (17:41:58):
alabamalive says to (17:43:06):
Fire Trucks to DNA LOLOLOL My My My... Wow!
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:44:10):
ha ha ha
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:44:52):
um ,,, this show is about the topics brought up on the show
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:45:04):
would you like to bring up a topic ? We will be glad to talk aobut it.
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:45:07):
about it ..
alabamalive says to (17:45:38):
95% of this show has been about if Dennis Got BEAT LOL....
alabamalive says to (17:47:41):
What about FREE Health Care to those who are on Visa in this Country?
ALGOP says to  (17:48:06):
"free" LOL yeah right
alabamalive says to (17:48:06):
What about Drug Test for those who are on Wefare?
alabamalive says to (17:48:20):
ALGOP says to  (17:48:29):
not to americans
alabamalive says to (17:48:35):
Thats right
ALGOP says to  (17:49:02):
but then again, is this not a christian, giving, nation?!
alabamalive says to (17:49:05):
But those who come to this country get FREE Medical Care while they are here on Visa's
queenkasheba says to  (17:49:19):
queenkasheba says to  (17:49:41):
you can get seeds from them
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:50:34):
alabama live sounds like a right wing extremist ... LOL
ALGOP says to  (17:50:48):
@alabamalive but then again, is this not a christian, giving, nation?!
alabamalive says to (17:50:52):
I know that as a Tax Payer I have to provide Insurance or PAY for Medical care. A person that is here Visiting on a Visa gets FREE Health Care
alabamalive says to (17:51:17):
Romans 13 1 thru 7
ALGOP says to  (17:51:53):
i got your point, but why not fight the problem and not the effects of the problem...... go after the ones that make health care cost so much
ALGOP says to  (17:52:13):
and go after the bankers that are stealing TRILLIONS
ALGOP says to  (17:52:35):
while everyone else is living in bullS***
ALGOP says to  (17:52:50):
but good point @alabamalive
ALGOP says to  (17:53:03):
and that healthcare bill last year does not help ANY
alabamalive says to (17:53:07):
Untouchables my friend. The Illuminati has seen to that
ALGOP says to  (17:53:38):
no man on the moon?!
alabamalive says to (17:54:02):
I have held a Moon Rock! Thats Not True! I BELIEVE!
ALGOP says to  (17:54:22):
what about the space station in space right now?!
alabamalive says to (17:54:30):
Where is Rod Sterlin? My Goodness
ALGOP says to  (17:54:45):
sounds like another racist
alabamalive says to (17:55:03):
Moon to Blacks behind Bars ROFLMBO! LOL
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:55:48):
@alabamalive: - you are very evil and wicked to do what you are doing - be man enough to call in - tough guy -
ALGOP says to  (17:55:51):
he became popular because he was killed, murdered
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:55:56):
probably stokes .........
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:56:12):
friend of Eddie Lewis ... who I am losing RESPECT for at this very time
alabamalive says to (17:58:22):
Respect? You have name called anyone who does not agree with you. Shame on you. Praying for you now.
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:58:43):
don't pray for me
alabamalive says to (17:58:50):
To late
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (17:59:00):
I rebuke your evil and wcikedness ...
alabamalive says to (17:59:10):
God will work with those who are willing
alabamalive says to (17:59:34):
Praying Hard for you
alabamalive says to (17:59:47):
You see Demons and need more of God
alabamalive says to (18:00:56):
Dennis do you take any medications?
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:02:10):
GOD is not working through you -  but the devil is .... making fun of the show - laughing at people as they talk
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:02:19):
you are evil and wicked ......
alabamalive says to (18:02:54):
Dennis we Love you, We Pray that you will be of God. God Loves you Dennis. Love your Neighbor as you want to be Loved
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:03:22):
how are you showing LOVE by laughing and making fun of people who call this show -
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:03:24):
alabamalive says to (18:03:41):
Its simple Opinion Brother
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:03:40):
you are a demonic being -  filled with hatred at this time
alabamalive says to (18:04:10):
No Hate here, the only one yelling and screaming calling people liers and demons is you...
alabamalive says to (18:04:22):
I Love you
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:04:23):
I'm not yelling  -  LIAR
alabamalive says to (18:04:29):
I am Praying for you
alabamalive says to (18:05:00):
God will forgive you all you have to do is ask.
ALGOP says to  (18:05:03):
alabamalive says to (18:05:41):
Jesus is Love. The anger and hatered you show is poison to the Work of God.
alabamalive says to (18:06:30):
alabamalive says to (18:06:48):
ALGOP says to  (18:12:52):
alabamalive says to (18:13:23):
God Save our Country!
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:13:53):
America is asking GOD to destroy them -  america is evil and wicked
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:14:14):
America is full of sin
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:14:22):
same sex marriage .... LAW ..... LOL
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:14:29):
now that's pure evil
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:14:48):
legalized prostitution
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:14:51):
evil and wicked
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:15:02):
fornication and adultery -  porn - all evil
alabamalive says to (18:15:12):
America, One Nation Under God... Thats Evil? Oh My
alabamalive says to (18:15:53):
Read Romans 13 1 thru 7 Dennis. Gods word is the TRUTH and the Law
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:15:58):
just because those words are in a song ... does not mean the nation RESPECTS THE LAWS OF GOD
alabamalive says to (18:16:27):
Read Romans Dennis shame on you for disobaying Gods Word!
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:17:23):
Climate Change and the Phoenix Dust Cloud
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:17:30):
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:18:07):
Matthew 25:40
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:18:18):
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:18:50):
READ THAT -  and see how evil your actions have been towards this show -  along with your lies ...... and attempt to twist my words .......
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:19:20):
Matthew 25:45
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:19:29):
Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:20:49):
@ alabamalive: - trying to purposely provoke me ??? where is the CHRSIT in that
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:26:16):
more PROOF you lack GOD'S LOVE
ALGOP says to  (18:40:29):
my goodness Dennis, We've heard from her, let others speak
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:41:15):
she just used up her turn
ALGOP says to  (18:49:47):
that cedric coby was pretty okay
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:49:53):
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:50:06):
very smart .... alabamalive probably hates his guts.
ALGOP says to  (18:55:30):
ALGOP says to  (18:55:51):
april was right on point too!
We are TOPS (Cohost) says (18:59:03):
queenkasheba says to  (19:05:57):
Man Runs Malt Liquor Truck Out of the Hood

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  1. Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the good work.

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