Jamell Blondell Lewis – wants Dennis C. Latham – done in.

NOTICE .. Jamell Blondell Lewis – purposely chose to put my name in along with his uncle William F. Boyd –  as persons he wanted to see done in.

Here are 2 video’s I made of this evil and wicked being almost 2 years ago – but because of his actions today ? I have to EXPOSE him FULLY !!! – after verbally abusing me because I BELIEVE IN GOD – he called GOD some fairy in the sky –  also telling me I am studpi for believing in someone like JESUS – I hope you enjoy the video’s … his thinking is twisted.

Montgomery AL is full of fake ass people and they think money is power in this town and many others, Name some ppl u just wanna see DONE IN AND U CAN SIT BACK AND SMACK YO POPCORN?
  • Jamell Blondell Lewis Will and Dennis

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  • Jamell Blondell Lewis that dennis

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  • Dennis C. Latham um …. jamell …. you sissie …. you make REAL GAY MALES look terrible

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  • Jamell Blondell Lewis actually I’ve made peace with will so just dennis. He represents the a lot of the problems that I have with religion. I also believe he is inherently evil. A product of a sick community and broken culture.

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  • Dennis C. Latham well .. watch the video I put up – of your evil and wicked movements.

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  • Jamell Blondell Lewis see what I mean?

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  • Dennis C. Latham you don’t believe in GOD – so what is your problem

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  • Jamell Blondell Lewis this is a person who tries to use blackmail a distorted view of the world to perpetuate is deep ignorance. see how he name calls and tries to make fun of what he doesn’t like/ agree with. truly the definition of “hate-filled individual”

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  • Dennis C. Latham I don’t hate you little child …

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  • Dennis C. Latham I don’t hate anyone …. have you fixed that flimsy wrist problem ?????.

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  • Dennis C. Latham ‎@jamell … you all quiet now ??? I thought so … I know how to shut the devil down. I’m still going to give you a chance to call me a “”n”” to my face ……. LOL

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  • Jamell Blondell Lewis Dennis Latham- ignorance and hate manifested into a bitter old man

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  • Dennis C. Latham Old ??? hmmm … 46 is hardly old .. but if you say so … be careful of what you SOW – because you shall REAP.

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  • Dennis C. Latham Mayor todd strange – troy king – ellen brooks – cubie ray – judge warner … when I say DONE IN ? I want them sat down and stop misguiding people – I don’t want any blood shed ….. I don’t even want jamell done in – he’s just blind and lost and doesn’t know any better – the people I named ? They know better and they are hurting many.

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  1. Those videos made me dizzy; they reminded me of trying to listen to an old record that skips. I had to check to see if I had a computer glitch. LOL

    Anyway, the poor guy is lost without Jesus. He has chosen the false religion of atheism and that road, like many others, leads to hell. Pray for him and I will also.

    • Dude ? When are you going to go away ???
      Of all people – you saying someone needs JESUS or is lost without JESUS ???

      Why don’t you show others that you have JESUS – and I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to pray for him …

      I would think it be better if you didn’t pray for him .. he doesn’t think Van Jones is a racist – not Charlie Rangel ….. unless you can prove they are racists ? I’d back away.

      Anytime someone stands up – against racist whites – and the wicked plans that those racist whites use – to make things better for whites and worse for blacks and / or non whites … it’s people like you … who spew lies of racism.

      You should go away – because you are not a Christian – AND YOU ACT like a devil.
      You can’t serve GOD and man too … and you are serving man – be all of your posts and your comments.

  2. LOL…..you addressed everything except what I said. Calling me names does not change a thing and I do stand behind everything I said. Yes, Van Jones is a racist and Charlie Rangel likes to race bait.

    • what makes Van Jones a racist ? because fox news hates him ? or do you have proof ?

      Where is your proof that Charlie Rangel race baits …
      although you anger bait, upset bait, piss off bait, and no telling what else.

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