ray taber – the white power lunatic claims not to be a racist – you read his words for yourself.

In response to the 22 year old black male – murdered by Miami police with over 100 bullets. I posted the video on the FaceBook page of Reverend Al Sharpton – notice all of the cussing.

ray taber

ray taber

haha, right, American law HATES black people….thats why it lets you have Jet mag, BET TV, the NAACP, the United Negro College fund, and a bunch of other BULLSHIT ass organizations, when you know good god damn well, if there was a White magazine, or White Entertainment Television, or National association for the advancement of WHITE people, or the United WHITE college fund, you all would burn your neighborhoods to the ground…….AGAIN, and rob from your own communities stores…….AGAIN, and need MORE government bailouts to cover your fuckups, and then blame it on “the white man”, much like everything else that goes wrong in your existance. I am not a racist person, I call it like i see it, I liked this page, because i DO beleive that SOME of the work the reverend has done has been benneficial, but when you start spitting out seperatist beleifs in a public forum, you are asking for trouble. To be completely honest with you, if you HONESTLY think you have it THAT bad, then by all means, climb on board a boat, head back to africa, and learn to deal with 1, the highest rape concentration per capita in the WORLD, 2, the poorest economy in the WORLD, 3, The highest AIDS rates in…..again…THE WORLD, and stop bitching about the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY you have staring you in the face. CONFORM, My ancestors, much like yours im sure, were up rooted from their homes, taken to a foreign land, worked for nothing but a roof over their head, and MADE somthing of themselves, the only difference being that, once my ancestors native tongue was lost, and once my ancestors did what they had to do to establish our lineage in this country THEY DROPPED IT!, theres poor white people in this country, just as there is poor black people, and you have the same on the other end of the spectrum..Youve had 123 senators alone, not to mention congressmen, and THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY, are black, so the police you see shooting and killing other black people, are ran by, and supporting laws put in place by, YOUR KIND, so think twice before you shit where you sleep. sorry this didnt make news, and is on the “DL” but yea, a woman killing her 2 year old daughter is WAY more important in the public forum, then some guy getting shot for being a criminal, you make your bed, you have to lie in it, if he hadnt been running, or doing somthing that looked incriminating, im sure they wouldnt have shot, but when the police approach you, 1, DONT RUN AWAY, 2, DONT DO ANYTHING SKETCHY, its common fucking sense. So sorry that nobody cares about this, as much as you do, but at this point, with a black president, this is more “YOUR” country, then it is “OURS” so blame the man YOU put in office. Not the WHITE cops, doing their jobs.

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  1. Wow….what a rant from this guy! He needs to take a breath and collect his thoughts.

    • he has hatred in his heart for all who are not pure white bred – but he tries to hide it.

      Many demonic spirits controlling him …. I forgive him .. because he knows not what he does. People like this are totally in denial and delusional.

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