PROOF – chris crossont says “”Charlie Rangel; Perpetuating Racism and Hate”” Obviously chris crossont is evil, hateful and wicked.

Proof –  this right winger has nothing but evil, hate
and wickedness controlling and guiding him.

The link above is provided…. if he leaves it up. For added proof.

Charlie Rangel; Perpetuating Racism and Hate

What a hate filled liar this man is. Hey Charlie, people did not have internet or telephones back in the day so news spread rather slowly compared to the venom you spew daily.

This is a Texan based holiday and should remain that way. Other states already celebrate their own days marking the end of slavery.

bigot, charlie rangel, racist, slavery


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  1. I am not a right winger; I am in the middle with People’s Law. I would never support right wing anarchy just like I would never support left wing tyranny.

    • I have proved you to be a liar.
      I have proved you to be evil and wicked

      Until you come clean, and REPENT ?
      I will continue to see you as a evil, a liar and wicked.
      So … that means … you are a right winger – just as I said before.
      I have also proved that. I am positive that others will believe me over you.
      I have FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS and Personal Experience.
      You have nothing but a record of evil, lies and wickedness.

  2. Ummm no Dennis. Right wing is anarchy and left wing is tyranny and the middle is people’s law. That is how the founders viewed it and that does not make me a liar.

    You can tell yourself that I know nothing but lies and evil but that does not change the truth.

    • Well … maybe you are not a right winger .. but most of the right wingers I know ?

      they cuss and call names – specially the ones who claim Christianity.

      telling someone to blow you ? and calling another a douche bag ? that falls right in with right wingers – besides … the people you were hanging with are right wingers.

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