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Learning Human Behavior or How I Managed To Upset Mr Dennis C Latham!

Little old me decided to look for a guy that I used to have some verbal battles with on SodaHead. He left the site for reasons unknown; probably because every white person that was not a statist and/or voted for Obama was a racist….who knows?

Anyway, I went to a Facebook group page for SodaHead users and I knew he had posted on there in the past. I inquired about “Angry Dennis”, because he always was pissed off about something anytime I talked to him, and boy did that set him off.

At the end of the day, I wound up apologizing to him because I felt bad about how much I obviously upset him for calling him angry. I made him angry; go figure.

So, through all of the personal e-mails that we sent back and forth to each other on Facebook hashing this out, he decided to post it on his personal blog. I’m not that upset about it as I stand by everything I said and I feel I was very nice to him; at least in my opinion.

I’ve enclosed the link….check it out.



MY ANSWER TO HIS LIES. Notice …. he might and he might not approve it.
this has been posted – JUST IN CASE … he chooses not to approve my reply. 

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I was not angry or pissed off at you ….
I know when evil attacks and when it doesn’t.

you are evil – and wicked – so I forgave you before, now and will later when you do other evil and wicked things against me. Because I know …. You know not what you do.
Your many lies just prove how evil and wicked you really are.

You lie in your title – you lie in the body ……
Just because I don’t bow down, compromise or tolerate evil does not make me angry, mad or upset.

Just because I am black and stand up for what is right.
Someone like you – who is full of evil and wickedness – will do any and everything to discredit me.

I’m use to people like you – I know a crooked sheriff just like you – d t marshall of Montgomery, AL. he lied for many years – until I drug it out of him on LIVE TV .. .what a fool her was and what a fool you are.

The reason I was banned from SodaHead – is because I stood up for THE TRUTH – so many of your right wing lunatics were doing nothing but making up lies about anyone who didn’t follow you right wing lunatics blindly.

You all had nothing but hatred boiling in your blood.

At least I did tell you I was going to blog our conversation on FaceBook – another sign of your evil and wickedness.
Evil and wickedness does its dirt in the dark.

Everything I do is in THE LIGHT, THE WAY AND THE TRUTH.
Have a good time on JUDGMENT DAY.


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  1. You can be assured that I approved your comment. It is too funny to not approve it!

  2. hahaha. Chris Crossont. you rock!

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