harassing, hating and lying right winger chris crossont brags about being suspended from sodahead.

Below ? You will see the words of a disturbed un-american who is harassing others, hating on others and lying on others –  signs of a right wing lunatic.

Thrown Off of SodaHead Again – Third Time!!!!

Posted by Chris Crossont in SodaHead on May 27, 2010

Here is a copy of the e-mail I received:

Dear User,

Your account has been suspended for 24 hours due to violations of the SodaHead User Code of Conduct:
*Personal attacks

-"Look...a homo and a cat. Which one are you gfreeman?" 
-"She will always be special to me because she is the first person that ever blocked me. That old douche-bag took my innocence here"

-"So you do love the cock?" 
-"I can see by the question you must be some incredible butthole...Blow me!"

If you log into SodaHead as *ANY* user while on suspension, you will be in violation of the SodaHead Terms of Use and run the risk of extending your suspension.
SodaHead Terms of Use:

SodaHead Support
Sigh....people are just so darned sensitive! LOL


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  1. I need to correct you Dennis:

    1- I am not a liar
    2- I hate no person; even people that deserve it
    3- I do not believe that I harrass anyone
    4- I am not a right winger. The right wing is anarchy. I am in the middle with People’s Law.

    • 1. – you have lied several times – whether you want to admit it or not ? I have caught you in a lie or two.

      Maybe lie might be strong – but you were WRONG and I told you that you were WRONG and you did not want to agree. It was dealing with something I have been studying for a very long time.

      2. – no one deserves to be hated – NO ONE – no matter what.

      3. – you purposely bother certain people to try and get them upset and to hurt them.

      4. – most right wingers have cold hearted mentalities – and lie and / or refuse to see both sides of a situation – so they stick with their side – and refuse to see the other side.

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