Blacks Holding Blacks Back II – deceptions, false allegations and lies.

  • Al Mason Jr

    yo keuk u need to check ya man dennis im getting tired of this AGENT actin like he run ya group by always startn childish BEEF….PEOPLE CANT EVEN COMMENT IN PEACE WITH OUT DENNIS MISERABLE ASS STARTN TROUBLE……..SMDH OLD ASS MAN ACTN LIKE A CHILDISH TROUBLE MAKER…..
      • Tashame Ali lmao…

      • Al Mason Jr YO TASHAME i never saw a miserable person like this in my life this nigga wife mustve left his ass after she caught him with a tranny or something cus u got a lot of HATE in his blood for real sad how them jews got they black dog trained well…..dam shame

      • Al Mason Jr and the funny parts is he realy look like larry holmes lmao he need to stfu and get his body in shape old flabby ass old dude…..just full of hate for no dam reason wow

      • Kianna Cole HAAAAAA!

      • Nai S Green Tsk Tsk whre the hell is Mr.FIelds ass at anyways, how you got a group but you never be in it!

      • Nai S Green He needs an ADMIN

      • Tashame Ali sounds like a niggaz worse nightmare J U thank GoD he don’t have a badge driving in a blk & white..

      • Al Mason Jr the nigga prolly is a cop or an agent for real i think he was put here just to cause trouble so no true knowledge gets out…

      • Dennis C. Latham ya’ll follow Al Mason Jr blindly if you want to …. My CREDENTIALS are open to the public – Tashame Ali – it’s easy to talk about someone and call them names … but how hard is it for you to stand on THE TRUTH and KEEP THE TRUTH ? Nai S Green ? You see something wrong that I did here ? or are you blindly following al mason jr .. ???

      • Dennis C. Latham ‎’Do not go about spreading slander among your people.
        Leviticus 19:16

      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 34:13
        Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.

      • Tashame Ali damn the blak devil in the living flesh…

      • Tashame Ali i don’t recall calling you any names…but just truth is not your truth because your truth is all facts..

      • Al Mason Jr u the old faggot thats started with the name calling now u whanna cry when we call u what u are a fukn devil/agent/old miserable oldman! lmao im coming on this group page just to fuk with u larry holmes for now on lmao

      • Al Mason Jr no body has to follow me they can see clearly that u a miserable person dam go get some pussy or something dude oh i forgot no body wants to be bothered with ya old tired ass lmao thats why u in the young people group people ya age dont whanna deal with ya evil ass lmao old fukn pervert…..

        Dennis C. Latham ‎Al Mason Jr – I can prove the many things you accuse me of and call me are wrong and lies – although ? You will be the topic of tonight – so feel free to come in and stand for yourself – as I lay THE WHOLE TRUTH down – on you. – I would say BE BLESSED – but I know you won’t.

        Dennis C. Latham ‎Tashame Ali – so you think I’m the blacks mans worst nightmare ? Is there some facts or proof that you have ? or are you just following behind Al Mason Jr along with his house negroe mentality ?

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