Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) of Montgomery, AL. – your time is limited. – Dennis C. Latham

The Montgomery VA Hospital located on Perry Hill Road in Montgomery, AL. – hid the growth of cancer in my Father for well over 6 Months. After asking and pleading with the VA Doctors to show my Family and I where the cancer had spread – they refused to show us on any form of photo or x-ray – Dr. Okafur only read from a white piece of paper with black printed letters – and told us that the cancer had metastasized to the bone.

After asking over and over again –  WHICH BONES AND WHERE ? We NEVER received an answer. When I finally put my foot down and DEMANDED that they show me on some type of x-ray or in a Photographic Display – They then showed me in another part of the building 2 computer screens that only showed us white spots on my Father’s Liver. This is NOT what I asked for and I was very clear.

After having my Father’s care REMOVED from that particular VA –  I vowed to NEVER EVER return and I would warn all that I can of how heartless and evil they are. It was when we took my Father to Baptist East located in Montgomery, AL –  is where we finally got the TRUE SERVICE that a person should get – when going to a hospital.

It was the Cancer Care Center-Montgomery located on St. Luke in Montgomery Alabama, across the street from Baptist East –  that finally gave us a detailed sketch and marking that showed us what we had asked about – for over 6+ Months. Baptist East is the organization that lead us to Cancer Care CenterMontgomery.

I will now SEEK and DEMAND a full APOLOGY in WRITING – and I also want a FULL STATEMENT saying that they will not do this to another veteran – IF ? My demands are not met – I will do everything in my power and more –  to warn all veterans and the families of veterans to not take their LOVED ONES, FAMILY or FRIENDS to the VA in Montgomery, AL.

I WARN ALL to not test THE LOVE I HAVE FOR MY FATHER – I WARN ALL to not disrespect My Father or Me while I SEEK and DEMAND the APOLOGY and THE FULL STATEMENT – Money can’t and won’t solve the treatment nor the early death of my Father.

LASTLY – IF?  Someone can show me where I am wrong ? Please –  feel free to show me or tell me –  Just don’t use deception or lies to do so.


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