fred from WSFA’s Article Comments is grasping for superiority but his hatred has taken him too deep into inferiority

fred from WSFA’s Article Comments is grasping for superiority but his hatred has taken him too deep into inferiority

fred’s comments are in “”QUOTES””

“”Dennis you don’t know what the word “love” means””

OBVIOUSLY you don’t know what it means….
If you LOVE someone – you won’t stand around while they BREAK the commandments of GOD against another.
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour.

“” when you love someone you don’t go around calling them a liar..””

You have purposely made up lies about me.
You BROKE a commandment of GOD against me.
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour.

“”What you are dennis is a judgement passer you judeg everyone merely on their words never on their actions!””

You wish death and torture on LOST people who have committed crimes against others
The same people who are lost in sin but still have a chance to be saved.
You condemn them to hell hell instead of LOVING them and trying to find a way to SAVE that person’s SOUL
I’m not judging you … I’m calling it just what it is.
I don’t make up lies on you.

“” The only time you will see this is the day god is passing judgement on you! You don’t have the right to judge dennis and thats all you ever do on here is pass judgement!!””

If you kill someone and I see it ? Is telling the authorities JUDGING YOU ?
Either you are delusional, deceptive or full of demons to continue making up lies about me.

“” If you can’t see why the statement
“My brain if more powerful and has more knowledge than both of you put together. ” would be incorrect then you really have zero brain power!!””

um … OBVIOUSLY you don’t know yourself.
So you just falsely accuse me without proving one fact.

“” I also notice you are quick to recant things i have said to you in the past!””

I have much on record from you – don’t forget – I use to read your filth and racism before I started back to commenting on WSFA;s Web Site.

“”But like always you will just call all of this a lie “”

Again you lie on me …. I see it is in your blood
so now I know for sure you are just full of demons
I hope one day you will be FREE and RID of these demons that force you to continue to lie.

“”when it’s not so once again i’m done ever replying to the like’s of you! “”

What ever … you loose and then you run
You continue to make up lies about me to make yourself look good
You attempt to discredit my Education, Experience, and Excellence.
I really don’t care – because I know your IQ is probably pretty low and you feel threatened by a black Man who has more knowledge, love and manhood than you.
Again …. MEN don’t lie … but children do or grown ups with the mentality of a child whose mind has not developed to be mature enough to be a man.

“”You are a waste of time and space..””

See … more of your struggle to become superior to me but it only makes you inferior. LOL
You try so hard to paint yourself BETTER by attempting to paint me BAD.
I’m use to it … that’s what white racists do.
Always paint black people as bad while painting your own race good when they white race has committed the worst and devilish crimes of all … Thus another reason white people commit more suicide, wipe out their whole family, or go on shooting rampages.

“”But hey if you ever feel froggy dennis you just give me the time and place i’ll be glad to meet you some where and we can “talk” about this!!!””

You can be trusted … you would come with a bunch of your krazy krackheaded kult buddies.
I’m sure WSFA wouldn’t mind putting on a bout in PUBLIC
Talk with them …. You lie to much for me to even DREAM about trusting anything you say.

“” Don’t you ever think i’m a coward i’m far from scared of you!!!!!! “”

More lies … why don’t you give your real name ?
Why don’t you meet me on a blog somewhere where we can have it out in a REAL DEBATE to see who the moron really is.


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