EXPOSING evil within The Talk Shows

NOTE: After posting the clip below in the 3 WAPZ FaceBook Groups.
Someone altered the group where individuals were not allowed to post anymore. charlie brown quoted the mayor on 1-14-2011. When I called in on 1-17-2011 to discuss the racist statement that charlie brown quoted – charlie brown said he didn’t say it.

Welcome to the new host of the Morning Meeting

  • Roberta Franklin

    I truly wish you the best. I hope that the show will be a vehicle where people can express their ideas. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to have 15 years of talk radio. I have enjoyed you all very much. To God be the Gory.

    about a week ago · Report

  • Charlie Brown

    Thank You Roberta! I wish you God Speed and Happiness!
    about a week ago · Report

  • Dennis C. Latham

    @ charlie brown
    It is a sad day when someone who is supposed to be a grown man – can’t admit when they are wrong or have purposely lied to cover up their evils I have exposed.
    This is something whites who have a little bit of power have done to blacks since the take over of America over 400 years ago. Flat out evil.

    I posted the recording of you quoting the mayor.
    You said on 1-17-2011 Monday morning.
    If I sent it to your e-mail – you would play it on the air live – on Monday morning.
    Since it was 1-17-2011 when you said this ?
    I looked for it to be aired on the 1-24-2011 – again you lied.

    Men don’t lie, Men don’t run and hide by hanging up on callers.
    You stated that Morning Meeting was your show.
    Last time I checked ? It was the people show.
    I will have the last word and last say – until you come clean and stop thinking because you are white – you can just walk over me, bear false witness against me, and brush this up under the rug – because I am black.
    3 minutes ago · Edit Post · Delete Post

  • Dennis C. Latham

    @ Roberta … I know your word to be TRUE.
    I know you really wish others the best – even this new crew.
    Please don’t trust the wickedness of charlie brown and rubin jackson aka freedom

    freedom is a liar and contradicts his own name.
    freedom heard the recording and then lied about not hearing it.
    When I tried to play it for him ? A second time ? he refused.
    THE TRUTH is the ONLY THING that will SET ONE FREE
    THE TRUTH is not in either of these 2 at this time
    Please PRAY along with me that they change their wicked and evil ways.


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