Dennis C. Latham Before exposing a crooked sheriff and a racist mayor

Dennis Before The Strike Against sheriff d t marshall and the racist mayor tod strange

This picture was taken by Michelle Peters also known as Lynn Michelle Ellison.
Secretary for Kevin Elkins Talk Show 1440AM – The location is Case Of Race Symposium.

Below are my comments about this photo. After William Boyd Tagged me in this photo on FaceBook.

    • Dennis C. Latham

      Thanks Boyd ….. this is RIGHT BEFORE I laid into fat pig belly crooked corrupt sheriff d t marshall …… him and that racist tod strange .. that your boy jamel seems to be in love with now ….. – any black republican in Montgomery is …a fool and a lunatic.
      and anyone who goes along with these crooked officials has a day of reckoning coming …. specially cubie rae ….. in her threat to have d t marshall arrest me for harassment – and I was only trying to tell that latter day eve how that bastards men illegally broke into my house and robbed me.See More
    • Dennis C. LathamThis is the same even where michelle LIED and said she didn’t call me crazy over the phone @ the elkman show …. I see she is always changing her name .. she is so lost ? It’s sickening … LOL … trying to advertise that loan place … ha ha ha
    • Dennis C. LathamI know you are going to delete my comments michelle.

      evil don’t like to be exposed.

      The video from That Night.

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