Evidence 5:40PM 12-8-2010

This is an e-mail from the manager of an anti terrorism team employed by Maxwell Air Force Base. Dennis C. Latham

“” Mr. Latham,

In the friendship request via Facebook, under the comments section, I posted that I had agreed with you regarding your comments on an article. I apologize if you did not receive that message. I would have simply sent you a message via Facebook, however, I was unable to locate the “send message” button. Since they changed the views in Facebook, I was unaware they moved the “send message” button to the right of the screen; it used to be below the person’s picture on the left. When you tried to contact me via Facebook chat, I was no longer at my computer (I was still signed on though).

Yes, I do work for the U.S. Government, however, so do over 1.8 million civilians and 1.4 million active duty military personnel. I find it very hard to believe that you can lump that many people into a category of those that work for the people that killed your dad and other family members. However, this is a free country and you can think whatever you want. I fly the American flag because I am proud to be an American. In fact, yesterday was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor; the day when the Japanese attacked and killed U.S. citizens.

I manage a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Surveillance Team. My team is called out if there is a hazardous material spill or terrorist act; we sample (survey) the potential contaminant and identify if there really is a threat to individuals. We do not spy, peep, peek, snoop, track, watch, or keep an eye on any certain people or groups.

Regarding the lady that called you a killer and a member of the New Black Panther Party; I see nothing wrong with you trying to defend or protect yourself.

I’m not some right-wing or left-wing nut. I am an average U.S. citizen.

I’m sorry you had to take some a defensive approach when I contact you. You stated in a post that all I had to do was reply to your email. Well, here it is. I am now telling you to leave me alone; do not email me, do not call me, do not contact my wife or family, and do not come to my house or place of work. If you do, that is harassment. I removed the Blogger post with your information and will never contact you again.

Be blessed and be at peace,

Jeremy “”


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